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Minimizing Expectations

With regards to basketball commentators, Tom Heinsohn is almost definitely the biggest a$$hole on television. I remember watching a Sixers/Celtics game on League Pass two years ago and I swear the guy was drunk. Seriously. NOT KIDDING. He was actually making fun of Iguodala's name and thought he was soooo clever in doing so. It was nothing less than a spectacle to behold.

I believe I remember that game. He was slurring Igydollar in between screaming Walta every time Walter McCarty stepped foot on the floor. I'm pretty sure he thought McCarty was Irish.

Bart reply to Brian on Dec 23 at 17:21

Yep... that's the game, Brian. I bet even some of the Celtics' fans were ashamed of him.

You know I have always been curious as to how League Pass selects what coverage to show. Fox Sports has the NBA package with local teams, being there is a Fox affiliate in that area, so I assume that is why those team's coverage takes precedence. But it seems that the Sixers get shafted more than any other team when it comes to home coverage. No other team has more homer-ism than the beloved Celts. How great, being they are my most disliked opponent.

As far as I can tell, the NBA chooses which broadcast to show based on the following hierarchy:

1. Any broadcast not from Philadelphia or Toronto.
2. Philly's broadcast.
3. Toronto's broadcast.

Boston is the most racist city in existence. The fans are the worst. And if not for Kevin McHale secretly still collecting a paycheck from Boston and giving them Garnett on a silver platter, they would still be mediocre. Anyone else hate Paul Pierce? This is a guy who dogged it for seasons and all of sudden he thinks he's the best player in the league even though he couldn't hold Kobe's jock. Now there's a player who is a product of playing with great players.

I love how people call him such a gamer now. Anyone remember his phantom injuries the season they were tanking to get Greg Oden? I'm sick of his act, Employee #8 was a better Celtic. :)

Random thoughts on Celtics.

Al Jefferson(22.73) has a higher PER this year than Garnett.(21.59) Although Garnett's est. WP48 is much higher than Jefferson's.

Rajon Rondo is #27 overall in PER, yet people don't include him in the "big 3." He is a top 2 Celtic by any reasonably accurate measure of player productivity.

James Posey is the most efficient scorer, according to eFG%, in the entire NBA while being good at everything else pretty much and being really really clutch. He will be missed eventually right?

Anyway, hopefully this is a low scoring affair.

KG's coasting at this point, and I'd love to see what Rondo would do on a team without three hall of famers on the court with him.

Joe reply to Brian on Dec 23 at 19:51

What makes you think that he is being helped by playing with them? I would argue that he is being held back by them if anything.

No attention paid to him by opposing defenses. He's the guy they always double off. Never help off of any of the big three to stop his drive. Just off the top of my head.

Joe reply to Brian on Dec 23 at 20:08

Being doubled off of from time to time doesn't account for the productivity the 22 year old has shown in his 3rd season. And if people are doubling off the guy shooting 54%... they need a new game plan. By the way, he was the most productive rookie according to WP48 before the big 3 were in the picture... so he was plenty fine before they arrived.

I think people will consider him a better player once the big 3 leave because he, like Devin Harris now, will be scoring more ppg.

Harris can actually shoot. What's Rondo's eFg on jumpers?

Joe reply to Brian on Dec 23 at 20:17

Do you think people will "solve" Rondo or something? If the guy shot 42% from the field, he would still be an above average PG. Even if the giant handed man can't shoot, it doesn't matter. He is a premier rebounder, a great passer, a nice finisher at the basket, and has incredibly quick hands.

People learn to shoot as well as time goes on normally.(see Parker, Tony. Hamilton, Rip)

"He was the fourth option when Brant was in the lineup." God, I hate these fuckers.

Iggy taking it to Pierce.

Joe reply to Brian on Dec 23 at 19:55

At least you can watch them. I am stuck watching a Lebrons stream as always. They always work and are always good quality.

Two early fouls on Iggy, and he was red hot.

Rush looking good so far, basically like Willie only he can shoot.

Good first quarter went downhill when Iggy and Thad both picked up 2 fouls. Down 29-25 isn't horrible. Beginning of the second usually tells the story for the Sixers though.

Joe reply to Brian on Dec 23 at 20:09

DNP-CD Willie Green would make me so happy.

I'm thinking it's the ankle.

I find it insulting that Brian Scalabrine is getting some burn. The guy is a bum.

They've really turned up the D here in the second quarter. In the penalty with 5:38 to go in the quarter too.

Has Miller taken Rondo or House to the post yet?

He's actually been blowing by them off the dribble, or he was in the first.

What a poor finish of the quarter.


My conclusions from watching this game are

1) Rondo's a great player, whether or not he plays with Hall of Famers (and are Allen and Pierce such? I don't know about Pierce - Allen at least will hold the record for most threes made by the end of his career, but Pierce is just another Vinsanity who lucked into some great teammates), he finishes way better than anyone on our team

2) Iguodala's jump shots should officially count as turnovers

3) Even on his good days the guy's purely a transition finisher who should never be trusted with the ball in his hands, if he's not taking a foolish shot he tries to pull off a highlight pass. Committing major money to this guy is arguably as dumb or dumber than anything Billy King ever did.

Just to answer my own question, Rondo's eFG on jumpers is 24.7%. If he was a Sixer you'd be crying about how bad of a shooter he is. He is a good finisher though, 70% on close shots.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 23 at 21:18

No, I wouldn't be crying about it - I don't cry about Miller's bad shooting, which is just as or at least nearly as poor - although, yeah, on a team like ours where we don't have the likes of Ray Allen and House taking threes for us, there really isn't quite as much room, is there, for a point guard who simply can't shoot. Another difference I would note between a Rondo and an Iguodala or even a Miller is an awareness of his limitations. 82games's numbers are a little dubious to me (what's their definition of close?), but you'll note that according to them, a full 72% of Iguodala's shots are jump shots. Again, that seems doubtful, but we've seen a number of occasions in just this game where Rondo passed up fully open 20-footers, while Iguodala's content to essentially lob contested threes at the backboard.

Joe reply to Tray on Dec 23 at 21:21

You can check out nba.com/hotspots as well.

Joe reply to Tray on Dec 23 at 21:22

Maybe not. The lists aren't populating for me at least.

Close is in the paint, not a dunk. I had to dig to look that up for a post last week.

You made my point for me. If Rondo isn't on a team with three All Stars (if not HOFers) he's not nearly as good.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 24 at 0:27

Uh no, I didn't. I said that Miller would be better on a better team (on our team he's kind of an embarrassment). Rondo's a really elite finisher, defender, blow-by guy, etc. He'd be good anywhere, just like Derrick Rose.

I don't buy it. Take away those three guys and Rondo is Lou Williams with a worse jumper and a little better defense, although he couldn't stick w/ Miller off the dribble tonight.

This has been a horrible quarter of basketball. Turnovers, touch fouls, bad shooting, bad passing.

Sp8s is looking good. He and Williams really play well off each other.

Brian you were saying the other day in a comment that you appreciate execution in a half court set. Regardless of the talent of the Celts players, don't you think they run some nice stuff with their screening and weakside movement? Wish DiLeo would steal some sets off tape and implement them.

They never crowd the lane. Perkins is basically useless, but he knows enough to stay out of the friggin lane.

Down 12 after 3, could've been much worse. This game isn't out of reach.

Shooting 51%, holding boston to 44%, and down by 12.

Terrible call right there on Speights. He was only standing there for half a day and the whistle was late to give it to them

Late whistles left and right.

Eddie House is the biggest scumbag. I don't think I have ever seen someone when their team is up by 15+ waiting for the last ten seconds to expire in the game jack of a three with nobody guarding him just to rub it in the losing teams face. I hate that team.

Agreed. I wrote something about that in my wrap.

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