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Turnabout Sucks

tough loss against a Indy team without their best player.
Thad is turning into a major disappointment....hes very inconsistent. Iguodola appears to be the teams crunchtime player...and I mentioned this a few weeks ago..your not going to win many game with him as your crunchtime option. I prefer Lou Williams or Andre Miller in this roll. Iggy had a good game overall....but he blew the defensive assignment on ford and blew the last shot of the game. I know he was covered well and Ford hit a big shot but isnt your best player supposed to step up in at least ONE of these scenarios ?

Perplexing loss. I wouldn't say Iguodala had a poor game... his stats certianly don't look bad... but he'd do us all a huge favor by suppressing his desire to shoot from anywhere outside 5 feet of the rim. I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it 'til the day he retires. The guy is a TERRIBLE shooter. If you were to do some kind of correlation between salary and shooting ability (i.e. some kind of obscure "marksmanship per dollar" rating), he'd be the worst in the league by a LARGE margin.

Brian, were the techs on just defensive 3 seconds? Or were they called on players or the bench?

Thad young is turning into a huge disappointment becvause he's inconsistent? Jesus people - he's in his second season...do realistic expectations mean any thing to you?

This wasn't a disappointing loss - it was pathetic - there's no reason this team should have lost...aside from the fact that they just aren't a good team and 3 wins against 2 very bad teams meant very little

Lou and Miller both got T's for arguing. Let's call the the Violet Palmer effect.

The third was a defensive three seconds call.

The pacers had the same refs and the sixers were at home were you tend to get the calls going your way, blaming the refs is excusing the pathetic play

I wasn't blaming the refs for anything. Just saying she's probably the reason for the techs, on both sides. She's equally horrible for everyone, and I'd love to see the average number of techs called when she's reffing a game.

Violet is awful. She tries to prove she is one the guys by putting on a tough facade. Terrible game, should never have been close.

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