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Under-Manned Pacers Come To Town

Ford is coming back from injury... he may start tonight. He came off the bench last night due to his injury.

I saw that. He came off the bench and played 39 minutes, so I assume he's ready to start tonight.

Looks like Sixers are gonna be sticking with Thad as the starter at the 4 for awhile. Foster is quite a load. Good luck there Thaddeus.

John reply to Joe on Dec 20 at 20:22

Jeff Foster?

You fear Jeff freaking foster? Jeff Foster isn't a load of anything but a back up forced to startr

Joe reply to John on Dec 20 at 20:38

There aren't 10 guys in the league you can name that are harder to keep off the offensive boards than Jeff Foster. He already has 3 tonight and we aren't at half time. Unlike Evans, he can finish a bit too when he is within 6 feet. So, as I said, good luck.

Perhaps I should have explicitly said "good luck on the boards." I guess it wasn't implied from the first sentence.

Foster out-played Thad in every facet of the game tonight.

Brian, do you know where I could catch the game online? Unfortunately not at home with the Pass.

If this ever happens, check justin.tv

I realize this team isn't good right now, but... perfect quarter thusfar?

Joe reply to Joe on Dec 20 at 20:04

Even that first set of subs seems perfect.

Every game under DiLeo has been a scrap fest, but I think it's good trying to win close games, even if it's against teams that we should be able to defeat.

I haven't been able to watch this one but according to the box score Miller is closing in on a triple-double and we have been owning the glass which is remarkable. What's keeping them in the game is the 3-point shooting.

Yeah - it's great winning close games - you know what's better - maintaining a big league built early against a short handed tired team.

Win or lose - this is a cheeks special - strong first quarter but unable to hold a lead - against a really bad team missing many of their best players after a 2 OT game last night - and only nine available player.

At this point the sixers are down 2 with 90 seconds to play and really don't deserve to win...it's sad to lose a game like this

WHeres willie?

Sprained ankle.

Kind of game that makes me want to hurl objects at the TV screen.

This is the kind of game that makes me glad I had to watch it a couple of hours later and I was able to fast forward through the commercials. Didn't waste the full 2 and a half hours of my life on it.

Give the Pacers credit, especially T.J. Ford. He hit every big shot they needed. Really thought it was a win after the Lou dunk.

Very satisfying win for me tonight! I think it makes up for allowing that 26 point comeback earlier in the season

You should be proud of those guys.

Definitely. It says a lot for the fight that they have. If the real Pacer fans aren't proud of what they have accomplished the last two nights without 4 of the top 5 players on this roster, then they should probably go watch Cricket instead.

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