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Boston Makes It Look Easy

Good blog. I agree with your thoughts. I do think they did look overall much better tonite. They were shooting at the foul line much better till tonite w/ Tony? Do you know what happened?

They seemed frantic to me, early on. It worked for them, they were out and running and finishing, but they may have been a little too keyed up. Hopefully the foul shooting tonight was just an off game and not a return to bad form. The last thing they need is to be terrible from the line.

67 points from the league's best backcourt tonight. Vince making six threes. It should be interesting to see whether these two will be enough to singlehandedly (or rather, doublehandedly) keep their team ahead of ours.

One nice thing about this game is that Speights is playing so well that Dalembert really is looking expendable. Do you think anyone would trade for Iguodala if we made him available? I guess Don Nelson is nuts enough to want him.

Aaron reply to Tray on Dec 24 at 0:02

Trading Iguodala makes no sense at all. He doesn't exactly make it rain from outside, but his all around game is better than most in the league, what are you really expecting to get to replace him? Unless it is someone who brings that same defensive intensity and can rebound/pass like Iggy and on top of all that be a three point specialist I don't want him.

Tray reply to Aaron on Dec 24 at 0:15

That's kinda my point, no one would give us crap for him. I'm not really high on his passing - yeah, he passes, but he also forces a lot of cute passes for turnovers.

Trading Iggy would be almost impossible this season because he's a base-year guy.

After seeing these 28 games, I still wouldn't have done anything different this summer, including extending Iguodala. My two cents.

I agree that Speights is looking like a legit starter sooner rather than later, but right now I think he should be replacing Thad in the lineup, not Sam. Dalembert had 8 points, 13 boards and 3 blocks in 32 minutes tonight. More often than not, this team has played much better as a unit with him on the floor.

Thad has not produced at the 4 since they moved him there, and he hadn't really produced at the three for a while before they made the move. If I'm Coach DiLeo, I start big with Sammy, Speights, Iggy, Rush and Miller on Friday night. Bring Thad and Lou in as your first guys off the bench, and limit Evans' minutes if it all possible.

I'd actually probably start Donyell and Rush, and leave them in there until one of them hit a three, just to end this streak at 2 games.

Bart reply to Brian on Dec 24 at 12:01

Random thoughts...

Thad definitely doesn't deserve to start right now. He can get his minutes off the bench at either of the forward positions. We need to try starting Speights and Sammy (though Sammy will probably confuse Speights, as he does most people, with his awkward style of play).

Andre Iguodala took five threes last night... FIVE! What the hell was he thinking? One is too many for him. He needs to focus on jamming the basketball, not closing his eyes, saying a prayer, and launching it into the air like he's trying to knock a bird off the rafters.

With that said, there's not a guy on the team who I actually trust to shoot a three, with the possible exception of Willie Green, who's sittin' on the bench in a suit right now.

Bart reply to Bart on Dec 24 at 12:08

Well, yeah... just to clarify, I definitely trust Rush and Donyell to knock down a three when called upon to do so. In fact, with Willie on the bench, I would have expected Rush to really take over at the shooting guard position. Unfortunately, he didn't. Hell, Tony actually had him playing small forward at one point. What in God's name was he thinking with that ridiculous lineup?

The phones are being worked in earnest. There is no way the roster doesn't change within one month. I think he wants to move Sammy first if you ask me. Not that I think he'll be able to.

I really dont want to move anyone right now. The only move I would do is Miller only if you can get something for him because his contract is up, if not then dont bother. We NEED Sam. We are so thin at that position. He may have stone hands but he is a rebounding machine and is a top tier shot blocker, we are already done two forwards, unless Ed is going to trade him for a starting center I wouldnt mind keeping Sammy on the team.

Isnt this the same team that BEAT the celtics last year ?
Celtics are better but the Sixers are worse than a year ago...
I guess we have to just give it time...play the young guys and treat this year as a rebuilding year..and assess things in the off-season. I think it was a mistake signing Brand...we should have just stood pat and waited till 2010 when a Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire would have been available. Not only do we not have shooters but playing half a year of good basketball does not make this a good team.(we were 40-42 by sneaking up on teams that basically thought the sixers were a doormat) Keep in mind last year in the playoffs after those first 2 games Detroit DESTROYED the Sixers and blew them out in the next 4.
Brand seems like he would be a good fit on a team like New Jersey or Milwaukee who have the perimeter players to make him more effective.
I am a lifelong sixers fan and I am not trying to be negative...just truthful.

Apparently, and not surprisingly, there was a ton of trash talking from those classless Celtics. This speaks to Brian's comment about Eddie House padding stats. This current Celtics team is full of itself and it makes me sick to my stomach that they are actually dominant. Nights like last night make me wish Iverson in his prime was still here to drop 60 on them for talking shit.

AllphillySports on Dec 24 at 16:21

I will really love it when the Celtics get beat in the playoffs. Really LOVE it.

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