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I'd kinda subsume the foul shots and three-point woes into bad shooting. A team that can shoot is almost always a good free-throw-shooting team. A team composed of guards with the range of power forwards usually isn't.

Ironic that they shot the three extremely well tonight, and couldn't buy a foul shot.

Yeah, I have no idea why neither Thad nor Speights seems to be making hustle plays, they need intense, dedicated practice with Reggie Evans.

I guess that's why Reggie's playing quite a lot recently, cuz he can grab boards. If it calls for it, we should give Ratliff some minutes, because Young and Speights may be talented but they need to learn to play as hard as possible for them to get better and help the team win ball games.

The free throws I can't stand. Whenever you lose a close game you regret the missed free throw here and there. You can't shoot 60% from the line as a team if you want to win a ball game.

I want the ball in Lou Williams' hands whenever we're in the same situation as we were with 9 seconds left in this game. No more Iggy please, with one exception (last year against Memphis, I think) he has been very poor when we've gone with him on the last play.

This is a nighlty occurrence...with Iggy as your closer your NEVER going to win any games...hasnt he turned the ball over enough in crunch time for the coaching staff to see ?!? Andre Miller and Lou Williams are the closers here..pure and simple. They may not be great but they are better than Iggy. I dont know what happened to Thad...I know hes a second year player but he has regressed. This is a bad, bad team....one of the 10 worst in the league. I dont believe they will turn it around even with Brand. Maybe we can get an article on who may be available in next years draft ?

So is it iguodalas fault he isn't the closer or the coaching staffs fault they don't go to the obviously better options?

Again, asking Iguodala to be what he isn't isn't on Iguodala - it's bad coaching.

100% agree. On the previous possession they gave the ball to Lou and actually ran a play! He got Sp8s on the alley-oop. Why they then decided to go to Iggy on the iso for the final play is beyond me.

kudos for keeping this composure after such a loss, Brian, I was so pissed off that I can't remember the last time it happened.

This loss is 50% on Dalembert: he totally killed our momentum in the fourth with those two IDIOTIC fouls - one on the jump ball before JR Smith made a three, I was about to throw up - and the 0/2 from the line, at the end of that sequence Denver came down two, 90-92.

40& on Iguodala for being such a choker in crunch time, and I totally agree with gdog, he's proven it so many times that one would wonder how long will it take (him and the coaching staff) to put the ball in someone else's hands.

10% on coaches for not taking better decisions in crunch time. Di Leo gets less blame than he would deserve just because he's "new" there and he took a team that is already broken

As for free throws and three pointers allowed, same old story, when you miss TWELVE foul shots and seven of those misses come from your perimeter guys, you deserve to lose.

I'm afraid the worst is yet to come unfortunately, it's gonna be a long, sucking season, despite everyone's expectations.

What a disappointment

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