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Andre Miller Has No Mercy

The rebounding in the past two games on the defensive glass has been disconcerting, it has to get better, and sam needs to still get less minutes.

I think DiLeo lets Sam dictate his own minutes.

He plays in the first quarter until he picks up 2 fouls. Then he plays in the third quarter until he picks up 2 more, then he's done for the night unless there's some kind of an emergency.

I still don't understand the 'just cause you started you get to start the 3rd quarter' too - it's just not something that makes sense to me - not just in sams case - but in general - it seems like one of those things that they do out of habit that they really don't need to

Just be thankful that DiLeo doesn't follow the "play your starters at the end of the game" coaching method.

Could you imagine our record if the coach did follow that method.

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