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Dirk Is Still A Bright, Shining Star

The last time we played the Spurs I was so much more optimistic going in.

The Spurs have been letting poor teams stick around in a lot of their recent games... maybe the Sixers will do the same.

I think we played a solid game overall, but the small things killed us

a TO here, a missed shot there and Dallas was taking advantage of all our mistakes when it counted, with easy baskets and 3 pt plays... 11/15 in the 4th: we played good defense for 36 minutes, but good teams punish you that way after they stay close despite playing bad

same old story. We can't finish games, that's why we are so low in the standings. Chicago, Indiana, Denver, Dallas... a pile of double digit leads, all wasted

this time it was less worse (?) than the other times, because Dallas is a good team and the lead wasn't that big

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