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A Market Correction?

I just noticed Miller's decline in production as well, Brian. Interesting, indeed.

With the size of Miller's contract, it kinda looks like we'd need a third team to make a trade involving Dalembert a reality. I might be wrong, but it seems unlikely they'd trade Miller straight up for him.

Maybe my dream of a Sammyless sixers will come true????

I read something yesterday that said that when they watched mike miller move on the court they thought the game was in slow motion - that's not exactly something I like to hear or read about a guy the sixers would obtain.

I don't watch a lot of Timberwolves games so I don't know how he really looks. Of the 'names' available - he's the best career 3 point shooter who could be 'gettable' by the sixers I think. If his play is declining or injury factors in that's the thing that the front office will know a lot better.

As for what Kevin McHale would do - who ever knows what that crazy man would do?

Even w/ injury and production concerns, isn't it worth the risk if they can swing a Miller for Sammy deal?

john reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 13:49

Well yeah - but is Kevin McHale really that bad a GM to make that deal? I don't know any more - plus it's possible Kevin McHale is in a 'freeze' state - i.e. Glen Taylor said - this is the roster you built - the one you said you could win with - so go win or get fired. I'm not sure the T'wolves are players until after the season, but we'll see, i have no knowledge or insight besides a gut feeling that maybe McHales on a 'prove it or lose it' type thing right now

I think if you take Cardinal and Miller back, you may be able to make the deal work. The extra 25% in salary would have to go to the Sixers, so it would save the T-Wolves money this season and next season.

john reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 14:02

Except that if the wolves are considering the '2010' maneuvering' - Sam's contract is longer...so you might have to include a first round pick - plus in terms of 'perceived value' - i think miller is the highest of the 3 players involved - so the sixers are getting the 'best' player in the deal and the shorter contracts...you might have to incentivize - no one mentions it - but according to storytellers...the wolves have a lot of '10' expriing deals...

Joe reply to john on Jan 14 at 15:02

Too bad no free agent in their right mind would go to cold, boring Minnesota.

The home of Prince and.........the Mall of America?

john reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 16:15

Free agents (most of them) are going to go to the places that make them the biggest offers

Bart reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 15:38

Yeah, seems like Cardinal and the $13 mil he's owed over the next two years would have to be part of the deal. I have a gut feeling some kind of deal is possible with these guys, but working it out without a third team could be difficult. I really want Sammy out, but not if we have to give up too much in the process.

According to ESPN's trade machine, a deal of Dalembert and Jason Smith for Mike Miller and Brian Cardinal would work under the cap. It would also save Minnesota about $4M next season and a prorated portion of that same number (actually a little more) this season. Financially, it makes sense for them if they think Dalembert has a place on their team. The only non-rookie, long-term deal they have is Al Jefferson. Even with Dalembert they'd have a ton of cap space for the next two season.

Sorry, forgot the link.

McHale was relieved of his GM duties and now is coaching right?

I think he's doing both, isn't he?

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 15:04

Maybe I just dreamed that up...

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