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One Year Ago Today

Sure, I imagine we'll play slightly above .500 the rest of the way unless we trade Miller. But I do kinda see us going 1-5 (and maybe even 0-6) on this road trip, so it could be tough.

This trip sure looks like a killer going in, doesn't it?

Who knows, maybe they fixed Iggy's shooting mechanics over the past couple days of practice.

Aaron reply to Brian on Dec 23 at 12:41

Brian, what specifically are you noticing about Iggy's mechanics when shooting? I don't seem to comprehend how he gets such high arc on his shots, with "bad mechanics"? I feel like his shot is his shot, he gets streaky like most shooters do. He isn't a pure shooter so he will never put up numbers like that. I feel like it comes down to his aggressiveness/assertiveness. When he is in attack mode, he scores in bunches and if he cant he makes the team better with his all around play due to his passing/rebounding/defending skills. Hes an above average passer/rebounder/defender so I think its all about getting him into that attack mode as much as possible. When he is in that mode even if his shot is not falling it will give us the best chance to win.

Just to be clear, I really like Iguodala as a player. His all-around game is excellent.

I'm not a shooting coach, but I think the fundamental flaw with his jumper is his footwork. He rarely squares his feet up to the hoop, and he almost never has his feet underneath him when he shoots. Often his left foot is in front of his right and he almost seems to walk into jumpers with his lower body. The proper way to do it is to have your feet underneath you with them spread about shoulder width. His follow-through is often thrown off by his sketchy footwork.

There was an article earlier in the year about the work Mark Price did with Thad this Summer and it talked about how he starts from the ground up to rebuild shooting mechanics. I think that's what Iggy needs. His foundation needs serious work.

As for scoring, his aggression is key and we're also seeing his FT% soar (over 90% recently), both good signs. He definitely seems more comfortable at SF.

Bryon reply to Brian on Dec 23 at 14:08

Good point Brian on Iguodala's left foot being in front of his right foot. I have some old fundamental tapes at the house with Bill Walton and Red Auerbach teaching on them, and for a right handed shooter the right foot should always be positioned more forward than the left one while remaining square.
Although he plays for the enemy with tonight being a good example to watch, check out Paul Pierce. He has his right foot more forward than anyone in the league right now and he has always shot like this. Others shoot properly, it is just that his is so obvious and pronounced.

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