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What A Perfect Present!

Hi Brian,

Somewhat off topic to the dinner ( but somewhat on topic to "presents"), what do you think about this (Marcus Williams on the block, maybe for without losing anything):

Anyhow, he is in the doghouse at GS but at one time he was considered a lottery level talent and the best pure passing point in the college game (before he got caught stealing computers from other students at UConn). My question is: would you want him in a trade for say WG or some other non-core Sixer? Would you want to sign him if he gets waived?

Marcus Williams might be bought out in GS it's so bad...but he hasn't done much since he got to the NBA - draft stock slippage or not - Jersey had no interest in keeping him and the warriors in need of a PG had no use for him...if he gets cut - why not take a look - but don't trade anything for him

Agreed. He actually shot the 3 well in NJ last year, in limited action. I'd definitely pick him up if he gets bought out.

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