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Brand To Miss 1 Month

I just want to say that with no medical training just watching a lot of sports over time and such I don't think 1 month is realistica for him to heal and rehab and be 100%


So when Brand continues to go on the DL and come up lame - we can point to this point as the beginning of the end.

Jibes well with philadlephia history on big time free agent signings :)

I hate sports.

john reply to Brian on Dec 18 at 14:33

Yeah, sure you do - it's why you spend so much time writing about them.

Start now with the kid - ballet, opera, keep em away from sports at all costs :)

OK. I'm not going to lie. I am happy. The Sixers are the Sixers of last year now, but better since they now have Speights instead of Smith.(a large upgrade. I like Smith, but he was unproductive last year.)

Lou is playing well finally. Miller is playing well. Iguodala had one bad game. No big deal. He has consistently shown every year in this league that he is a great player who helps his team win. Evans will improve our already stout rebounding. Thad will get more minutes at the 4, which should help his horrible season thusfar. Dalembert, the anchor of this defense, will become the force he was last year.

I'm as excited about Sixers basketball as I have been since the Sixers lost to the Raps game 1.

I don't know if people will agree with me, but that is how I see it. This is where the Sixers have made runs the last 2 seasons...

I predict they play over .500 ball without Brand.

I just put up a post. They have a grueling schedule over the next month, but I think you're right. I think they can probably manage 8-7 over that stretch by playing the way they did last season. There are going to be some ugly games in there, but I don't think they'll be out of it when Brand comes back.

It'll be fun to watch, but what it won't do is solve all the problems this team has faced through the first 25 games of the season. Best-case scenario is that they get back to running with great results and then incorporate Brand into that game, rather than trying to do the opposite, like they have been all season.

Joe reply to Brian on Dec 18 at 16:16

Just looked at the schedule. Pretty tough. If they play at the level they did last year during their run though, they should tread water around .500. There is little room for error. Can't lose vs. the Knicks of the world or the Pacers sans Dunleavy.

T. Boob Pickens on Dec 18 at 16:57

Excellent article. I'm still on board with a Sammy for Hinrich trade. Use him at the 2 this season, then he's your insurance policy to run the point next season.

His contract is actually worse than Sammy's and the Bulls desperately need a center.

I don't get why anyone would be 'glad' about this...the sixers were a sub 500 team without brand last year - Sam still stinks willie is still willie and Louis Andre and ANdre are playing at levels below last year.

Anyone who thinks this makes the team better is kidding themselves, as this also creates more minutes for the offensive 'demon' that is reggie evans.

And can we put a moratorium on the 'now they can run' bs - they could have run at any time IF THE COACHES CALLED FOR IT - it's called a trailer for a reason

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