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Ending On A High Note

Ratliff would have been my player of the game, he essentially rolled back the years with that performance. He looked like what we had hoped Dalembert would become.

Iggy played very well, he'd be a lot more consistent in scoring if he can make his free throws at a better clip like he did in this one.

I'm not going to say we'll beat Dallas, but I do feel that we have a shot. Miller will fancy going up against Kidd, while I am fairly confident about a Thad/Dirk matchup. As long as they don't make everything from downtown we have a chance.

Check out this game from last year w/ Thad on Dirk.

Confident about a Thad Dirk match up? Well that makes one of us :)

Last nights game was enjoyable cause they won, but the first half rebounding was atrocious - I mean they shot better than they rebounded on the defensive glass in the first half...the second half was better...and the game got rougher shot wise but they still pulled it out.

Was funny to hear the clippers announcers question giving the ball to sam on offense - every time - every time a pass went to sam they wondered why :)

Of course they wondered why sam was able to play on the canadian olympic team - but this time they got speights correct

I was waiting for "Sprites" but they got it right.

I'm pretty sure the Clippers got offensive rebounds on every missed three point attempt they made in the first. Don't know how to explain that, usually threes are long rebounds grabbed by guards and SF's, but in this case they were mostly grabbed by bigs.

Brian did you also realize how many times they started the offense by giving it to Iguodala posted up. I think many of us here have clamored for this for quite a while now. I like when they give it to him in that situation and it is a good starting point to run sets off of or if nothing else, just to suck the defense in creating cutting lanes and space on the floor. I thought this was a major difference implemented by DiLeo last night.

I know you said the 3 defense was horrid the first half of the game but I thought their closeouts were pretty good to at least get a hand up on the shooters. They seemed to be rotating more fluidly with not alot of indecision.

Tray reply to Bryon on Jan 1 at 15:04

He is a capable post player, I'll give him that. It's a problem, though, when all your perimeter guys are better in the post than anywhere else. Him, Thad, Miller - I guess that could work if you had a 7-foot three-point-shooting power forward or something, but we don't.

They blocked two threes and contested 9 more throughout the game, so that's not a bad percentage. I also don't have a problem with doubling off Mardy Collins or Thornton. Eric Gordon should've never been left open, though.

The main difference between the Sixers and the Clippers right now, as far as 3-point shooting goes, is that the Sixers at least recognize they can't shoot from deep. The Clippers are a putrid shooting team, and they keep on shooting. 19 threes from a team who's barely shooting 30% from out there is highly suspect.

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