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Jumpers Aren't The Only Problem

"This team is too athletic to shoot this poorly in the paint."

Or maybe the guy taking the greatest number of those shots, Brand, isn't that athletic anymore post-operation. I wouldn't say he quite reminds me of the post-injury Webber, but so far he hasn't looked like the player he once was.

EB shot 66% from close last year in those 8 games, and 62% the year before, so I sure hope this is corrected for him.

His 44% certainly isn't helping the team number thus far. Let's hope it continues to go up.

In the mean time, how about getting Thad the ball in the post once in a while. He doesn't exactly get a ton of easy layups, his high % is due to good moves and great finishing skills down there.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 17 at 10:30

This is a good idea.

Nice post, Brian. This is a statistic that our guys really need to bring up.

By the way, I have to say, I'm pretty shocked that Iggy's almost at 50%. I've always thought of him as "Mr. Botched Lay-up". He can certainly dunk with the best of them, but his touch around the hoop is sorely lacking.

Iggy's game has actually improved drastically recently, even his layups. I think if we had checked this stat about 2 weeks his numbers would've been very bad.

Joe reply to Bart on Dec 17 at 18:44

I'm with you on the bothced lay ups. Iguodala has always been ineffective finishing a drive unless dunks it. When I watch a guy like Brandan Roy use both hands effectively and finish in a variety of ways it just makes me think aboiut Iguodala.

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