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Another Day, Another Test

Biggest test of the 'new look' sixers I think...bigger test than the rockets game even as far as I'm concerned. Really looking for a solid all around game - no gaps in turnovers or the defensively glass more than worried about winning or losing

This game is kind of like a heat check. If they win, or at the very minimum, play a solid game, I'll be completely sold that this is the team we were all expecting this season. If they get their doors blown off I'll be extremely disappointed.

john reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 16:33

I think that's where I'm at - win or lose i just want a solid game - even if they win 'in spite of themslves i might be a little bothered - but you know me - flawed wins need work

And I didn't set up the dvr and i won't get home in time tonight for this game

Well, check in here when you get home, I'll have a recap.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 19:12

If you play consistency doing the basic things right the wins will come. Over the past 10 games we have been doing those things a lot better than earlier in the season, no surprise we're on an upswing.

A full-strength Portland team, though, is a great challenge and I'm excited about the game.

Ill be at the game. As much as I love the Sixers Im pretty excited to see this Portland team, most of these guys I have never scene live before.

If you get a chance, take a picture and email it to me. At the very least, stop by later and let us know how the crowd was.

I think they come out and outrun them tonight. Speights and dalembert should beat oden or joel down the court all night long like they did with yao. Im excited to see Iggy and Roy go at it hopefully down the stretch theyll guard each other.

We're going to see Miller on Roy for a large portion of the game, I think. It's kind of sad that Green has to be covered for on the defensive end, especially when he doesn't bring a whole lot on offense either.

Steve reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 17:53

I still don't know what the organization sees in green. He makes good money but its not like hes dalembert where he has to get minutes getting 10 plus mil a year. I think with the way iguodala is playing now he can shift back to the 2 when brand comes back and send willie back to the bench, hopefully dileo will think the same way.

john reply to Steve on Jan 14 at 18:38

There aren't really any other options right now unless you start williams - which weaknes the bench - when brand comes back he SHOULD be out of the line up

The less Pryzbilla plays the more likely Philly is to win. That is a major factor IMO. His minutes have been all over the place recently. Also, the more Bayless plays, the more likley Philly is to win.

Wow, the Portland coverage opened with a shot of guys making cheese steaks. Bold move.

john reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 19:04

You know - i miss cheese steaks A LOT - but they keep showing pats and genos which while inducing the want isn't huge since i know they're the tourist traps - but DAMN I MISS CHEESESTEAKS

I'll be in Philly for a wedding this weekend, any recommendations for a good cheese steak?

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 19:16


Best resource I have found, even though I hate Macnow. bets steaks I have had is #14 on that list.

john reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 19:16

Not in philly proper no - suburbs boy here - but stay away from pats and genos :)

Check out backshegoes.com - they had a good cheesesteak discussion once

Ugh, gotta love douche bag homer announcers. How do these guys get jobs?

john reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 19:17

By being douchebag homers? I mean - they are employed by the teams - if they are too harsh/honest they'll just get fired

Rudy Fernandez is out. Foot injury, guess we shouldn't vote for him for the slam dunk contest.

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 19:12

Hopefully Bayless gets his minutes.

Is this the quietest crowd you've ever heard?

Miller is abusing Blake.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 19:23

I already expect that of Miller these days, that's how good he's been recently.

Great start, hope we can somehow keep it up.

Here comes Prz.

Iggy all over Roy.

Is it me or does it seem that DiLeo waits until the 'foul count' on sam gets to 2 before pulling him with 'cause' as opposed to just pulling him because he should be pulled?

Joe reply to john on Jan 14 at 19:26

Gonna need Sammy tonight or Joel is gonna abuse Philly on the boards man.

He does wait, but Sammy's playing well tonight.

Excellent D by Thad on Aldridge there to draw the charge. Also a nice little pick and pop w/ Green and Thad, Thad hit the three off it.

Love what I'm seeing so far.

Perfect start? Only 1 TO so far even.

4/5 from three. I think Portland may want to rethink that zone, huh?

Bad box out by Sp8s two times in a row, he out-jumped Prz on the first, so he didn't get the o-board. the second time he got it and put it back. tracking o-boards for the blazers tonight.

Without Rudy, I honestly fear this team a lot less. He seemed like a tough match up for the Sixers alongside Roy.

Can't ask for more than that in the first. 31-15, great work on the boards, only 1 turnover.

So Bayless has missed 2 shots and fouled a guy at the end of the quarter in all of 2:24. Gotta love it.

And a blown dunk too. Leave him in there.

Gotta love the late sub... getting Ivey in there for Miller.

Perfect first quarter but we need to keep the intensity up. With the way Portland shoot they can cut a deficit in a hurry. We've been doing all the right things though thus far.

Here's Tray's guy, Sergio...with the turnover.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 19:53

Not a great game for the most talented backup point in the league.

Holy crap Andre Iguodala - what got into you?

Sp8s smokes Prz down the floor for a transition jam. Make them pay for having slow bigs. That's a huge advantage for us.

Alright, don't backslide here. 20-point lead at the half, that's the goal.

They're getting a little crazy w/ the threes now.

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 19:50

Are they open looks? If so, I don't think I could complain much.

Maybe 2 of them were forced. Mostly, it's just a sagging zone by the Blazers, so they're taking the threes they're given.

They're playing great D against the three. That kick to Blake would've been a wide-open look a couple of weeks ago, they rotated and shut it down. (Ignore the huge hole in the lane Roy drove through for the layup at the end of the play, though.)

I told you i was worried aoubt the three

as for keeping it at 20 - i'm fine if they keep it at the 16 it was the end of the first, i mean they shot over 60 and the blazers were about 35 - those numbers are going to slide

Those numbers have taken a nosedive for the sixers, but they're holding 19 w/ 2:18 to go. Still want 20.

Well, the Blazers are going to be in the market for a point if Blake has a dislocated shoulder.

john reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 20:07

andre miller?:)

Who needs Mike Miller to shoot 3s when you have Andre Miller. LOL.

These simple plays they're running to get them open threes are amazing. Can't tell if they're great plays or just shit defense by Portland.

Well that was the best half of basketball we've seen this season, I believe. 55-33, 7/16 from three, 3 turnovers. How about another half just like that one.

When did we become the Golden State Warriors? LOL.

It's great the half that we just had. As good as it could possibly have gone.


+25 after 3, that's the goal now.

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 20:27

With Bayless continuing his play, 30 isn't out of the question.

Bad, bad start to the 3rd quarter.

PeterPatrelli on Jan 14 at 20:35

HORRIBLE start tot he 3rd quarter

Horrible may be too kind. Looks like they've righted the ship now, thanks to Lou and Sp8s.

In the penalty with 7 minutes left in the 3rd - excellent

I wish i could be shocked but i'm really not

The goal is to get out of the third with the lead, I guess. This is ugly. Need another TO DiLeo.

Well that first 6 minutes of the third ruined my dinner. Maybe Sp8s can restore order with some instant offense.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 20:50

See I wanted a complete game - and the rebounding is still weak - just a complete game - top to bottom - no glaring holes - is that too much to ask?

Apparently. 12 minutes to go, wonder what lineup he's going to start with. Thad has been a non-factor.

Good to see that Lou has changed up his free throw routine.

I didn't even notice. No more of that one dribble crap? About time.

Sergio holding the ball as the shot clock expires.

Man, that was the 1st transition bucket since like the beginning of the 2nd quarter wasn't it?

I guess you can say 'it's still double digits'

Alright, holding 10 heading into the 4th. They settled down a little toward the end of the quarter. Just give us 12 minutes of quality basketball here and get the W.

Two things

Ivey needs to pass off on the break much faster - he's not all that aware

Where the hell is Theo Ratliff? Did I miss an injury report?

DNPCD is my guess. Haven't heard anything about an injury.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 21:01

It doesn't make sense - he'd been playing so well...somone ask fagan

Speights earned more minutes, they came from Theo rather than Evans. That's my guess. Not that I agree with it.

Bryon reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 21:08

I was thinking that since they used Theo so much on that road trip and the first few games back, they were giving him some recovery time with the old legs and so many games left. Could be a Dalembert showcase for the rest of the league.

Joe reply to JohnM on Jan 14 at 21:04

I think that Dileo is just realizing that the Sixers have had a real rebounding problem without Sammy in there. Theo grabs 4 less rbeounds per 36 minutes. Just a guess on my part. Also, Sammy hasn't had any foul trouble and has played well.

Atta boy Ivey. Made up for that wasted transition opportunity.

Bayless is gift wrapping the Sixers this game. He really is.

Thad; "In your eye." Huge shot there.

What is it going to take for the guys to get some love from the crowd tonight..

A couple hundred fans in a big arena can't make a lot of noise.

Things are getting chippy out there, I love it.


Joe reply to JohnM on Jan 14 at 21:06

Yeah, I don't even miss chessesteaks really. What I do miss are Philly's pretzels though. Soft pretzel factory pretzels are the shit.

Those are so fucking good. I'm definitely picking up a dozen or so on my way home :)

JohnM reply to Joe on Jan 14 at 21:07

I miss Pizza as well - california pizzs SUXXORZ

oh and hoagies

Blake - Grade 1 separation

Think they'll be calling Stefanski about Miller?

Joe reply to JohnM on Jan 14 at 21:10

Yeah I found a good place here in Maryland for hogies. They bake their own Italian bread and use Boars head meat. Naturally it is pricey, but pretty good. I'm partial to Primo's Hogies though.

JohnM reply to Joe on Jan 14 at 21:14

Only good place out here is an hour away - driving an hour for a hoagie just ain't worth it :)

I miss tastykakes too but i can get those shipped out here somtimes

BTW - the blazers seem to have conceded - they pulled roy as well?

Yep. Roy is a skirt, may be injury related, or white flag related. Hard to tell.

Roy is getting the treatment Iggy got from the Pistons in the playoffs. Thad is on fire.

Can I just say on the cheesesteak thing - cheese whiz on a cheese steak is ridiculous - cheese steaks have been around longer than cheese whiz - it's just FAKE CHEESE and it means they make more profit - all the lemmings have fallen for it.

Shavlik may see some action if they push this lead to 20+. He's played 1 minute all season.

I love watching teams just give up. Iggy w/ 29, will he get 30?

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 21:15

I hopenot. Keep the streak alive!!

And Shavlik just came in. Bk's boy.

At the start of the day if someone told me Shavlik Randolph would play in the fourth quarter, I'd have thought we'd be the ones blown out.

Truer words have never been said.

To be fair, Portland is known to suck on the road. Just saying...

Don't they have the best record coming east? I thought I read that somewhere, something like 7-1 coming into this game.

JohnM reply to Joe on Jan 14 at 21:20

But this is an ass whipping - aside from the 3rd quarter - they got HOUSED

We have a Kareem Rush sighting.

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 21:23

This is his time to show what he can do for a Crotian team...

Shav with some garbage points.

Even with that crappy 3rd only ONE player had a negative +/- in tonights game

Big, big win. Iguodala > Roy.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 21:28

Not at all. January 2009 Andre Iguodala/March and April 2008 Iguodala better than Roy? Maybe.

JohnM reply to Tray on Jan 14 at 21:33

If you want to be picky - Roy's playing with a couple injuries and not at 100%

But you don't cherry pick months to compare players - you have to compare them across the board - good and bad months -

Roy's always playing with a couple injuries, well, except when he's sitting out. Iggy was the better player tonight, was actually what I was saying.

Still a little unhappy about the rebounding issue, but nice to see such a quality 'ball handling' game after the bad one against the hawks.

Yes I'm picky - but I still want that complete game :)

Well, they are the #1 o-rebounding team in the league, and they did miss an assload of shots. I think you have to give the Sixers a pass on this one.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 21:35

Just like the turnovers in the hawks game - it just wasn't perfect - but i think this win is a better win than the hawks win - because of the team - and fighting off the come back from a quality team - but i need 75-80% rebounding :)

Joe reply to JohnM on Jan 14 at 21:36

Well, Brand and Dalembert starting virtually guarantees being an elite rebounding team. If you remove one of the 2, that goes away pretty much.(Sammy is more important though)

JohnM reply to Joe on Jan 14 at 21:37

If you are depending on Sam Dalembert to be an elite team in any category except block shots - you're screwed

That's just not backed up by facts.

Sammy grabs 11.9 boards/36 minutes.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 21:41

Again - i'm not talking about counting total rebounds - i'm talking about the percentage of rebounds they grab - which is dependent on quality positioning - which is not sams strength - he still has the basketball iq of maybe a 2nd or 3rd year player.

Shit. I stopped tracking Portland's O-rebounds in the second half. I had them down for 2 in the first quarter (with Sam playing all 12 minutes) and then 5 in the second (without Sam on the floor, I believe).

On the season, they're a better defensive rebounding team with him on the floor:

Offensive Rebounding

on: 32.2%
off: 33.7%
dif: -1.4%

Defensive Rebounding

on: 73.9%
off: 68.9%
dif: +5.0%

Total Rebounding

on: 53.1%
off: 51.3%
dif: +1.8%

Max reply to JohnM on Jan 14 at 21:52

It's OK to feel sammy (and the sixers) might need a change of scenery. It's OK to think speights might make him expendable. It's definitely OK to bitch about his brick hands and his occasional nonsense he spits out in interviews but sam is not the retard your portraying him to be. Brian posted a whole article on him 4 weeks back backing up his usefulness. Look it up.

Joe reply to JohnM on Jan 14 at 21:46

Reggie Evans and Samuel Dalembert are the 12th and 13th best rebounders in the NBA so far this season on a per minute basis.

JohnM reply to Joe on Jan 14 at 21:50

Been over this more than a few times - please go to 82games.com and look at evans on off stats for offensive and defensive rebounding...not total rebounds (cause he misses so many damn shots he creates more offensive opportunities) - it's not about counting - it's about percentage - and the sixers are not as good a defensive rebounding team when evans is on the floor - the percentages at 82games back it up

But they're better when Sammy's on the floor, which was the point of this debate.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 22:00

Joe brought up reggie evans as being 13th in rebounding per minute versus dalembert being 12th - the 'evans is a positive force on the floor' rumor/myth is one of my pet peeves,

Joe reply to JohnM on Jan 14 at 23:46

If you look at his career, he has been a positive onoff for rebounding. You are looking at a small sample and inexplicably throwing away the rest of the guys career. I don't know what your point is. Reggie Evans, at one time, was one of the very best rebounders in the game while in Seattle. He has slipped a bit, but he is still a formidable rebounder. I'll throw out his onoff stats this year and look at his career... thanks.

JohnM reply to Joe on Jan 15 at 9:40

Yes I'm looking at a small sample - this season and last season.

If you split it between offnesive and defensive rebound and stop counting - is he still positive?

Well, the Sixers have arrived. It just took them 35 games to do it. Finally...

Max reply to Joe on Jan 14 at 21:46

Yeah I know, it's about time they started whoppin that ass. At least they started their late season surge early this year. I think they take the next two this weekend as well.

I'm very confident about the team right now as constructed - but I'm very wary about what happens when Brand comes back - it's a new variable to what they've been doing - it's going to cause distruption - it's going to change things - it could be good - it could be bad - can't predict - but it's going to cause change - changes in minutes - changes in who is on the floor and when - i'm cautiously optimistic - but i do have concerns right now about what's going to happen

This is a huge understatement but most of the things went our way. 3-point shooting was excellent, free throw shooting was excellent and turnovers were limited. Like John said the only problem was the rebounding although to be fair, we all anticipated that.

DiLeo recognized that too. He put Speights in for Thad early in the third, then extended Reggie's minutes as well. Quality coaching.

Ok - so i was thinking - and in terms of wins i'm going to call this one 'better' than the hawks win for this reason.

Blazers I think are a better team and the sixers fought off the run - and I think the Blazers 'stayed in it' longer than the Hawks did - the hawks just seemed to give up sooner.

Additionally - for my nitpickiness - I think the turnovers were a 'bigger problem' in the hawks game than the rebounding in this game.

I'm calling this the most complete win of the year to me - not a complete win - but the most complete :)

AllPhillysports on Jan 14 at 21:54

Nice win

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