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The Rockettes Come To Town

I agree, no more excuses! It is showtime at home.

Is it an excuse that if the rockets feed Yao Ming consistently he will make the sixers front court contingent his bitch? I mean he's just better than them, no excuse.

Yao is going to get his points, you accept that. You don't leave guys wide open for threes. The Rockets have one advantage on offense, the Sixers have three. Play smart and they should win.

One major advantage that the Rockets are going to have, like the Spurs did, is that no single player is horrible in their rotation. Head is pretty terrible, but he plays less than Ivey prob. The Sixers, on the other hand, have Ivey and Willie. In addition, Sammy seems to be playing really bad ball. Lou has been the worst Sixer at times as well.

We will see what happens, but I think that the cancers the Sixers have will continue to cost them games, like the Spurs game.

Von Wafer might be a guy to watch. I believe he doesn't have a fully guaranteed contract yet. And again I would argue he is better than what the Sixers have like Fred Jones. And again I would say I don't expect the Sixers to make a move because they would rather just keep the extra 1/3 of a mil in the bank if the team is sucking.

It looks like McGrady is playing, Artest and Battier are out.

Ride Willie, he's hot and it won't last for long.

I wrote that before the missed three and fumbled pass. There you go, by the way, pass right in Willie's chest, he boots it, Iguodala gets the turnover.

john reply to Brian on Jan 6 at 19:26

It would be interesting - to track Iguodala turnovers for a week or two and see how many could be scored 'receiver' turnovers...

We can definitely do that. I'll keep track.

john reply to Brian on Jan 6 at 19:46

Obviously there's a portion of judgement call in there - and i'm not too unbiased enough to do it :)

Iggy on fire.

Rockets with an assist on their first 6 baskets.

It looks like 8 assists on their first 8, according to espn.

9 assists on 9 field goals in the first quarter.

Speights in early. That was a monster jam by Thad.

Seems like the Sixers have gotten their act together a little bit finally.

Transition three for Lou. I swear it's been like a month since they've hit one of those.

I only follow online via boxscores mostly now. I keep seeing this a lot...

M. Speights makes a 17-foot jumper along the left baseline. Assist: L. Williams

What is going on with this? Pick and pop? Is Lou just penetrating and dishing? What?

Drive and kick, mostly. Speights loves that baseline J. I wonder if he'll be able to extend his range to three, he's got good form, no reason he shouldn't be able to.

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 6 at 19:52

haha. Next year Smith should have 3 point range as well. That is next year though.

I might cry if our two centers are our best three point shooters next season.

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 6 at 20:40

I don't want him extending his range as much as I want him to be the first low post big man threat the sixers have had in god knows how long - very important

Joe reply to Joe on Jan 6 at 19:50

If Ivey can just get his 3 point % up to ~35%... he can contribute something.

Speights is working the glass man. Great run for him right here.

This team just amazes me. 58.3% from the field and it's a tie game.

7/16 from the line. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 6 at 20:14

Isn't that something you have to live with from time to time when you have a team that has one guy, maybe 2, who shoots >80% from the line?

unfortunately. Miller and Iggy going 0/4 hurts, though.

PeterPatrelli reply to Joe on Jan 6 at 20:41

Well you shouldn't live with such bad free throw shooting in general - it's shameful that something so easy is so bad - the lowest acceptable percentage should be 75% as far as i'm concerned.

Sixers are 28th in the league in FT percentage - and the suns have shaq :)

Let's see if the Sixers can close out this quarter.

Joe reply to Joe on Jan 6 at 20:48

Answer? No.

PeterPatrelli reply to Joe on Jan 6 at 20:53

I think ending up the quarter at 8 and out scoring the rockets by 11 for the 3rd means they closed it out well.

Hard to tell how a team closes out a quarter until the quarter ends.

Joe reply to Joe on Jan 6 at 20:53

Nevermind. They pulled it out after a bit of a stumble. Nice to see for once.

PeterPatrelli on Jan 6 at 20:45

Why aren't the Rockets using Yao more?

Because he keeps coughing the ball up and he moves like he's made of molasses.

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 6 at 20:58

He has 2 turnovers but only 7 shots - guy should have a lot more shots against a team like the sixers with foul prone big men.

Andre Miller has more turnovers than Yao right now...I just always wonder why Yao isn't the focus of that offense since while he may be slow he's 7'6 and skilled in my opinion

PeterPatrelli on Jan 6 at 20:55

Better rebounding and better FT shooting and closing this game out shouldn't be a problem

Louuuuuuuuu...for two.

PeterPatrelli on Jan 6 at 21:00

Lou with a nice find on the fast break, and Iguodalas average climbs ever so slowly towards 20 and maybe then people will get off his back?

27 fast break points and the Rockets look like they're punch drunk out there.

This is inspiring basketball...except for the FT shooting, of course.

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 6 at 21:02

The rebounding could be better as well :)

Kinda sucks that I have Speights on my fantasy bench right now.

PeterPatrelli reply to Joe on Jan 6 at 21:05

Sucks that i forgot to set my roster and almost all my players were in early games...ah well

I normally set my lineup for about 5 days or so. That way if I forget about the team for a day or 2 I am fine. My league is roto so I have to watch my starts and Speights' recent PT scared me away. I could have used those blocks. Oh well.

Alright, up 10, need to stop this bad run right here and put them away in the next couple of minutes.

Come on, they're killing us on the o-boards this quarter. Put a body on someone.

So I think DiLeo has accepted the fact that Iguodala may need to play 45 minutes some nights.

Yup. Huge three from Iggy there.

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 6 at 21:13

This team needs to attempt more 3s from the corners.

Shit. Nothing's ever easy, is it?

Offense/defense sub by DiLeo, Theo for sp8s.

Solid win with some odd stats.

Win #1 of the next 5 games. Gonna be a tough one tomorrow night. Hope they have some legs left. Good one tonight, liked DiLeo's rotations.

Joe reply to Bryon on Jan 6 at 22:33

If this Sixer team is going to start getting some wins... tomorrow night can't be close.

The Bucks are without Bogut, so that is a pretty big plus. If Gadzuric doesn't get big minutes, the Sixers should own the boards with ease.

Gadzuric kills us every time. I hate that guy.

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