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Please don't mention Bargnani or Kapono. It is just too early for me to be able to dela with those thoughts. After watching Kyle Korver for years, I want no parts of a guy who can't play, but can shoot. And neither of these guys are even in Korver's league.

Anthony Parker is another story. He is a very nice player and would really help this team a whole lot.(as much as Mike Miller possibly IMO) He can be had in the offseason for some of the MLE I am sure making it more worth waiting I would think.

I would have prefered a year number to a dollar number in resigning Miller personally from Kate.

You have to assume 2 or 3 years for Miller. If he's going to take that kind of a paycut, you'd have to assume he'd ask for 3.

Kyle Korver can shoot but can't play? ORLY?

As for Anthony Parker - meh

but props to Fagan for using re-sign and not resign (not the same word)

I do think she kind of avoided the question though - I believe she was being asked about targets on other teams not the sixers trade pieces - nicely avoided Ms Fagan :)

She actually used it properly and improperly in the same answer -

4:16 Kate: Depends on the price. I don't think you can resign him to the same contract he has now. I think in the 6-8 million range, I would re-sign him.

I'm not one to talk, though. My grammar keeps getting worse. Probably has something to do with no sleep and too much work.

john reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 11:42

Darn - missed the first one.

Yeah - the internet is a boon to many things - but the english language not so much, maybe they should of thought of that ;)

Joe reply to john on Jan 9 at 12:23

Know what, if she went in a little different direction I think resign would be fine there. For instance...

Depends on the price. I don't think you can resign him to the same contract he has now. I think he will want more.

The idea here is resign would be like attempting to almost put resignation or submission on someone. It is like when someone has resigned themselves to their fate. They have accepted it. Miller would instead, according to Kate, be someone you couldn't "resign" to something. Miller wouldn't give in and give himself up.

All this is moot and possibly still not grammatically correct. I'm really just trying to kill another 2 hours till I have my 40 in for the week. For someone who is poor at typing, I tend to care a lot about grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I never really thought of re-sign though. I'll have to try to make sure I pick that up.

You off tonight for the game?

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 13:16

Indeed. Heading back to Philly in an hour. This will only be about the 6th game I have seen all year. I'm pretty excited. I'm excited to see Speights in action. Kinda scared to see what Thaddeus has become though.

Nice. Tonight better be a win.

People need to lighten up over Thaddeus Young already. He's only in his second year, teams are ready for him and he'd only be a juniior in college.

He's not much older than Louis Williams for god sakes...hell i think they'd both be juniors wouldn't they? People talk about how louis williams is so young and in a couple years he's going to be great he just needs to grow into it because he came out so early - well Thaddeus Young is the same darn thing - i wish people would stop freaking out cause he has some bad games - he's not going to become a super star immediately - there will be ups and downs

Fans need to comprehend patience and player development a lot more - it's not like Thad is sam and had years without any visible improvement - dude still hasn't started 82 nba games

Thad's been playing better lately. My only concern with him was the drop in hustle stats. He seemed more motivated last season, which doesn't really have anything to do with age or development. It was all about athletic ability and hustle. The hustle seemed to be missing for a stretch of about 10 games, but it seems to be back now.

He's also been much more aggressive going to the hole recently. A couple monster dunks, you didn't really see that from him last season.

He's going to be fine, but I'd rather not see the lapses and the games with 30+ minutes played and one or two boards.

john reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 14:05

But my point is that he's only 20 years old - how many people here were already in their chosen profession at the age of 20 and performed at the same level every day of the week? And knew everything about the job already after less than a full year? It's just unrealistic to NOT expect ups and downs in Youngs career just yet - I don't care that he was drafted 12th and Lou Williams was drafted 50th - if you make 'exucses' for Lou Williams and then Call out Thaddeus Young - it's kind of silly because Lou has been at this longer than Thaddeus and they are the same age...and thad has hella more pressure and expectation to deal with.

People were all over Iguodala in his first and second year as well - still are too - now i find the criticisms more 'acceptable' because he's had the time - but i still think guys like young and williams are still growing into their jobs (and possibly their bodies)

I don't make excuses for Lou. I wonder what type of player he'd be if he was just coming into the league right now, but I don't think I've ever used the "he's young" excuse for Lou. He's been in the league long enough to know better.

Again, my problem with Thad, which he has since corrected, was the lack of effort for a stretch. Missing shots, taking bad shots, being out of position on defense, I expect all of those things from him. Not hustling and working on the floor isn't an experience thing, it's a hustle thing.

john reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 15:15

I wasn't speaking to you specifically but more in general - I don't know fans of other teams but as a whole sixer fandom has little to no patience for young players to develop from what i've seen.

Not hustling and working on the floor isn't an experience thing, it's a hustle thing.

But it's also a young thing - hence what I said about 'giving full effort' when you were 20 - and working your career - you didn't take a day off or work a bit less than you fully could - i think most 20 year olds these days don't even know what the hell theyy are doing in general - so again - I even see that as an age thing that will come with experience...not saying 'hustling and working' is something you learn with experience - but you also gotta learn your limits and when you can push and when you can't - and you gotta get into that mindset as well - most of these guys never really were challenged until they get to the NBA - and again - less than 82 starts - he's still got a long career ahead of him and he'll get better in all aspects

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