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I think while the bulls might be luxury tax fearing if they think Sam can offer them any kind of solid center presence - they might consider that one - of course - sam is unpolished, still, which is just pathetic, but the salary difference per year isn't that much different.so I don't see salary's being a hinderance if such a deal were offered...I do see sams piss poor game being a problem for the bulls and I think the sixers running into when of the axioms that I'm not sure I agree with in the NBA don't trade big for small.

I would do the first trade, but I don't like the second one so much - the worries about Ben Gordon and a one year rental are valid...and I'm not a big nocioni fan.

If it turned into a one-year rental for Gordon, the Sixers would probably have a decent amount of cap space next summer and they would've swapped Dalembert and Green for Nocioni, which is a huge bonus cap-wise.

Well - if you're building it for next summer - then maybe just hold on to it until 2010?

And at that point do you worry that brand is too old?

I would trade AI for Gordon. Same amount of money I believe if you extend Gordon for as much as AI just got. That would be value for value. We would get a pure 2 guard, which would allow Thad to play the 3. Start Andre M, Gordon, Thad, Speights and Elton when he gets healthy. Have Sammy, Reggie and Lou off the bench. This is a trade that me and my dad wished for all this summer. We have had season tickets since 94. I enjoy AI and he is exciting but he will never be the scorer that we want in which Gordon would be. The money would match up. No one wants Sammy or Willie and never will unless it was the last year of their contracts, Sammy has no basketball IQ and Green is never consistant. But AI, even though we know his struggles, is much more liked around the league and would spark an interest in the Bulls team. They have to many guards anyway.

Joe reply to gcl138 on Dec 19 at 15:08

Iguodala is a BYC player, so it doesn't work 1 for 1. Another team(or 2) would likely have to be involved and it would get really complicated. Too complicated to happen most likely. On top of that, the Sixers couldn't resign Gordon since they wouldn't have his rights even, so it just doesn't work. Of course, the Sixers may be below the cap enough to resign Gordon as a pure free agent if they dealt Iguodala AND let Miller walk for nothing. Then they are left with two similar players in Lou and Gordon... undersized 2s(one who can shoot) and then have the MLE and draft to try to get some sort of PG and who is that going to get them? Ronnie Price or something? And they are paying Gordon more than Iguodala's contract likley... uggggggggh.

As I said in my other post though, I haven't read up on the CBA in over 3-4 months so I could easily be off on some of it.

If Gordon waives his bird rights he would be an unrestricted free agent without a team with his rights, which would mean the team that he could only be signed by pure cap space with additional restrictions on his raises the year before the "greatest free agency ever." I think that doesn't bode well for him. He will want to leave the sign and trade possibility open I would think or returning to Chicago straight up.

I haven't read up on the CBA in awhile though, so I could easily be off.

I honestly dont see what all the fuss is about Hinrich. Hes an injured PG that we would ask to play the 2 whose range is not that spectacular, career 37% 3 point shooter? Its not like he has size or anything to play the 2, we are better off with Lou than Hinrich there. Im not saying that Lou belongs there but Id rather see him there than Hinrich. Gordon does impress me there though, he actually has numbers that prove he is a nice scorer.

In Hinrich, I think you're looking ahead. There's a very real possibility that Miller will be gone after this season. We have no one to play the point. If you bring him in, he's your two guard (who is a much better 3pt shooter than anyone on the team now, for the rest of this season. Then he's your point of the future if/when Miller walks. Kills two birds with one stone.

37% career 3 point shooter - who on the sixers shoots the 3 better than 37% for his career?

Right now the sixers are starting will fracking geen at the 2 guard - Hinrich has skills willie wishes he had - and fans would love him cause he's 'gritty' and 'hard nosed' and all that nonsense Philadlephia sports fans over value over things like pure talent and ability.

Hinrich is an upgrade over green - if it also somehow gets sam dalembert off the sixers it's killing 10 birds with a feather

Aaron reply to john on Dec 19 at 16:48

Im not saying there is someone better than him at shooting 3's that is currently on the sixers, but I can see Thad picking up his game and eventually shooting that percentage if not better. I also think that if given the right opportunity, Rush would do that too. As a future PG, Id have no problem with it, but Id only do it if it gets Green off of the team as well. Its hard to say but we kind of need Sammy right now, Brand is down, Jason Smith is done for the year, Theo is old, Evans has no offense,Speights is a rookie. We are not exactly deep in that category.

Bryon reply to john on Dec 19 at 16:56

If pure talent and ability got it done, we would have won multiple titles when Iverson was here.

you think rasual butler is a good trade candidate. he is shooting a good 3P %, makes the same amount as willie, and is from philadelphia.

I'd take just about anyone in a straight up deal for Willie, I just don't think there's a GM in the league that would make a deal for him unless they had to take him as part of a larger deal.

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