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I Admit It, I Miss Larry

When LB goes small in the backcourt with Felton and Augustin, it would be nice for Ivey to get an extended run for his ability to stop penetration instead of Willie or even Lou, as they don't seem to stay in front of their man on drives very well. Redd consistently took Willie to the hole the other night.

Without considering offense for either one, is it crazy to think about starting Ivey instead of Willie considering Ivey's penchant for 'D' on opposing 2 guards?
Starters don't really matter all that much to me, it's really who is getting quality minutes throughout the whole course of the game, which is evident by Sam and Willie's reduced minutes the last couple of games.

I'd be in favor of just about anyone starting over Willie. It's probably no less embarrassing to have Ivey as your starting 2 guard than Willie.

Don't miss him, never will miss him, and am glad to see his career spiral into nothingness - couldnn't happen to a nicer megalomaniac.

Eh. I don't think there's another coach alive who could've taken that team to the finals. He's also one of the few coaches in the league who gets teams to perform above their abilities, which is something very different from taking a talented team and making it work.

john reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 19:11

He got himself fired in Detroit and he did what he wanteed in NY (yeah it was a mess) and he has to be in control and has some sort of ADHD when it comes to his players...he's a megalomaniac and the game has passed him by and he's going to fall flat in charlotte - and that doesn't even include the shoddy job of coaching and responsibility he did in the olympics...oh yeah, he deserted the sixers like a rat off a sinking ship after he realized all those long term deals he had billy king hand out were going to bite him in the ass - he built the roster - over paid role players and then ran like a rat...which is why i call him the rat.

As for tongihts game - matt carroll and sean singletary are starting according to Yahoo - are felton and augustin hurt or is brown just personality q this week?

Looks like it was a coach's decision.

john reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 19:16

Nice to see the mroe things change the more he stays schizophrenic.

He took this job cause it was probably the one franchise left that would give him carte blanche to do whatever the hell he wanted with out any accountability for stupid trades

4 minutes, no fouls on sammy yet.

Apparently, Larry likes to start guys when they play in their hometown.

john reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 19:27

Well that's just silly

Usual starting lineup. Over/under for minutes until Sam picks up his second foul is 7. I'm taking the under.

And here we go...

There's an Iggy turnover on a pass that was dropped by sammy.

I thought it was a tough pass. And maybe I'm jumping the gun but it looks to me like Charlotte got the best player in the Richardson deal. Who ever would've thought, though, that Diaw would thrive under Brown?

Check out his shooting numbers since he got there. Do you remember him the year after they traded Joe Johnson for him? He was awesome.

You're in Charlotte, right? Getting this one on regular TV?

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 19:36

Back in Philly. And yeah, he had that one great year but hadn't done much since.

Brown has an eye for guys, even if he doesn't realize it. Raja Bell, Bruce Bowen, Matt Barnes...all guys Brown picked off the scrap heap. Of course, they all got away and thrived elsewhere, but still.

27-24 Cats after one. Way too much scoring, which I think plays in the Sixers favor. They're 3/5 from three, which obviously does not.

john reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 19:44

Let's not forget - yet again - more piss poor rebounding on the defensive end - you got to pull sam for theo early - fouls or not

Early minutes for Royal.

Lou is abusing Augustin.

Lou has that look in his eye tonight.

espn added +/- to their box scores, finally. that's good news.

The offensive boards are killing us.

Yup, not sure who's to blame. Sammy's actually having a good game on the defensive glass and blocking shots.

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 20:46

This has been a recurring problem in the past 2 wins - bad offensive boarding

Under-sized four may be the problem. Or just a ton of long rebounds. I don't expect it to continue once Brand gets back, though.

Another drop by Dalembert. He did have a really nice catch and finish on a bullet pass from Lou earlier, though.

By the way, if Speights is in there instead of Sammy, that's a monster dunk.

Nice finish to that quarter. If they chill with the silly turnovers, they should be OK. Majority of them were just silly mishaps. Gonna be a barnburner.

Iguodala's form actually looks like it's improved. And Orlando's up 71-33.

I really think it's confidence thing with him.

Holy crap, that game is 86-39 now with a 6 and a half minutes left in the third.

There are combos that I like to see out there. Lou + Speights is sweet. I also like it when Ratliff and Ivey are on the court at the same time, makes it a lot harder on the other team to score.

Iguodala and Thad are really working well together now too.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 20:39

This is so important. I want to see them work this well together even when Brand comes back. We have our best chance with both of them on the court at the same time.

Interesting question, will Iggy move back to the 2 when Brand returns?

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 20:50

Wasn't Andre Iguodala starting at the three with Young coming off the bench as a 'recent change' before Brand went down with injury? I expect them to return to that

I believe they did make that change. Not sure how I feel about it at this point.

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 20:56

It was a very small sample size but if i recall correctly, Andre Iguodala played much better those few games at the three then at the two but maybe that was just coincidental with an overall turn around. I'd like to see DiLeo experiment with it and see what works best.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 20:53

He'll probably have to find a way to make it work, since that's the most convenient way of keeping them both on the floor at the same time. I want Thad in there with Brand because to me he's the best at getting into good positions for easy baskets when Brand draws attention. And I sure as hell don't want to see us playing Brand at center.

This is what I like to see. Just all out running on everything. Charlotte doesn't have the athletes to run like this.

Young is balling to start the 3rd.

Great energy and follow-up to the last 2 minutes of the 2nd.

Thad looking frisky.

Who are you and what have you done with Andre Miller?

Another three? Set shot from the corner to end the quarter.

Big 3rd, outscored them 31-20. A strong start to the fourth and Charlotte turtles up.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 20:59

I was amazed when Andre Miller played as well as he did last season.

But these past six or seven games he's taken it to a whole new level. Sometimes he's a man possessed out there.

*Must not let him go for nothing.

Lou and Speights is a good combo, but is it me or do we generally languish with him at point? Someone should do plus-minus specific to what position a guy's playing.

I can put that together for Lou, at least through Jan. 3. I'll look it up for the post game.

How many times is this douche going to call him Maurice Evans? He just called him Reggie and corrected himself to say Maurice. Idiot.

PeterPatrelli on Jan 9 at 20:58

Mareese Speights is just a very good offensive big man.

Oh, and Atlanta's going to be very angry when we play them. A moment ago they were down by 50. They've cut the lead to 46...

PeterPatrelli on Jan 9 at 21:02

It's been a rough start to the fourth quarter. They've got to pick it up and remember what helped them dominate the third.

Sp8s and Thad hitting the o-boards. Turned the quarter right there.

Is anyone else unnerved by Speights's passing resemblance to a young Mike Tyson? I just don't know how long this sort of effort on his part will last.

You have to reward him for this type of effort, just like you punish him when he's lazy. He should be the first big off the bench next game and get heavy minutes.

The Sixers are now winning the rebounds, offensive and defensive.

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 21:18

"Winning" I suppose is relative. I find grabbing less than 75% of the defensive rebounds available in a game a disconcerting poor effort. It's a trend I find troubling, and maybe Mareese Speights is partially responsible because he's still learning the defense, but anyone who is having 'doubts' about him already, give the kid some time before questioning his effort.

They're at 74.5% right now.

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 21:22

Not sure how you do it (I ignore team rebounds) but right now the bobcats have 13 offensive rebounds and the sixers have 23 defensive rebounds - that's 13 of 36 - that isn't even 2/3 - let alone 74.5%

You're right. I used total rebounds instead of defensive rebounds for the Sixers.

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 22:35

Thought it might have been that. It's disconcerting (and lost) in the past few games (all wins) how bad they've been on the glass. I hope you're right and it's just Elton Brand - they were one of the better defensive rebounding teams earlier in the season

They did still win this game, though. On both ends of the floor.

Offensive glass they won 38.5% to 36.1%
Defensive glass they won 63.9% to 61.5%

Not a huge win, but it was a huge comeback. I think they were down 10 to 5 in offensive boards in the first half.

Bryon reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 22:53

4 to 5 of those offensive boards were off of long rebounds from threes, that's going to happen. Not exactly as it looked.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Jan 9 at 22:57

To clarify, I was referring to the offensive boards by the Bobcats.

How can a team set up to rebound miss 3 shots. It seems that the rebound always goes long and finds the other team.

SuzieSatrelli reply to PeterPatrelli on Jan 10 at 14:43

Continue to drown in your never ending pessimism while the Sixers keep 'winning'.

PeterPatrelli reply to SuzieSatrelli on Jan 10 at 22:57

Thank you for the permission, I suppose you can continue to revel as the sixers beat the teams they are supposed to beat but still can't improve on the things that will get them beat against the real teams.

They've actually dramatically improved their eFG, which is really the only area they've struggled in throughout the season. And they've improved against not only the teams they "should" beat, but against very good teams as well. Check in the morning for a post on their performance lately.

They're shooting right around 50% and absolutely no one on the team has had their jumper going. It's all been going to the hole.

Alright, 3 in a row.

Good one for Joe to watch.

Win #3.

I like DiLeo's run so far, nice to see the team get back to fundamentals and know that the coach has some idea what is going on and what he can do to alter the course of the game.

It reaffirms my belief that when this team is fully healthy we will win more games than we lose as long as we play good fundamental basketball. We can go 60-65% the rest of the way, that should be good for 5-6 seed. If Brand can stay healthy we can start learning to play off him and it will put us in good stead for next season.

PeterPatrelli reply to Alvin on Jan 9 at 21:33

The sixers are 7-6 in the Tony Dileo era. I'm not sure where this 60-65% comes from. There's no telling what happens when Brand comes back.

As for the 'fundamental' basketball...well they're not rebounding very well recently, and have had some real poor free throw shooting games...they beat an undermanned rockets team, a bad bucks team and a bad bobcats team, I don't think you can project 60-65% ball out of these 3 games unless of course the rest of the schedule is again similarly bad teams.

That's one way to look at it. You could also look at it as they played good basketball and were in every game on that west coast swing even without Brand. Then nearly knocked off the Spurs to end the trip. They came home and faced a Rockets team without Artest and Battier, of course they didn't have Brand, and won. The next night they went to Milwaukee (who was not playing a back-to-back, and had a 10-5 record at home) and won. Then they came back home and took care of business on their home court.

I guess it just depends on your perspective.

I concur. I could predict, I don't know, .500 to .540 ball.

So 38-40 wins?

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 9 at 23:06

I think that actually would come out to 39-41 wins.

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