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I'm Calling 3 A Streak

Good write up.
I think you may be reading too much into it. Even though Iquodala always had someone on the floor with him that was a '2', I think DiLeo is throwing out the positional labels and just putting his most athletic lineups out there situationally with a big. He always kept someone out there to man the paint regardless of offensive ineptitude, sans Speights. Everyone else was somewhat quick and slashing except for when Evans and Rush were in together.
So nice to see them still struggle in areas but find a way to pull it out down the stretch.

I was impressed with the fourth quarter D.

That is 2 straight games where they lacked on D for three quarters and absolutely turned it on when they had to in the 4th.
I was itching for him to get Lou in earlier in the third since he was on such a tear earlier. Guess he knew what he was doing since he kept him in the rest of the way except for an extended breather at the quarter break.

Lou Williams played like a mini Iverson last night. Good to see...
I assume Donyell marchall plays no defense and cant rebound because he doesnt even get in games anymore.
I hate to say it but so far a guy whos never coached a game in the NBA has a better rotation than someone who has been coaching for 5 plus years (Mo)...
I still dont think this team is very good as is...but they are definitely better with Dileo as their coach.

DiLeo while never having been an NBA coach probably is a better talent evaluator than Mo Cheeks...who has had questionable rotations his entire time in Philadlephia. Most of this roster was built with Tony DiLeos hand in a lot of the moves - I believe he's a very good evaluator of talent, and one of the 'sub skills' of that would be knowing which talents work together...and I think DiLeo has that all over Mo Cheeks (hence why the sixers often do well in the draft even though the fans are sometimes baffled, Dileo is the draft man)

It's probably sad to say it, but DiLeo probably knows the talent on the sixers roster better than Mo ever would

Unfortunately Dalembert didn't help his trade value at all. I want to see his numbers skyrocket - hopefully fooling another team into trading for him

Start looking for shooters with worse contracts than Dalembert's, playing for teams that have a surplus of shooters and would be willing to take a shot on Dalembert, warts and all.

It probably won't be a long list.

Dalemberts trade value is what it is - all GMs know what kind of player he is - 'increasing your trade value' is media speak to impress people - Sam's a mediocre player with a contract that runs too long to make him as valuable as if it was one less year

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