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Brand Dislocates Shoulder

AllPhillysports on Dec 17 at 20:52

does this meann that the sixers will be running alot.because we seem to think that he was slowing us up

We have to wait for official word, but if it's as dire as I think it is, then I think all bets are off. Anyone on the roster can be moved and they start looking to next year.

If the sixers were using the excuse that brand was slowing them up - they should fire their entire coaching staff - if the fans somehow thought he made the team slower - i'm not sure what to think...

Hopefully this moves Miller sooner than later...and maybe they can find takers for Sam and Willie - but none of those 3 are long term answers anyway and should have been shopped - so maybe a silver linging is that now they can stop the charade - they weren't contending this year no matter what

okay, i'm no doctor, but i don't think it's time to throw away the season just yet. i've been doing a little internet reasearch on this injury and here's what i got:
according to wikipedia -"A shoulder separation is usually treated conservatively by rest and wearing a sling. Soon after injury, an ice bag may be applied to relieve pain and swelling. After a period of rest, a therapist helps the patient perform exercises that put the shoulder through its range of motion. Most shoulder separations heal within 2 or 3 months without further intervention. However, if ligaments are severely torn, surgical repair may be required to hold the clavicle in place. A doctor may wait to see if conservative treatment works before deciding whether surgery is required"

tayshaun prince claims to have played a full season after a shoulder dislocation. candace parker kept playing after one (though she later re-dislocated it). when larry hughes dislocated his shoulder, he missed a pretty reasonable sounding 6 weeks. don't sell the house just yet.

Noah, I'm just talking from personal experience when I say done for the season. I put up a post about it.

I'm no doctor, and I got word from the Sixers' organization that he'll have an MRI tonight and it will be evaluated tomorrow, so cross your fingers, I'm just not optimistic.

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