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PeterPatrelli on Jan 11 at 23:07

Speights was real good today I thought. While his defense still isn't there yet, it is looking better to me, and offensively he's just GOOD - his range for a big man is something I can't remember seeing on the sixers, and his elevation and athleticism on some oops and some put backs was astonishing to me...if he can get there on the defense this guy will be one of the biggest steals in recent years...factor in that Thad is probably a steal from where he was picked and DiLeo demonstrates that good coach or not dude knows how to draft more often than not :)

Nice to get a few days rest to prepare - LaMarcus Aldridge who I just learned prepares 'different moves for different teams'...Ratliff may not have been activated today but his ass better be ready Wednesday - he'll definitely be needed.

Aldridge is OK, but a big who needs 15.5 shots/game to score 17.6 points/game isn't really someone I'm going to lose sleep over. Let him work on whatever moves he wants, he's not the type of guy you have to adjust to.

They have 5 guys in their rotation who shoot better than 36% from deep, that's my concern.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 1:20

Hmm, what about a big who needs 14.4 shots a game to score 15.9? Aldridge doesn't see the foul line as much as that certain other big I just referred to (whoever could he be?), but he's a threat to go off in any given game. In his last three, 26, 26, and 22, on 11-18, 11-21, 11-19 shooting.

Sorry, but I'm just not impressed by a power forward who averages 1.135 points/shot and 6.9 rebounds per 36 min. I'm not impressed by the numbers Brand put up earlier this season either, never said I was. If those were his career numbers, there's no way he would've gotten the contract he did and there's also no way anyone in their right mind would come into a game saying "we have to stop elton brand."

Aldridge's numbers are pedestrian, no other way to put it. 67% of the guy's shots are jumpers and he hits them at a 41.8% rate. That's crap from a PF. Give me Iggy any day of the week over Aldridge (1.25 pps for Iggy, after a horrific opening month.) If you gave me a choice between Thad and LA right now, I'd probably take Thad.

Brandon Roy is the best player on the Blazers and given the choice between Roy/Aldridge and Iggy/Brand, I'd take Iggy/Brand without blinking.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 2:48

I mean, I would just point out that the guy has been better month after month this year and that there's a ton of upside there. Back in 2006 I felt he was easily the best player in the draft and while I didn't expect him to be this finessey of a player, he's still a work in progress and is reportedly held back by being a bit of a headcase, so, if that changes for him, you could see huge improvement. All, in any event, Peter was saying is that he's someone you have to gameplan for, and when a guy's averaging 25 a game in his past three on 57% shooting that's definitely true. As for Iguodala over him, right now, obviously, the only thing that's above-average about Aldridge's game right now is his offense, and even that isn't so above-average.


"Brandon Roy is the best player on the Blazers and given the choice between Roy/Aldridge and Iggy/Brand, I'd take Iggy/Brand without blinking."

I gotta ask, was that a hasty response?

Are we talking today(accounting for current age) or with all players in their prime? (don't even know how good Roy or Aldridge will be in their prime)

Let me ask the question a different way. Would you take Iguodala over Roy? Personally I take Roy without blinking and feel he will be a much stronger player than Iguodala. And in terms of winning a ring, Roy can be a #1 (if you think he isn't already) whereas I don't think Iguodala will ever get to that level.

And because of that I gotta take Roy/Aldridge with little hesitation. Factoring in age, I gotta take those two without blinking.

My 2 cents.

Roy is appreciably better than Iguodala in two categories: 3-point shooting and assist/turnover ratio. That's it. Iggy is a whopping 6 months older than Roy, so age shouldn't really play a factor.

I'm not sure why there's such a bias against Iggy, it probably has to do with his "ugly" game, as someone pointed out in the comments, but look at the numbers. Last season Roy averaged 19.1 points on 15.8 shots (eFG .486). Iggy averaged 19.9 on 15.6 (eFG .495). Iggy was a more efficient scorer than Roy, even though he "isn't a number one."

One more thing, I can bank on Iggy playing every night. Roy has missed 35 games in his two-plus year career, Iggy has missed a grand total of 6 in twice as much time in the league.

I realize Roy is everyone's darling because he plays in Portland, and he's a fine player having a great season, but Iggy has been the superior overall player throughout his career. Roy's outside shooting may make him a better fit for the Sixers right now, on the surface, but Iguodala contributes in more areas than Roy.

As for the package, I'd take Brand over Aldridge without blinking at this point, even taking age and injuries into account. Brand was a superior player to Aldridge from the second he took the floor as a rookie and he still is today. Potential doesn't mean a whole lot to me when a guy has gotten ample playing time in his first three seasons and still hasn't produced. He's a finesse PF who doesn't rebound, doesn't shoot particularly well and gets the majority of his points on jumpers.

I know everyone loves Portland's young roster, but they're only going to evolve into more than a 7 or 8 seed if Odon really develops and one of their young PGs pans out (or if they trade for a legit veteran PG).

I stand by Iggy/Brand over Roy/Aldridge.

john reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 13:03

I've heard some rumblings recently that injuries could sideline the blazers hopes and that Roy is the primary concern - people are worried he'll break down again - and possibly again.

I'd definitely take Iguodala over Roy but I might take aldridge over Brand, due to age, lack of injury history as bad as brands and ability to grow with the rest of the term, i just worry brands career arc is going to not match the rest of the sixers roster - and i still worry about his full recovery.

Aldridge has been working through some serious issues (off the court) and he's adjusting and getting better as the season progresses - he's the guy the GMs see as the superstar of the future on that team - much more so than Brand. I think I'd prefer Iguodala/Aldridge of either separate pair :)

Wednesdays game - win or lose - is going to be a good barometer to me - I want to see a complete solid game in all aspects.

I must admit - the '5 3 pointers a game' mandate - if true - is really bugging to me - i don't want them forcing up 3's to meet Dileos quota...hopefully there's some sort of codicils regarding OPEN 3's and forced 3's and smart shots.

I'll take Speights over Aldridge. Thank You.

And by the way, I refrained from blinking while making that decision and while reading this entire post. Ouch.

john reply to Jordan on Jan 12 at 13:44

Speights at Center Aldridge at PF - no reason they couldn't work together ;)

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 15:11

Oh come on. He's an appreciably better offensive player in every which way.

Give me some stats. Here are their numbers, side-by-side, from last season:

FG%: Iggy .459, Roy .454
eFG: Iggy .495, Roy .485
True Shooting%: Iggy .543, Roy .531
Points per shot: Iggy 1.28, Roy 1.21

Here are the areas Roy was better, offensively:

3pt%: Roy 34%, Iggy 33%
FT%: Roy 75.4%, Iggy 72.1%
TOV: Roy 1.8, Iggy 2.6

Now how do you see Roy as being appreciably better offensively? I guess if you're basing it on Roy's fast start this season and Iggy's slow start you can make the case, but Roy's numbers have dipped as the season goes on every year, Iggy's gotten stronger. By the way, Roy attempted more shots, per game, than Iggy as well, so don't say Iggy's numbers are inflated because he was thrust into the role of "the guy." He was a more efficient scorer than Roy by every measure. He also scored more points with a lower usage rate (which takes turnovers into account).

john reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 16:29

But dude - ESPN and the NBA tell me how awesome Brandon Roy is and how great the up and coming Blazers are - IT MUST BE TRUE

I forgot, he's an all star.

john reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 16:58

That's right - him an Yi JIanlian

Joe reply to john on Jan 12 at 19:12

The Chinese are taking over.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 21:16

That was his second year of pro play and Iguodala's fourth. Even in his rookie season, he was as good then as Iguodala is now. I mean, yeah, maybe I'm being swayed by the fact that Iguodala's game is so damn ugly and Roy's is just the opposite, but in Roy I see a budding elite scorer in this league, and in Iguodala...more of a poor man's Pierce. And emphasis on poor man, because Pierce has always had range, and made his free throws. Maybe a better comparison offensively is actually Artest.

Matt Geiger had range

Man, I haven't thought about him in years. He had a 20.2 PER in 97-98, the year before the Sixers got him.

Please don't bring his name up in conjunction with Speights, I'm depressed enough.

Good win. I am very pleased with the overall performance of the team over the past 10 games, everyone seems to be getting their act together.

They sure look a lot like the team from the second half last year, don't they?

First of all, awesome win, best of the year in my opinion, but I can't go without getting a little negative nugget in.

I'm done with Dalembert. Sure, he rebounds and defends, but for every shot he blocks, he turns around and throws a stupid outlet pass and for every rebound he grabs he drops another. He brings absolutely nothing to the team anymore. Theo does all the same things he does, without the mistakes and then Speights comes in and does his thing. Stefanski needs to get what he can for Sam before the deadline.

I'm not disagreeing in general terms, but today he was a force in the third. He came in, blocked and challenged shots, made good fouls instead of stupid fouls and generally locked down the lane for the stretch he was in there. Can Theo do the same? Yes, but you have to give the guy some credit when he has a good game.

The dropped passes and stupid outlets are frustrated, but they didn't outweigh his positive effect in this one.

I just read that Memphis may be looking to move Mike Conley, I wonder if they'd consider taking Sammy for Jaric and Conley. The money would work and they'd actually wouldn't take any length back in the deal either (Jaric expires same year as Sammy, Conley's rookie deal starts getting expensive that year).

Bart reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 9:07

Wow... no kidding? That would be a really good deal for us... and arguably for both teams. Moving Sammy for a decent guard is quite possibly the last step towards becoming a legit power in the east.

We're looking darn good these past four games... people are really beginning to understand their roles on this team. I'm getting more and more convinced that Mr. DiLeo is the real deal.

PeterPatrelli on Jan 12 at 9:54

Lots of rumors about young point guards moving but sadly none of them seem to involve the sixers.

It's good they're winning, but at the same time you would think it makes them less likely to make a move to shake up the roster.

The Korver move came out of nowhere, and so did the Brand signing. They could very well be in on any of these available guys w/out anyone in the press catching wind of it.

Also, I think they're playing this well w/ Sammy in a marginalized role, so if there's a deal to be made with him involved, I don't see why they wouldn't pull the trigger. I do think a Miller deal is growing more unlikely by the day with the way he and the team are both playing.

That being said, if there's a deal out there that Stefanski sees as being a better move for the team in the long run, he'll pull the trigger. Last season they had actually started playing better when he traded Korver away, with the long-term improvement of the team in mind. I think (and hope) he has the same attitude this year.

Great discussion about the sixers. I agree with Brian and his thoughts.

While Sammy will have good games, I agree, he MUST go!. But, to say he is useless, is being blind and not fair. He has his good points and has previously helped the sixers, but we don't need him anymore. He has to have value to get anything for him so let's keep it balanced. He has done some good playing recently as long as he is not shooting. catching or throwing the ball. :-)

I wish we had better info, so to speak, on the Andre Miller situation. Really, I'm most curious as to whether he actually wants to remain a Sixer. If he does, I really think we should do our best to resign him. Hell, I'd give him another three years at his same rate ($10 mil/year, right?). The problem is, it would suck if the season ended and he just packed up his stuff and left for some team on the west coast. We'd have $10 mil of cap space, but only a couple months to find the right man to replace him. And who would that man be?

We wouldn't have $10M in cap space, we're over the cap right now. If he walks, we $58M against the cap, with only 10 players signed, meaning we'd probably have zero cap space to sign someone. All we'd have is the mid-level and the bi-annual.

john reply to Bart on Jan 12 at 13:07

If Andre Miller really wanted to be a sixer - 100% - the negotiations in the off season probably would have progressed better. Whether or not he should be re-signed is a debate we've already had enough that everyone knows where everyone stands - but there were reports of talks this off season - and if he wanted to stay he would have - and there are just too many 'small things' out there that add up to Miller wanting to go back west - and there are teams out there that will need him.

If he isn't moved by Feb 19 - i hope for a sign and trade in the off season

From what I remember, there weren't really talks in the offseason because he fired his agent and went into hiding, so they didn't know who to talk to. It cracks me up that his new agent's name is Andy Miller, by the way.

Anyway, if he isn't traded there aren't going to be a whole lot of teams who can offer him more than the MLE. You'd think he'll want more than that, so a sign and trade may be the only way he goes out West.

Bart reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 14:19

Yeah, that's how I recall it too, Brian. There's a lot of conjecture going around and some of it might pan out to be true, but right now it's impossible to tell exactly how things will pan out.

Personally, I wouldn't mind having him back as long as the contract isn't longer than 3 years. If we do wind up trading him, we better damn well be sure we're getting our money's worth in the player(s) we get back!

In those rumors involving the Bucks/Grizz the players talked about are all younger/small contract upside guys...

So - Sam Dalembert doesn't really fit - and the Griz have a rather good young center in Marc Gasol

Bart reply to john on Jan 12 at 14:14

True, unfortunately.

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