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Sixers Run Streak To Three

Well... occasionally he does play the point even with Ivey or Miller in the game. Although as you point out, it isn't as if we're better offensively with him at point, just defensively. But yeah, I would've thought we'd be very inefficient on offense with him at point. Maybe it's all those passes to Speights. You think you have it bad with the road announcers, you should hear Salmi harping on this point on his 'Salmistrator.'

Lou had a sick pass to Sammy tonight. On a rope from the top of the key and Sammy didn't cough it up. He also had a really nice pass to Miller underneath off of an iso play, Miller shoveled it to Sammy and Sammy dropped that one.

I'm seeing him pick up a bunch of good habits from Miller, which is heartening.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 10 at 2:22

Oh, Salmi makes a big point of that one too. The picking up good habits from Miller, I mean. And yeah, that was a great pass to Sammy.

true about Lou and Miller, I also noticed that

Lou's pass to Speights for the dunk in the second, and Miller's pass to Thad for another dunk in the third are very smilar, both quick passes off the bounce, some true PG skills showed there

not to mention the shot fakes to draw fouls, ala Sam Cassell

smart plays, good stuff

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