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An Elton Brand Update, and An Anecdote

Iggy's face - he knows what's coming

I can second Brian's thoughts on dislocated shoulder injuries... I dislocated my left (throwing shoulder) which was first called "tendinitis" by the training staff at my high school, and again by my doctor.

I was diving back into the bag at first base on a pickoff move and I felt my arm pop and then click, after the click came the pain. I came out of the game and didn't play the next 7 games, or about 2 and a half weeks.

I warmed up in the bullpen to enter a game in relief throwing about 50%, Coach called me to go pitch and 2 pitches later my pitching career was over. I had surgery, and now my shoulder feels good but when I rotate my arms around to loosen up I can hear a click in my left shoulder and if it's quiet it sounds like a bag of sand is grinding in there. No more pain, but during softball season at work I'm glad we play 2 games a week because I don't think I could deal with the stiffness more than once a week.

Ugh. Just thinking about it makes my shoulder ache. I think we both lucky with the first injury, too. If it gets stuck out and has to be physically popped back in, that's some serious ligament damage and pain.

My thinking is that I already felt Brand wasn't feel healed from his surgery or his ankle sprain this year, I hope they play this smart and make sure there is no doubt that brand is 100% healed before getting him back on the court. Just signed him to a long term deal and already fired the coach this year, do not push this guy too soon on a team that really isn't built to go anywhere with the cavs and the celtics looking obscenely good this year. Think smart and long term, and let Brand fully heal and rehab and don't rush him back - please

Agreed. Rushing him back would be a big mistake.

john reply to Brian on Dec 18 at 10:51

Hence, it's what I expect the sixers to do

And it sounds like it

ESPN 950 text to my phone - 1 month - with fracture of humeral head bone and a tear of the labrum - that sounds like rushing to me

here's a question; when is the last time the Sixers DIDN'T rush a player back from an injury? the last Sixer i remember making a full recovery from a major injury is Eric Snow, who had like 2 plates and 5 screws put in his ankle after the 2000-2001 dream. other than that, all i can recall are the Monty Williams, Matt Geigers, Aaron McKies, etc. how confident are we really in the abilities of Dr. Jack McPhilemy. let's get some of the miracle workers on the Suns training staff to take a look at this.

They took their time w/ Willie Green. Then gave him an obscene extension.

john reply to Brian on Dec 18 at 13:20

Trust Billy King to look a gift horse in the mouth and then kiss it

Joe reply to john on Dec 18 at 15:28

I have never heard that expression. I looked it up. Seems like a good one.

The team played better last night without Sammy or Elton in the line up. Speights looked really good as well. Was Brand a big waste of money? Also, I said it last year and I will say it now, Reggie Evens is a great player to have on the team. I compare him to Dennis Rodman back in the day, he does the dirty under the basket stuff and puts a fire into this team. He should be playing alot more. Now that Brand is out, Speights should start with Reggie the first person in for Sammy.

John reply to gcl138 on Dec 18 at 19:29

The sixers are not a better team without Elton Brand - the sixers are now basically the same team they were last year with Miller, Iguodala and Williams not playing as well.

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