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The Celtics Deserve Stephon Marbury

This post is too funny. Anyone who wants more validation of his craziness should look up Isiah's sexual harassment trial and read about what him and Isaiah were up to. They are peas in a pod.

Thank you for this Brian. I thought I was the only angry blogger thinking that Ainge's "plan" was 80% luck, but it's nice to see I have some excellent company.

Marbury to the Celtics would be fun indeed. They tried with Darius Miles, so they might have an attraction for headcases, let's see if this one really happens

Celtics potential drama on a Sixers blog?

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Sixers programming:)

I'm always happy to post something negative about rivals :)

Jose Calderon has yet to miss a free throw this season.

I wonder what the record for most free throws made in a season without a miss is.

I'm not sure what the record to start a season is, but he's closing in on the overall record, I think. It's 97 and he has 75 dating back to last year.

Marbury's a good player but from personal experience hes a jerkoff. Years ago before he went pro I was at a nets game ---he was there too--he basically stood in front of our entire section and wouldnt move. I got in his face a little and then security came and took him away and made him go back to his seat in the upper bleachers. I ove it when he was in NY and Kidd was in NJ and he would say how hes a better PG than Kidd and then the nets would just go beat the crap out of the Knicks. He is not a TEAM guy.

The guy just never had a grasp on reality and he's become more and more of a loon as the years have gone on. Anyone who signs him is just begging for trouble.

Nicks ownership take notice... A good team can make any troubled player think twice about turning his career around. He wants to get paid next season to. Marbury will be Huge in Boston he will make Rondo play better and all the other PG better because they wouldnt want to lose any playing time becuase of him... Lets go Celts

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