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Monday Bandwagon Check

I voted for Brand. I firmly believe he'll bounce back once he's fully healthy, but up to this point, he's come nowhere near meeting my expectations.

I know there are different viewpoints on who is responsible. I could make a case for each name in the poll, but I won't. I believe it's a combination of factors. Can we honestly say the disappointment of Brand weighs heavier than the abject failure at the two guard position (which includes the arguments for iggy, willie, lou, [insert other player here]). Shouldn't iggy's boxsheet filling stats give him a pass, or does his contract now mandate that he become a more "clutch" player than he's shown? Should we rate Sammy's inconsistent play higher than Mo's ridiculous substitution patterns? Basically, you get into a chicken and egg argument. I know people will make a decision but I can't. It's all of the above at different times this season that's contributed to the problems the sixers face.

Look, we all liked the way they played last season. I was rooting them on myself. However, I believed they needed Brand to become a true contender. Even when they were winning with their fast paced hap hazard style, I still believed they could never truely compete with the games elite without some real offensive sets. Sets run with veteran clutch players. I believed they had potential to compete though, and with Brand in the fold, maybe they could realize that potential. That obviously hasn't happened yet.

What's disappointing to me is the lack of development with some of the best young talent on this team. In fact, I've seen some real regression with some players I was counting on. Maybe the young guys were conditioned to play hap hazard and then couldn't integrate more half court? Maybe management is trying to mesh two different playing styles into a team that has players that can only handle one or the other? Maybe, THIS combination of players just doesn't mix. The sixers problems could be anything I've written, and everyone's guess is as good as mine.

My best guess? At various times, I've seen sulking on the court, certain teammates not rooting on other teammates (I'm looking at you Brand and Sammy), and an overall lack of chemistry. Granted, it's not rampant. But it's enough to have me concerned. Given all of that, I believe stefanski will have to perform some major surgery to replace some of the pieces so they fit together better. He is probably exploring trades as we speak. We don't need just ANY trade. We need an identity changer, much like the stackhouse, montross for mckie, ratliff trade changed the great iverson teams. I still have faith but it's going to take some doing.

I'm going to vote for "team chemistry". It is something that can't be purchased in contracts or bartered over in negotiations, yet it is often looked over or discounted in many deals.

I don't think Mo Cheeks should have been fired, but then again, you have to shake things up sometimes.

I voted for Sammy, but I agree with the two previous posters, it is the cohesion of the players which has disappointed me the most. Sammy has been awful at times and great at times - I guess that isn't really disappointment since he has always been that way.

On a positive note, I am really excited about Speights.

Sammy has been Sammy all the time - and if you think Sammy isn't all about Sammy, read some more of his recent quotes - he's so clueless about how bad a basketball player he is...whatever his 'box score' numbers - he's a chicken with his head cut off on the floor most nights...how many eyars in the league - how many years playing basketball and still doesn't know the basics (and no, picking the game up late ain't an excuse...really never has been since the fundamentals are where sam is weakest and they should be the first things learned)

I can't call sam a disappointment because anyone who expected more from Sam (to me) had unrealistic expectations, he's performing exactly as expected.

Not sure why ANdre Miller isn't an option - but it's disappointing to me that he's still on the roster.

I'm going to go with the front office...

That's not accurate. As many warts as Sammy's game has, and trust me, there are many, over the past two seasons he's performed as an above-average center in the league. This year, he's regressed into Willie Green territory. (11.4 PER?)

It wasn't crazy to expect a double-double and a couple of blocks out of him this season. Instead, we've seen his minutes cut and an across-the-board regression in every meaningful statistical category except defensive rebounding.

Andre Miller isn't an option because his numbers have remained solid, no matter what you may think about him personally.

John reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 21:42

So you keep telling me

Except the offense seems to score better with him off the floor...they shoot much better...they have a higher percentage of assisted field goals....so you keep believing that Miller is playing well...I'll keep wondering why the offense shoots better and gets more assisted baskets when the starting point guard is on the bench.

If you want to use those statistical criteria only, then I guess you're calling for more playing time for Dalembert, right? The team has been much better in each one of those categories with Sammy on the floor. His positive difference in each category is much greater than Miller's negative difference.

I voted for Brand. I had such high hopes this summer concerning his and the team's potential. I thought he would be more of a back to the basket post up player but turns out he is more of a pick and pop or 12-16 feet jump shooter. This way of Brand playing can still be beneficial if they would clear the lane out for our many slashers to drive and kick to him at the elbow or high post.
I can only hope that he has more left than just past reputation alone. I would love to see more leadership from him since it seems we just don't have that 'player' to take command of the team on the court.

I'm still trying to figure out if he's an ineffective low post player, or if the Sixers have failed to get him the ball in the right spot, at the right time. I'm leaning toward the latter, but I guess we're going to have to wait for at least a month to find out for sure.

John reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 21:44

Has Brand ever been a low post player? Never watched him much in Los Angeles or has he always been the 'chris webber' type of PF? Maybe he's exactly what they got.

Thad young - second year player - teams ready for him - having ups and downs - holy frack people - that never happens

I'm not so much concerned with his scoring. You're on the money, teams are ready for him, ups and downs. It's the rebounding that bothers me. Last year he was all over the glass, out-hustling and out-working bigger guys. This season is rebounding rate is WAYYYY down. Even with the switch back to PF it hasn't picked up and that's a big problem.

I went with Sammy. Hes been horrible...worse than last year. A close second would be Iggy but I would say hes just as good at SF as he was last year...Brand has been hurt and the team is clueless how to play with him.

I voted Thad. I had such high hopes. Now, I would rather have Iguodala all things equal.

I voted Thad as well. Same rationale as Joe.

If Sammy had been playing like he ought (ie, made the 2 foul shots friday night, etc...), we would be over 500 easily.

I voted for Brand. When you get paid that kind of money you need to produce. He has always played out west, how much of him did any of us really see of him, was he ever the player we thought he would be. But this season is not over and I think I will at least give him a season to develop with this team before I pass to much negative judgement.

Also keep in mind that he's only 30 games back from the Achilles injury, and now he's got another major injury to come back from.

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