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Another Disappointing Night

Ricky Davis being out probably helps them. But yeah, they don't win that game unless Baron plays really well. Which he could.

"The more bad basketball this team plays, the closer they come to a change. That's what we have to keep telling ourselves at this point. The change could be a permanent coach, it could be a trade, it could be a drastic reshuffling of the rotation."

Not sure how that could make a difference. Although, more Donyell could certainly help a little.

I don't think he's very happy in LAC land at this point. Saw a headline that said he'd be happy to go back to the GSW.

I really don't know what they could do to reshuffle the lineup to make a difference. I might go with Lou as the starting 2. Or maybe put Sp8s in for Thad. Neither really seems like a huge difference at this point.

Rush is a bust. The guy walks around on the court and stands out behind the arc. If he gets the ball, he heaves it. At least when Donyell was playing he was showing energy and hustle, plus the three-point shooting. I'd definitely give him some burn.

Hats off to you Brian....I cant even sit thru these torturous sixer games. Looking forward to a change...

I'm a glutton for punishment, apparently. It's hard to find something positive to take out of these games.

2008 6ers = 2007 Bulls

Does that mean David Stern will fix the lottery for us this summer?

Maybe if Philli could produce a dece prep baller since Kobe.

/I have no idea if that's true and don't feel like look it up. Anways, BURN.

Brian, love when you keep tracks of those plays, nice.

I've made a little research on my own and we have been outscored 18-108 on three pointers in the last four games, shooting 15% and allowing 45.5%. How about that ???

Hadn't Young knocked down that shot in garbage time, we would have completed the third game without a three pointer in the last four...

The sad part is that is only ONE of the problems we have.

I'm not sure why Kate Fagan expected a W in Utah, they are used to kick our arses, I watched the Houston double OT game and, without Okur-Millsap-Boozer, they played great bball for 58 minutes, it's not like we are better than the Rockets

I wish we had Jerry Sloan as coach

The knock on speights coming into the draft was that he wasn't strong defensively - and the other knock was his work ethic - so I guess we'll have to see if the sixers can coach him up enough to play defense and if his work ethic is better than reported.

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