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The Trip Continues In Dallas

Someone better get a grip on that mighty mite J.J. Barea also. What this kid lacks in height he sure as heck makes up for it with his effort and hustle. He's always coming up with a big bucket for them at opportune times.

Maybe Willie G. can just come close to that game he had a few years back at Dallas when Iverson was out with an injury and he lit them up for something like 30+. When I say close I mean around 10-12 points now, so lets keep this in perspective:)

Let's not over state barea and get into hyperbole - he had a nice few games and then when the team got healthy again - his minutes slowly decreased - i know this cause i haad him on my fantasy roster for about a week.

It's funny that the Jkidd trade was only the second worst made last season - supposed to be franchise altering and instead franchise fracturing.

Bryon reply to john on Jan 2 at 17:13

While I don't play fantasy myself, you must have cut him too quickly and not kept up with him as he is averaging around 25 minutes the last month. Don't know where the decrease is.

john reply to Bryon on Jan 2 at 17:38

Not so much his minutes but after his 'breakout' games his numbers have been rather pedestrian and not all that great - l


I would be very shocked if the Mavericks dont destroy the Sixers...minimum 10 point loss.

That's the spirit :)

They split last year, haven't won in Dallas since 2005. John Salmons led the team in scoring that night with 19 points, Korver was the leading rebounder with 10.

gdog reply to Brian on Jan 3 at 14:50

10 ponts loss...about what I expected.
I know the Sixers split with he Mavs lst year but this years team is much WORSE than last years team. The Sixers are one of the three most disapointing teams in the league along with the Raptors and the Wizards.
I feel an article coming up on next years draft soon...
thats about all we can look forward to at this point. Unless the idea of 30 wins gets you jacked.

Is anyone else having trouble finding the game on league pass?

I can't find a link to this game.

It comes on 713 after the Raptors game around 9:30. Brian do you know why League Pass does this at least a couple of times a year. It seems like they could just add a channel to cover the nights with alot of games. Man, I hate it when this happens.

pisses me off. watching online.

Bryon reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 20:45

a channel or boxscores B? The Bucks-Bobcats had an 8:30 start also but they get put on NBA1 while we get NBA3.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 21:07

Brian where's the online link?

The Raps have a decent lead now so lets hope it holds up and no fouling at the end of a close game or overtime. Run, clock, run!

Why did Iguodala pass to Dalembert on that break? Stupid.

John reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 20:52

Why does anyone pass to dalembert on any offensive play ever? Stupid

I hate not having this game - but i'm not going to try and find it online

It looks like the Toronto game is going pretty quickly. Hopefully it'll be over by 9:15. Looks like DiLeo had a quick trigger on Green. Lou coming in now.

John reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 21:00

They shot willie? About time

Can you post the link Brian?

Watching on NBA league pass broadband. I don't see it on justin.tv.

If you have league pass, you automatically have broadband access too, but you have to activate it.

Willie's building a house.

BTW - if you think Bill Simmons is a hack who knows very little but gets a big megaphone to spout his silliness - knickerblogger.net did a nice job on him

Link? Miller for 3!!!!

John reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 20:56


I don't know that it's the worst article of 2008 - i mean bill conlin still writes right? And those New York hacks? And Sam Smith wrote some garbage in 2008

But anyone who wants to put simmons in their place has my vote

Miller's on fire.

John reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 20:57

Hopefully they put him out - be hard to trade him if he's burned

Rattler, first big off the bench. He earned it last game.

Miller in the post on Barrea, love that. BS offensive foul call, though.

Nice, Sixers end the first on a 14-0 run. 4-point lead heading into the second.

Thanks for the updates, Brian. It's coming up pretty soon here.

they should at least show a split-screen like they do for the nfl season ticket. this is bush league.

Ratpros just KILLED housotn by the way - game should be over shortly

John reply to John on Jan 2 at 21:16

Raptors game is over 'gone to the good night screen' - my hunch is that the broadcast won't start until 6:30 because - well because it's not supposed to start until 6:30 :)

I'm glad they're staying with the raptors for a 10 minute interview w/ bosh after the game. Shit, looks like they aren't going to switch right away, I'm just seeing a "Good Night!" message on the screen now.

Here we go.

Too much dribbling by Lou.

I know ratliff gives them a better chance to win this year - but speights gives them a better chance to win a title - come on already

I disagree. You have to make him earn his minutes by rebounding and defending. That's what it takes to play in this league, that's the message you have to send.

John reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 21:32

Then why is sam still starting? Send a message to sam at some point - that would be nice.

Sam rebounds and defends, he just makes stupid plays and can't catch a cold.

John reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 21:37

If Sam knew how to box out or position i'd be impressed - catching balls that come right to you doesn't impress me.

Sam can't catch dribble shoot or post up...he's useless - tyson chandler is better defensively (and offensively) and eddy curry at least scares teams offensively

You can't argue his rebound rate. This is just a vendetta for you at this point, you completely ignore any positive stats when Sam's concerned.

Alvin reply to John on Jan 2 at 21:49

Sam doesn't know how to box out. But he does catch the ball when it's near him, which Speights hasn't been doing. Of course it's quite the norm in the league, but it's a waste to see a kid that talented be that half-assed on the court.

Thad Young had a couple of really bad games where he couldn't grab a board but he's been working on that and improving recently. I really wonder if Speights has the attitude to do likewise.

Bryon reply to John on Jan 2 at 21:55

Well maybe you should root for Chandler or Curry then.

John reply to Bryon on Jan 2 at 21:57

Yeah, cause that's the point i was making...if you pay attention you'll know why chandler and curry should be the ones dalembert is measured against

I love the over reactions people have - there seem to be some people ready to write off Speights already - after not even half a season - being barely 21 and having the best efficiency rating of any eligible rookie (as of last weeks)

Not writing him off, just very troubled by the lack of rebounding and defense. I think the cut in his minutes is a good move by DiLeo. He'll get back in there when he starts working, and hopefully he'll learn the lesson. He's an important part of this team going forward, if they can get him to contribute on both ends.

John reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 22:02

Sorry - wasn't referring to yoru comment - was referring to another in this thread (and others) i've also seen people who are ready to dismiss thads progress after one or two bad games - some people are just over reactive hyperbolic and don't take into account the reality of the kids age or experience or the fact that the sixers coaching staff has never been that freaking good at developing anyone

Bryon reply to John on Jan 2 at 22:05

I'd like to see Dalembert measured against you so then you would chill with the incessant criticism.

John reply to Bryon on Jan 2 at 22:39

Ah you're one of the sammites...I understand now.

I suppose measuring sam against me would make sense, i'm a 6' tall jewish kid with no vertical who never was any good at basketball - so yeah sam would look good against me.

But it makes more sense to compare sam against his contemporaries who got the same contract at the same time sam did.

Of course - then sam doesn't look very good.

Then again, he is 'second' in all start voting for eastern conference centers - so the sam fans are out in force

Bryon reply to John on Jan 2 at 22:47

I'm a Sixers fan, not a Sam fan.

That was a sick move/dunk by Iguodala. Wow.

Dirk Nowitzki seems afraid of contact?


John reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 21:38

Never saw something that wussy from a guy 7 feet tall before

Held the Mavs to 34% from the floor, 2/12 from three and still only up 4 at the half. Ugh.

4/12 from three, sorry, that was a type-o.

6 offensive rebounds for Dallas, too many.

All told, a good half. Beginning of the third is going to be huge.

Anyone watching this halftime show? That dude has the best Jimmy Johnson hair I've ever seen.

75% on the boards is a pretty good number - it's not great - but it's better than the 50% at the half against the clips.

Not sure the mavs are going to shoot so poorly as they did in the first half

Thad just torched Dirk

How the hell did Andre put that shot in?

It's ugly - and it shouldn't - but Andre seems pretty warm tonight

Was just going to say that. He's looking confident.

Sammy did something productive.

John reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 22:04

Hey - that's what i was thinking - but i thought it was mean.

Willie Green just blew the 3 on 1 break - but Iguodala cleaned it up for him

John reply to John on Jan 2 at 22:06

But like all things sam - it didn't last long - and the wussy is back in at piont guard for the mavs

You jinxed Iguodala.

John reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 22:14

Oh come on - you know better than that.

And you knew the mavs were going to make a run

Bad way to end the third.

Miller's going to get a triple double, and not really the kind you want.

Not exactly surprising or unexpected that the mavs would take the lead - but still *sigh*

They're doubling Iggy on every touch now. It'd sure be nice to have someone who could knock down an open three.

John reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 22:27

DONYELL baby :)

Miller has EIGHT turnovers.


Williams can't hit an open 3 :)

Iggy to the bench w/ 6:21 to go. Hopefully not for more than a minute or two.

Good game here, down to the wire.

4th qtr points scored? Who tracks that nonsense

Miller on Nowitzki - and no half court offense - this is thwere the game just gets out of hand...

That's all she wrote.

Zero minutes for Speights is questionable. I understand cutting his minutes until he starts working harder, but zero is a bit much.

John reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 22:41

Maybe there's an explanation.

I mean they almost gave the game against the clips away in the second half as well - but the Mavs are much better than the Clips - when forced into a half court set - because another team inevitably goes on a run - the sixers are going to suffer - with or without brand they really weren't that great in the half court - need a low post big man who is a threat and can pass and score and scare the other teams - offensively - and speights is the only one

John reply to John on Jan 2 at 22:43

That came out weird - that wasn't an explanation for why speights wasn't playing but two separate thoughts - maybe speights suffered a tweak or something or is suspended for a team rule violation and we just don't know abou it

He's dressed, I believe.

John reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 22:47

Well then maybe dileo isn't as good a coach as '3-0' made him out to be :)

Or maybe they're spotlighting ratliff for a trade? OOh I like that idea...bunch of teams need big men, PJ Brown isn't coming back - maybe they are trying to convince larry brown he wans theo ratliff back :)

His minimum contract isn't going to do much for you in a trade.

John reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 22:50

Dream Killer

John reply to John on Jan 2 at 22:51

Though if he's added in with a amiller or a dalembert (or in hope of hopes a green) he could make a team slightly more willing to make a deal if they are close to 'contending' - lots of talk about teams needing big men but not a lots of them available

Please trade Andre Miller in the next two weeks

The way the third quarter went we knew what was coming. Sucks to support a crap team.

Good game, bad finish. Thanks for all the comments guys, post-game will be up later.

The main difference at the end of this game is that the Mavs have a clear idea of how to execute in the half-court and the Sixers do not. I'd like to see how many of their points in the 4th came on pick and roll. Drives me absolutely crazy. Dirk is a great shooter but I'd like to see him make his tough goofy moves 1 on 1 against Thad. Not wide-open looks. I don't know if it's the game plan or Thad. He would barely show on the screen and lazily create a switch and then they needed to put a smaller player on Dirk. Other times he wouldn't show or switch and a smaller player would rotate to Dirk off of a shooter with Thad running cross-court to try and get Terry. Frustrating as hell.

I'm not even sure how much better the sixers are in the half court with Brand even...i'm beginning to think the roster is more flawed than i thought

Remains to be seen. I'm resigned to this being a middling team, at best, until they get at least one plus shooter, capable of playing 30 minutes/game without killing the team in other areas.

They do/can/are capable of, excelling in just about every other area of the game. With Brand, they're one of the best rebounding teams in the league. Also with Brand, they're capable of being one of the better defensive teams in the league. They can force turnovers as well as anyone, and they can run better than anyone.

With Brand, their half court offense is better (it can't really be worse), with a shooter it will be better still. I have confidence that Stefanski will find a way to add the piece or two the roster and then re-evaluate. I think it's unfair to say it's flawed before it's complete.

Of course, this is assuming they're going to add that piece, and it takes two to tango for a trade.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 3 at 2:46

I'd say it's more than just a missing shooter. There's just a general dearth of offensive talent. When you look at the league's elite offensive teams, and make no mistake, you can't be an elite team without being elite on both ends of the court, you notice they all have elite offensive players. Currently, we don't have one. In a close game down the stretch against a good team, we'll usually lose because we just won't score enough late. Iguodala, Lou, Brand - these aren't the sorts of players contenders go to late in games. Whether or not you agree with that, we need way more than one shooter. Good teams with just one plus shooter exist, I'm sure, but you need your other players to be average shooters for that to work. We have strictly below-average shooters. To get where we need to be as far as shooting goes, you'd need to add a lights-out-shooting combo guard, a Posey type, and a shooting big man to the bench. At least two out of the three.

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