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Open Season On Milwaukee

Fortunately - Scott Skiles is still the coach and he still thinks Ridnour should start over Sessions so maybe that will help in the beginning.

Also - Yahoo says Willie is starting as well.

Can you make a distinction between high post and low post touchs for brand?

Yeah, I was expecting Willie to start, unfortunately. I'll definitely keep track of high vs. low post touches. I'll basically track all of his touches, how he got it & what the spacing was like.

The one positive of my job relocation... I don't have to face the Cavs fan, Rockets fan, and Lakers fan at my old office. That would have sucked, especially after those of the things I said.

Joe reply to Joe on Dec 17 at 19:02

That would have sucked, especially after some of those things I said.

-I meant to say something along those lines.

Miller's hair cracks me up. Looks like he just rolled out of bed.

Bryon reply to Brian on Dec 17 at 19:43

Yea Brian, I was sitting here cracking up thinking that Miller always delays going to the barber every year.

So - watching box score - Andre Miller being ball hog or taking advantage of match ups?

No, he was playing well early on. Pretty much carried them. Although I'd love to know why they weren't going to EB in the half-court. Expect a big 2nd half from him (or a loss)

I thought we fired Cheeks in part to get Thad more touches. Also to get him into the starting rotation. Apparently not?

Not so far, at least.

Thad doesn't look in rhythm at all. He should have taken that one to the hoop right there at the end to at least draw the foul, but he kicked it back to Miller and then Lou missed the 3.

Come on Thad, give us some hustle plays and put backs in the 2nd half!

Thad also got hit in the junk by a pass he wasn't ready for. And walked on a ball fake. Not good.

Bryon reply to Brian on Dec 17 at 20:19

Very leaky interior defense too, Brian. Or they just don't have the rotations down yet that Dileo may have tried to install. Entirely too many layups and dunks given up.

Too many risks on D, I think. There aren't a whole lot of mismatches for MIL, no reason to double and gamble.

Brand only had 5 touches. Iggy's 0/6 and being shut out. Lou, Willie and Miller are keeping them in the game.

Btw, told you Gadzuric and Villaneuva always killed us.

Not 1 touch for EB in the second quarter. How does that happen?

I think EB just dislocated his shoulder.

"Get thad in the starting rotation" - Thad has been in the starting rotation for most of the season - this is like the fourth game where willie green has started at the two - and it wasn't working real well for the sixers...iguodala seems to play better when he starts at the 3 - who knows why - and thad might have to adjust to being a sixth man...the problem is that willie green should not start on any NBA tam (he shouldn't play all that much at all in my opinion)

Just got home - doesn't look like i missed much

I'm just holding my breath waiting on word from Brand. These MIL joker announcers haven't said a word, not even when they were taking back to the locker room.

John reply to Brian on Dec 17 at 20:41

They just announced it - dislocated shoulder - you were right - how long is one out for that?

A long god damned time. Without surgery, it'll keep happening. He's probably done for the season.

4 fouls on Iggy. Not sure where the offense is going to come from for the rest of this quarter. He should probably put Lou and Speights in right now, move Thad back to the 3. Sammy, Sp8s, Thad, Lou, Miller.


It is a dislocated shoulder. That could be his season. In fact, it probably will be.

Well - then it's time to look forward - and if brand is out for the season then you really do have to concede the season - move miller - play speights as much as possible - yes it sucks that brand got hurt and it's unfortunate but you have to move on without him this season and plan for his return next season - and developing the youth of the roster is the most important thing in my opinion

Come on Thad, build on that 3. This game is ours for the taking if they could just get the lead. Lou has kept us in this baby.

Anyone watching the Philly broadcast? What are the Philly announcers saying about Brand?

John reply to Brian on Dec 17 at 21:05

I received a text alert from 950 ESPN saying dislocated shoulder :)

Yup. That's a horrible, horrible injury for a basketball player.

Please stop leaving off of Charlie Bell! Luckily he missed that one.

Anyone noticing the hustle and work of Speights tonight?

BTW - don't ever say "Speights Jam" - it sounds terrible

I'm always shocked when a Sixer knocks down both free throws, he's done it twice tonight.

He looks good out there.

John reply to Brian on Dec 17 at 21:12

He has a real good shooting form I believe - he's like EVERYTHING that sam isn't.

Meanwhile, Sp8s and Evans are owning the glass. This has been an impressive quarter.

BTW - just curios

If the sixers had missed on Smith and passed on Brand - are there fans who would have been satisfied without spending the money since no one else really was worth it or would you have rather the sixers over paid someone else to spend the money? I really feel like most fans wouldn't be happy without a move when there is capped room and teams feel like they HAVE to sign someone

Missed on Smith and Brand, and Mike Miller could not be had, then I wouldn't have wanted any other free agents, restricted or otherwise.

I have a feeling people would've been calling for an offer sheet to Ben Gordon, I wouldn't have been one of them.

Lovely. Dislocated shoulder.

Yup. Doesn't get much worse than that. Funny thing is, w/ Brand out, Cheeks would probably be the right guy to coach this group.

Bryon reply to Brian on Dec 17 at 21:24

You may have hit on something there, Brian. I agree.


Of course - then there's that rookie mistake by speights

QUesitonable basket intereference call on Speights


Never want to see any of our guys get injured, but the possible EB injury could be a blessing in disguise.

Could we now, for sure, see the run-n-gun from the end of last year with the same personnel with the only addition being Sp8's.
While EB is a half court go-to guy, he has always seemed to coast through games with not alot of 'energy' except for the occasional block or two whereas Sp8's brings so much of that youthful exuberance and energy and Reggie is always so gritty. We won without EB at the end of last year so there is no reason we can't sustain without him. Between Sp8's and Evans we should be OK if not better.

John reply to Bryon on Dec 17 at 21:26

Not even sure where to start with this post - there just so many wrong things in it

More minutes for reggie evans isn't good

the sixers can run without brand

you're feelings about brand 'coasting' are silly and based on nothing

The sixers were 40-42 last year - the sixers were BELOW FIVE HUNDRED

Be nice if people remembered that below 500 is a bad record, playoffs or not....and they got their asses handed to them by the pistons when the pistons decided to play...last season was not a successful season it was a bad season in a bad eastern conference - if i was a commissioner of any sport i would institute rules that sub 500 teams would not be allowed in the playoffs - seeds would just get byes - it's shameful and the fact that anyone thinks the sixers 'don't need brand' to be good is shameful as well

Bryon reply to John on Dec 17 at 21:38

Well he obviously is hurt and may be out for an extended period and I never said we 'don't need Brand'. We may not have him so let's deal with it.

My post was not referencing the whole year as you say we finished under .500. The post said 'the end of last year' when we were, I think 22-12.

You say that it would be nice if people remembered that below .500 is a bad record, well, we are 10-14 with him. Below .500. So who's remembering??

As far as the 'coasting', how many times do you see EB display any emotion on the court or leadership skills? I was comparing his on-court energy and demeanor to that of Sp8's.

You have an opinion which I may disagree with but that doesn't deny you from having one, so same goes here.

John reply to Bryon on Dec 17 at 21:49

As far as the 'coasting', how many times do you see EB display any emotion on the court or leadership skills?

This is the kind of nonsense I used to hear from irrational fans who told me Bobby Abreu wasn't very good - i'm not sure why being overly emotional (and thus possibly losing rational control) is considered NEEDED for an athelete to be playing his best - it's an irrational premise that i've never bought and found that people who think that way often think in other ways I find irrational

Bryon reply to John on Dec 17 at 21:56

Irrational, shameful, - will leave the slandering to you.

But just sit back and make sure you get on the Speights' Train if EB is definitely out for an extended period. Going out on a limb here, but it would not surprise me if they get better and gel more without him.

John reply to Bryon on Dec 18 at 10:12

A. I've been on the speights train since most sixers fans ever heard of him...February before he even declared for the draft, so welcome to my train.

B. As for the 'slander' - as you sit here making psyhcological evaluations of the type of a player Elton Brand is without ever having talked to him? Okey dokey

Bryon reply to John on Dec 18 at 17:34

Analysis of on-court game and demeanor in no way equates 'psychological evaluations'.

This is the Lou Williams that we signed for $25m/5yr.


Just added Speights in fantasy basketball... I suggest the same to others...

I never dropped him, picked him up the last time EB was hurt.

Joe reply to Joe on Dec 17 at 21:26

Note: It is a deep league. 10 person league it probably isn't necessary.

Iggy 2/15?

Speights gone in my league - 12 team league - 14 person roster - play only 6 a night - it's a bitch i tell ya

Hey look - they won

Good win, considering the circumstances. That Brand injury is probably going to change everything, though.

A couple posts coming up, post game now, then a post on what to do w/out Brand going forward.

Thanks for chiming in tonight, guys.

I don't see the big deal in losing Brand. He wasn't being that productive and he didn't look like he was going to improve. Play Sammy his 29, give Speights the same. Give Reggie some and give Thad/Donyell the rest.

In my mind, it's a big deal because he was the key to the team taking the next step. Sure, they can go back to playing the way they did last year now, maybe. If they do, they might even make the playoffs, but they aren't going to be a true contender. With Brand properly integrated, they would've been one step closer.

If he's done for the season, I don't think this group will still be together by mid-February.

"...but nothing anyone has to say to me could possibly hurt more than two facts."

The Sixers are looking up at the Knicks in the standings.
The Sixers are looking up at the Bucks in the standings.

Replace Sixers with Pacers and I am feeling the same way as you.

What a terrible injury. Won't you come join me at the bottom of the East?!

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