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The DiLeo Effect

Defniitely agree with 1, 2, 3, and 5 above. #3 is huge. Cheeks was completely inept at game management (if you want to call it that). Some is his lineups almost seemed arbitrary, though they could probably be chalked up to an effort to get guys their minutes (as you mentioned). DiLeo, on the other hand, seems to evaluate things as they move along and play guys who he believes will be successful in a given situation. That's how coaching is supposed to work and it means that some guys who are quite effective in certain situations are kept on the bench when their skill set doesn't appear to be a good match for the opponent in question. Heck, he kept Theo on the bench last night even though he was a key contributor during the previous three victories. At first I was questioning it, but... well... it worked! And it got Theo some well-deserved rest for his 35 year old body.

Plus, indeed, Iggy's shooting the lights out. Frankly, it's blowing my mind.

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