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Wow, the 3 point disparity on offense and defense and is getting a little out of hand isn't it? I'm beginning to question how much one trade can actually help, it might have to be a series of moves.

The problem must be attacked from both angles. Yes, the roster is devoid of shooters, but it's loaded with athletic guys, most with good length, who can defend. A conscious effort needs to be made by the coaches to eliminate the wide-open looks.

It's backwards thinking, but they need to force teams into the paint. They need to dare players to drive the lane. If they can use their athletecism to force teams to play one-on-one basketball, they'll have a distinct advantage.

It starts with figuring out what to do with pick and rolls, and another good step would be to eliminate all doubles in the post, I don't care who they're playing.

Max reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 9:44

Good point. But that kind of defensive positioning is half athleticism/desire from the player and half solid coaching to allow players to succeed. If the players and current coaches haven't improved by now, what makes us think they ever will (without change)? Plus the fact, you have a finite number of roster spots. You've got to find a least 1 or 2 guys who can do both very well in order to win in this league. Preferably start. Just defending is not enough.

I still think it has to start now, with these guys. The coaches need to make a philosophical change and drive the point home to the players.

while im disappointed that we lost,the incredible play in quarters 2-4 were amazing. minus tha last 30 seconds. what i couldn't understand was why thaddeus was missing out of the lineup in crunch time,in the fourth quarter.my hat comes off to the two andre's but thaddeus also help them get back in the game.i didnt understand the purpose of him being on the bench for so long

Rough loss. Lou looks like he very well may have had his best night of the year. 6 assists, 0 turnovers, a couple 3s.

In the end, to see why the Sixers lost you need to point the finger only at 3 players... Willie, Sammy, and Ivey. All recieved 15+ minutes and couldn't contribute anything.

More directly, blame Willie. Willie was on a destructive tear. I hate how people are still blinded by his occasional hot streaks. The guy is horrible. He isn't an "okay bench player" or anything like that. He is horrible and needs to be purged from this team or at least his minutes. 9 shots in 21 minutes. Thanks dick. In the end, if Willie could have been just as productive as Royal Ivey, no one would have noticed the difference, but the Sixers would have won.

PeterPatrelli reply to Joe on Jan 4 at 22:05

Louis Williams took some questionable shots when it mattered the most in the game...he'll grow into that - but he took a few bad shots too early in the clock down the line of the game.

Surprised the sixers made it this close with a good spurs team. Horseshoes and hand grenades :/

when I can't watch the games, like last nights, your posts get even more value in order to understand what was going on. Thank you Brian and keep this site going

watching the highglights today left me stunned, maybe it was better not catching that end live..

here is an updated stat that I would like to give you, for further analysis if u want: in the last seven games Sixers have been outscored 48-189 (- 141 !!) on three pointers

as for the pctgs, it's Sixers 21% (16/75), opponents 43.4% (63/145).

Please consider that the Nets, currently the worst team in NBA as for opponents' 3 pt %, allow other teams to shoot 41.2% vs them

and our pctgs have been constantly going DOWN in that stretch, while our opponents' are constantly going UP...

SuzieSatrelli on Jan 4 at 11:39

If the guys play with the same energy at home that they did on this trip then good things should start to happen. The effort was tremendous this trip except for the occasional minute or two lull during the games that seems to be costing them at the end of these games.

If they play this type of basketball against anyone but the best teams in the league, they will get wins and plenty of them. Yes, they just lost 5 games on the trip, but those losses came at Boston, at Denver, at Utah, at Dallas and at San Antonio, and they weren't completely outclassed in any one of those games.

They things we're talking about improving are the difference between winning and losing against the better teams in the league. The type of ball they're playing right now is good enough to win against anyone else on most nights.

Bryon reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 15:55

And we did this without the low post presence brought in for these types of close games. I just hope that when EB comes back it does not hinder Miller or Iguodala and their play of late. Maybe he will only enhance it or just blend in seamlessly.

They should go 4-1 over their next 5 games.

Wish the home crowd would come out in full force which would only help their adrenaline.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 4 at 16:18

The problem with that line of thinking is that Utah's only the 9th best team in the West. 15 teams in the league have as good or better records as Utah. East 1-6 (that includes Miami), and West 1-9. So yeah, we're capable of beating the bottom half and losing to every team in the top half - IF we continue to play this well and don't play down to those teams, something which I'm not at all confident in (for example, if we played like this against the Clippers, that game would never have been close).

Utah's also 13-4 at home, 2nd best record in the West. We can go back and forth on this, the basic theme holds. They've played much better basketball over the past 6 games, regardless of record. They type of basketball that should put them somewhere around or above .500 if they keep it up.

.500 isn't good enough, but it's better than what we saw in the previous 24 games, so you have to be pleased with the progression (or the return to the level they were at in the second half last season). Still, .500 isn't good enough, so they need to make changes to get better.

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