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The Sixers Should Win This Game

I think it is better for our collective good that we not get our hopes up for this one. Even without Boozer, Millsap and Okur, it is unlikely that Dalembert can cope with Koufos and Fesenko.

If Young and Speights don't buck up Kirilenko will kill us on the boards. As you rightly pointed out Brian, Korver and Miles can shoot the lights out, they'll fancy their chances against us.

Even if Deron Williams has been below par this season, he's still better than half of the league's starting point guards.

Don't forget we're playing in Utah, where the crowd is awesome and the Jazz usually somehow find a way to win the game, as good teams should.

Utah is really good at home.

They were 37-4 at home and 17-24 on the road last year.

This year they are 11-4 at home and 7-10 on the road.

You have to beat this team when you get them on your home court.

Can I make a request, please. We can all find ways to criticize but it gets old. I am getting tired of reading all the negative comments, if you want to say all good things, go blog on the Celtics. But lets start complementing people for being positive? Interesting stat i found on SI:
Scored 94.4 27th 5th
Allowed 95.8 12th 2nd

only 1.4 point apart average from win vs lost!

Positive: Speights has been scoring for us lately, hope he gets more minutes.

Would be sweeter if he can grab a board or two.

Okur is playing. He's shooting 36% from three, need to make sure Sammy or Thad stick with him when he's out on the perimeter.

Offensive boards killing them early. Playing great D, can't secure the rebounds.

Bryon reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 21:24

I think that is why he pulled Thad so early

That's what I thought too, but he picked up his second foul.

Glad to see they are hitting the paint and not settling for jumpers so far.

Rebounds. We need to rebound.

Lou has to give the ball up on that break. That's a dunk for Iggy. Damnit.

Nice, just ride Iggy as long as Korver's on him.

Man, Miller got mugged on that drive by Korver with no call and wouldn't you know it he then hits a 3

Alvin reply to Bryon on Dec 29 at 21:40

Korver for 3!

Oops I thought it was 2006 again.

Free throw problems, again. Bad call against Miller, Korver was moving.

Reg has nearly 10 boards already doesn't he?

6. the rest of the team has 4.

Man, Speights can shoot, huh?

Alvin reply to Bryon on Dec 29 at 21:47

Only 6, but yeah he's rebounding really well. And since no one else can do it, it justifies him being on the floor, even though it means the offense sucks a little more.

Fucking Willie just fell asleep on that play, completely lost Korver. How do you do that? If I'm coaching, he's sitting immediately after that crap.

Limited fast break points so far, close game. If they would just chill with the careless turnovers. It's like they are rusty or something.

Shooting 58%, holding Utah to 40%, only up by 1. That's just sad.

I hate these douche Utah announcers.

I will pay for a one way ticket for Dalambert anywhere Tony wants to send him. All the run by Utah was compliments of him on both ends of the court! Thank you Sammy!

Alvin reply to DeanH on Dec 29 at 22:13

The Dalembert hate here is off the charts. There have been many moments that he has driven me to the point of insanity but he's not an albatross.

Shooting 50% is good, 11 turnovers at the half is terrible. Bench is keeping us in this one.

Rebounding is not a two-man job. Thankfully Reggie and Sammy have been doing well in that regard.

When did Korver learn to pass like that?

9 minutes, zero boards for Sp8s. What the hell is he doing out there? It's like everything is about him getting his shots up, he doesn't care about anything else.

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 22:22

Our worse fears about Speights are starting to be realized. We may have the next Charlie V on our hands.

It's funny how Reggie brings absolutely nothing but rebounds and hustle and physicality. Speights brings none of that but only cares about scoring. If only we could combine the two into one player.

He'll be a more efficient scorer than Charlie V, but this lack of rebounding is really worrying me.

I do not hate Sammy. My comment was stated in thought with the swing. I am not blind.

But, I will not post a comment again in reference to playing. Get the point.

THere are tons of games GOOD TEAMS should win - bad teams will lose many games they should win - and this smells like one of them.

The 3rd PF on the Jazz is Andrei Kirilenko

Think about that - their PF depth chart goes

Boozer- Millsap- Kirilenko

Milsap may be the best of the three.

When you've got Sam manning the paint and a guy with a gimpy ankle why do you continue to play off of him for the drive giving up those 3's


This is the Thad we need to see every night. He's active all over the court.

Please put Iggy on Williams and double every screen and roll hard. Let Williams handle Brewer off the ball.

Whether we have Brand or not, whether our players will get better at shooting or not, every decent team needs at least one guy firmly in the rotation who can shoot about 40% from 3.

Can't we just get somebody? 18-0 in 3 point FGs, 15 points the deficit in the game. It's a familiar story but still nothing is being done.

33 guys shot 40% or better last season, which one do you want and what would you give up for him?

Bryon reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 22:55

It may not be us making them as much as it is we struggle so much defending them.

It's both.

What have we done to these refs, Miller the other night and now 2 guys who used to be former teammates. BS tech right there.

Wow, we hit a three.

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