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Sixers Look To String A Couple Together

A factor here is Brand's absence. Offensively he's been a bust so far, but I doubt the Bucks would be outrebounding us on the season if he were healthy.

Well, with the starting lineup of Sammy, Brand, Thad, Iggy and Miller we're the best rebounding team in the league. I'm not sure if that's what they'll do when Brand comes back, though.

john reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 17:52

When you say best rebounding team are we talking gross numbers or percentages?:)

Scott Skiles abuse of Ramon Sessions needs to stop - or trade him to the sixers

No thanks. 43% from the floor, 16% from three. Not the type of point we need. I'd rather have Miller, much rather have Miller.

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 18:18

Well Sessions is like 22 years old. I'd rather have Sessions probably.

john reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 18:19

Well I'll take the caree A:TO ratio above 3 over the career A:TO ratio below 3 - i'll take the youth over the age - and i'll take the fact that sessions would be on the team next year and miller won't be...Millers career 45 from the field and we know he ain't much better from the 3.

I'll take upside over the downslope of his career

A Miller extension this off season is one of the worst things that could happen to the sixers hopes of winning an NBA title, second worst is thinking Lou Williams can start at PG

Keep Miller all season and that's probably what you're looking at...keeping Miller is so short sighted to me i can't even believe it

Joe reply to john on Jan 7 at 18:28

ast:to is one stat and kinda random to be honest. Deron williams' isnt 3:1. Neither is Nash's. But Brevin knight does...

Is age the only thing you like better about Sessions? Because I don't see an advantage in any other area, in fact, I see Miller as having a clear advantage in just about every category.

Oh, and if it bothers you how much Miller shoots, you should check out Sessions' FGA/36 minutes. He shoots more than miller, and hits about 3% less of them.

He'll be cheaper and younger than Miller next season, but not as good of a point. If you think Miller is a problem for this team, signing Sessions for the MLE isn't going to solve anything, he'll just be replacing a reliable scorer with a kid who can't shoot.

john reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 18:32

So - when you think about point guards you think about scoring over everything else it seems?

Nope. If you want to talk about passing and ball handling stats, let's go to 82games.com and see if it's even close.

Miller: 15.1 passer rating, 28.9 hands rating.

Sessions: 9.5 passer rating, 21.9 hands rating.

Miller is far and away a better point guard, as a distributor and as a scorer. Sessions is a backup on any team that doesn't have Luke Ridnour as his competition.

Joe reply to john on Jan 7 at 18:16

I do like Sessions, but I don't expect him to ever be a top 10 PG or anything.

He is a free agent at season's end I believe. I'm sure someone will give him the full MLE.

It's going to be a tough one tonight after having to fly last night and losing an hour (I think) in time zones. And this after being on West Coast time for nearly 2 weeks and only having 2 1/2 days to get re-acclimated to Eastern time. Maybe Dileo can counter the weary legs by giving the bench more run than last night. Should be an edge of your seater in the 4th quarter. Like you said Brian, they never make it easy do they.

Bucks are favored by 7.5. Am I crazy or is that pretty high?

That's insanely high. I'm sorry, but they are not a good team. The Sixers without Brand are more talented than the Bucks. This is the type of game they need to win. I don't want to keep hearing stories about how the Bucks are this year's Sixers. F them.

Mike reply to Joe on Jan 7 at 20:43

Its high enough that I took the Sixers ML +265 for the balance of my online account

Darius Miles was just released. He has played in 2 NBA games this year. 8 more and he counts against the Blazers' cap.

Come on Oklahoma City... you know you want to.

john reply to Joe on Jan 7 at 18:54

Are you interested for a sixers related reason or just like to see darius miles get used?

I'd just like to see him count against the Blazers' cap.

john reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 18:58

I don't really care one way or another cause I don't think it impacts the sixers much, unless the blazers are more motivated to obtain an expiring contract and are willing to part with some of those coveted young 'back up' point guards they have :)

Joe reply to john on Jan 7 at 19:02

Miles is just a necessary tool. I don't feel bad for him.

I guess injuries will destroy the Balzers' title hopes again and again anyway, so maybe it won't matter. That team is pretty stacked though with many more players coming. If Miles doesn't count against their cap... Carlos Boozer could be coming to town.

john reply to Joe on Jan 7 at 19:07

The blazers are super young - and oden seems healthy and people are over reacting to his weak first year - big men take longer to develop supposedly - Miles may hurt them for one more season if he gets the 10 games - but long term there's no reason to think the blazers don't have a bright future, a good coach, a real good gm and an owner with deep pockets.

I envy their roster

LMAO @ those Darius Miles comments, why are the Blazers so pissing off people? they are a good team and even fun to watch, and have a solid base of passionate fans.I like Portland.

And they beat the C's in one of the best games I'we watched this season. What's not to like in them ???

for reasons yet-to-be determined I watched 5-6 Bucks games this season and they are so unconsistent it's unbelievable

poor rebounding team, very soft, weak in the paint, too many finesse players

and in the nights when the outside shot is not falling they couldn't beat an NBDL team. when they let the opponent go on a big run the game is pretty much over, they seem to be unable to recover after it

So are the magic showcasing JJ Redick? he's actually seen over 10 minutes in 3 of the last 4 games AND he was first off the bench tonight - or is he just getting up in the rotation?

Must be a mistake at yahoo - starting line up still says S. Dalembert and not T. Ratliff or M. Speights


Joe reply to john on Jan 7 at 20:01

I was thinking something similar... W. Green seems like an error as well.

PeterPatrelli reply to Joe on Jan 7 at 20:35

Except that with Willie Green the sixers really don't have an option while Brand is out (I think Mr Williams should stay on the bench to bring that spark)

Sammy in the high post, ugh.

Here comes John's favorite PG, Ramon Sessions. Let's see how he does against Miller.

9/9 from the line in the first 5:34. Told you the Bucks love to foul. Making the FTs is a great sign.

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 20:26

Wow, even Thad made it to the line... they must foul a lot.

I like Sessions. Good player. He is only in his 2nd year at 22. Cut him a little slack.

He could wind up being a serviceable point in the league. But saying he's better than Miller now is silly.

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 20:36

I don't see anyone saying he is better than Miller now - but some seemed to indicate that the long term he's a better option than Keeping Miller for the entire season

Sebastian Telfair or Deshaun Stevenson might just do something I have been waiting to see for years now... a guy shoot under 30% from the field.

Stevenson is such trash. I hate that guy. Telfair blows, but he doesn't bother me.

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 20:35

Stevenson had a decent year last year. How is he shooting 50% from the free throw line this year though. How does that happen? Maybe he was on steroids last year.

PeterPatrelli reply to Joe on Jan 7 at 20:37

Interesting thought

PeterPatrelli on Jan 7 at 20:38

I have no been fond of Tyronne Lue for a while now...that shot going in just is aggravating. "Veteran Awareness" that he tossed it up and got lucky enough for it to go in?

I'd like to see a replay of that Lue shot, they won't show it on Bucks TV though.

Good first quarter, offensively. I'd like to see them clamp down on the dribble drives a little.

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 20:43

They did seem to show it to indicate that he got it off on time.

1 turnover in the quarter? Nice.

Yep, it was a beauty of a pass by Thad to some guy sitting in the front row.

Make those 3s Royal baby. Man can shoot a little bit. He just can't finish a lay up to save his life.

PeterPatrelli on Jan 7 at 20:45

Did my eyes just deceive me or did Reggie Evans just run the fast break (and get a little bit of a no call when he was fouled?)

Yup, he was in the middle w/ the ball, made a nice pass to Iggy and got it back on the give and go. Looked like a foul to me.

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 20:47

I thought I must have been having some sort of mushroom flashback - thank you

Royal Ivey attempts 4.7 3s per 36 minutes. That is good enough to be the most attempts by any Sixer that is part of the current DiLeo rotations.

He's always wide open when he takes them, can't say I cringe when he puts it up.

Did Green get T after the timeout there?

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 21:00

Louis - you must hold on to that

Lou has to come up with that pass.

Donyell in the game. Over/under for threes he gets up is set at 4.

Terrible stretch there. Down 5, 3 minutes to go. Turn it around before the half.

I've never seen Redd play this aggressively. He's taking everyone to the hole. His three-point shooting is way down this season, but I think he's a better player like this.

Put Iggy on him for a while, make the offense go through someone else.

Miller wins the jump over Elson, awesome.

59-55 at the half. Bad second quarter. 4 threes in the quarter for MIL.

Sammy shows some life in the 3rd, then fouls Jefferson on a 20-foot jumper. Ugh.

PeterPatrelli on Jan 7 at 21:47

It doesn't seem that they are not taking as much care with the ball as they did earlier in the game.

Tired? Lazy? Not sure, but they look sloppy. Sam just picked up his fourth, he's done for the game, I assume.

PeterPatrelli on Jan 7 at 21:51

The rebounding is almost as disappointing as it was last night

Down 8 with 3 minutes to go. Come on, finish out strong.

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 21:55

That 3 Pointer by Louis Williams is a good way to start

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 21:59

Course - not so much after that...that gadzuric put back was very disappointing

They're doubling Iggy every time he touches the ball. I'd try Donyell or Rush for a couple of minutes, there should be open looks from three.

Boston lost again. Haha. In 2 weeks they went from the best Celtics team ever to the Orlando Magic haha.

PeterPatrelli reply to Joe on Jan 7 at 22:02

Ever team runs into speed bumps - they'll still probably be one of the two teams in the eastern conference finals whereas the sixers will probably have been home for a few weeks.

Iggy looks gassed

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 22:05

The entire team seems that way

He's only had about 4 minutes (and halftime) of rest tonight - if he doesn't sit the rest of the game he'll be at about 44 minutes - how many did he play last night?


PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 22:07

That seems like an awful lot of minutes - especially back to back.

royal w/ cheese

PeterPatrelli on Jan 7 at 22:06

Well there was Speights trying to do some boxing out - but he sort of offensive linemaned Elson

Better than giving up the follow dunk, I suppose. He's learning.

PeterPatrelli on Jan 7 at 22:11

If I see it correctly, the five on the floor are


I'm hoping that's just to get Miller and Iguodala a couple minutes of rest and hope the game doesn't get away from them?

I think they come back at 6 minutes. Meanwhile, Royal is 3/3 from three. Nice.

Miller's back. He needs to take over here for a couple of minutes. This game is right there for the taking.

PeterPatrelli on Jan 7 at 22:14

I know he has the range, but I'd really much rather see Speights in the low post - he has an advantage on these bucks 'big men'

It's right there for the taking. If they could just get ahead. They need to dig deep right here when Iguodala comes back in and space out since they are doubling him.

I like the lineup, let Ivey in there.

Miller, Ivey, Iggy, Thad, Speights.


Huge, 2 possessions there.

Iggy challenges Jefferson on the three, Thad makes the steal and layup. Down 1 to up 3 in about 30 seconds.

Man,Ivey is playing some serious D moving those feet, huh? Those fresh legs will do it. Finish, guys, finish.

Ivey's been impressive tonight. Must like playing against his old team.

Blocked shot by Speights on the next possession, then steal by Ivey on the outlet.

Absolutely no 3's. NONE!

PeterPatrelli reply to Bryon on Jan 7 at 22:33

Well that was....interesting

Interesting as in...

PeterPatrelli reply to Bryon on Jan 7 at 22:37

As in - they made one but then the sixers answered from one of the most unlikely of sources on this team. Miller and 3 pointers aren't exactly chocolate and peanut butter in his career

Sp8s rocks.

ANDRE MILLER DAGGER THREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are the odds of that?

You're freaking kidding me!! YEA BABY!!

PeterPatrelli on Jan 7 at 22:34

By the way, currently 82.9% from the FT line

Yup. Don't jinx it though, need 2 from Iggy here.

Ugh, or 1.

Miller is the best set shot 3pt shooter in the league

Hit these free throws, iguodala

Bryon reply to Mike on Jan 7 at 22:40

Good one, never thought of that. 'best set shot 3 shooter in the league' LOL!

Come on Brian, you wouldn't enjoy it as much if they made it easy on you:)

Phew. Gutsy, gutsy win.

Outshot them from three :)

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 7 at 22:40

How often does that happen?

I was wondering if there would be any statistical information on the sixers offensive 'conversion rate' for lack of a better term on opponent made baskets versus missed baskets and if they were better (or worse) than league averages.

Does anyone know if such a thing exists anywher?

I've never heard of such a stat, but I would 100% guarantee they're above league average off opponents misses. They feed off their D, as you could see in the fourth tonight.

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 9:55

Mostly, I'd be more interested in how they compare after a made basket, that's what I think would be more telling in terms of title contenders

Win #2 of the next 5. Huge win considering the schedule and on the 2nd of back to backs. 2 more to go but 3 would be NICE!

Andre Miller really has a knack for hitting those ugly short to mid range jumpers when the offense goes cold like the 3rd quarter tonight. While I agree with the senitment that he is probably too old to be the pg when this team will be ready to compete, I really think his game is underappreciated. Bucks would have run away with tonights game if it weren't for him.

He's a clutch player, and really the guy who I want with the ball in his hand down the stretch.

AllPhillysports on Jan 7 at 23:11

nice win tonight

Healthy scratches from Willie Green in the future? Is it possible? I am starting to think maybe. Man, would that be awesome.

Nah. He and Sammy are going to be nominal starters for the foreseeable future, I believe.

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