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Hawks Face Big Test Today

I'm pumped up for this game. I feel it will be a gut check for this team. Playing in Atlanta is a heck of a challenge and we'll see how far we've come (or not).

PeterPatrelli on Jan 11 at 14:11

No faith in the eagles, even though winning now - i'll watch sixers and check out eagles on breaks

Fair-weather fan. I hope you'll be watching next week in AZ.

PeterPatrelli on Jan 11 at 14:28


PeterPatrelli on Jan 11 at 14:34

First two substitutions

Lou Williams for Willie Green
Mareese Speights for Samuel Dalembert

I approve of this move.

DNPCD for Theo today.

Huge 7 minutes by the bench in the 2nd, especially Reg and Lou.

Good move by Dileo to start out with Miller on Joe Johnson. Miller and Iguodala have played excellent D on him through the 1st half.

Reggie brought a ton of energy today, good work by him.

PeterPatrelli on Jan 11 at 15:19

I found it a really strong first half. REggie Evans had a good first half - but the turnovers were a disappointment - too many travels. Too many stupid turnovers I think, not caused by the Hawks defense, but more by lapses by the sixers. Speights was good on defense, not great, but he's getting better, and the sixers were strong on the defensive glass (much more so than the most recent games). Too many open looks from the 3 is never good, but so far so good, and andre miller 6th 3 in 6 games - that's got to be a career record.

Sam was on a mission in the third, filling up the box scores.

If Sam played like that every game, there'd be no reason to trade him. Not looking for his shot on offense (or at least they weren't passing to him). Challenging every shot and using his fouls wisely (meaning no touch fouls that wind up in and-ones). Very happy with his 25 minutes of work tonight. You can deal with a couple of dropped passes for a defensive presence like he provided in this one.

2 big put-backs by Sp8's in the 4th at critical points score-wise. You sure do have a good NBA game to watch on delay, Brian.

PeterPatrelli on Jan 11 at 16:33

Very strong win to me - best of the mini streak - on the road - against a good team - the hawks just seemed to give up with about 4 minutes left in the game - not sure why - just need to cut down on the turnovers.

Wish Iguodala had gotten his 30 - no sixer with 30 yet this year?

Think of it as a badge of honor. My prediction, Brand will be the first.

By the way, Thad + Iggy = 6/8 from three.

We're starting to look pretty good.

A week ago I had the guys going 4-1 over their next 5 (as stated here) and 6-4 over their next 10 (one less victory than Kate Fagan predicted). Win #4 in the books, now let's sweeten it with 5 in a row at home Wed.

Where are all the 'negativites' hiding at now? Funny how there are commments galore when the Sixers are struggling, but when they are winning the silence is almost deafening. You have to love it though.

Tray reply to Bryon on Jan 11 at 16:48

What do you mean, aren't I the leading negativite here? Frankly I don't see how we'll ever be a title contender, with or without Brand healthy, until Thad develops into a star, at least, and that may never happen, but the way we're playing now we should certainly make the playoffs, maybe even as a 7th or 6th seed. Then we'll lose in a closely fought first-round series... but at least that's better than our prospects were a few weeks ago.

Bryon reply to Tray on Jan 11 at 17:27

Sorry Tray, unfortunately you don't even come close to being the leader of the pack:)

As for Thad, I love what his future may hold considering his age, but in order to be a 'star' you have to be able to create your own shot off the dribble. He will need major work on his ball handling and footwork in order to be consistently successful. Making the playoffs is all you can ask for - just get in the dance and you never know what can happen.

Tray reply to Bryon on Jan 11 at 17:52

No, you know what will happen. Sure, you can spring a first-round upset, as G.State has shown, but beyond that it's tough.

Thanks for the notes guys. I actually forgot about even checking these scores once the Eagles game got going. Just remembered a second ago.

Thanks for posting that first sub as well. That is something very good to see.

Negative thoughts are always around. It must be miserable to be always negative. You can always find something negative but life is more enjoyable on the positive side! Go Sixers!

PeterPatrelli on Jan 11 at 17:40

I'm not sure why one has to be positive or negative when one can be rational - there were way too many turnovers in todays game and too many open looks from the 3 point line for the hawks. The hawks seemingly gave up with 4 minutes left in the game and that was nice...Good double dip for the Philadlephia teams.

Next game is a true test against a roster I envy in Portlands

Well if being rational is the motive then where is the sagacity?

What about the 15 turnovers caused by the Sixers or the 8 made threes by the Hawks (at a 36% clip) compared to the 9 made threes by the Sixers at a 60% clip. There is no discernment or rationale in only pointing out the Sixers supposed misdoings.

The Sixers will not play a 'squeaky clean' game this whole season where some stats on the stat sheet will not be glowing or positive. Since you say you were never any good at basketball then maybe you just don't fully grasp how difficult it is to play 3 and 4 games a week against the BEST players in the entire world for 6 straight months. It is much, much easier to sit at a keyboard and accentuate negatives.

PeterPatrelli reply to Bryon on Jan 11 at 20:54

Ah - the you didn't play in the NBA so you can't possibly know any better argument. Always strong.

The sixers did many things well today - they did not take care of the ball - and if you watched the game you would have seen that many of the turnovers were not forced by the hawks but their own stupidity. I think there were at least four travels in the first quarter.

Wins are great...resting on your laurels and thinking there is nothing to work on after a win is asinine. The goal should always be to play a flawless game, and the team or the fans shouldn't be so myopic to think that there's nothing that can be improved on when clearly there is...the past few games it was the rebounding - which was quite good today - but taking care of the ball wasn't so hot...and yes they had a hot day from the 3 point line - if anyone believes that will continue based on the history of these players shooting from the 3 point line - i'm not really sure what to say - but I think there's room for improvement for a team that still has a losing record.

My apologies if I don't just say 'oh boy they won - let's not dissect the game and see how the team can be better'...unless it's the last game of the NBA finals - the season isn't over...and since they aren't exactly sitting atop the conference or their own division they probably shouldn't rest on their laurels and I think as a fan you do a disservice to your team if you don't want them to be better when they can be.

Alright, alright. No need to get into a pissing match after a big win. Peter's right, they coughed the ball up way too much today, but that's the only bad thing you can say about their effort.

Peter also said this was the best win of the year, and he's right. Nothing wrong w/ finding a negative in a win, that's how you learn. When I was growing up, after every win my dad would point out something I did wrong in the game, after every loss he'd point out something I did well. Even keel, long season, etc.

Good win, fine performance in every area but turnovers. They did, however, do an excellent job defending after the turnovers, so there's another positive for you (16 pts off for the Hawks).

The shooting will cool down, obviously, the rebounding was the best takeaway from this one.

PeterPatrelli reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 23:03

As the best president in my life time has said "What's Next?"...and that's kind of how i look at it :)

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