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No Brian!!!!! Don't get attached to a draft prospect. Just don't do it! I know from experience, you'll just get your heart broken. I had no idea who Marreese Speights was and wasn't jumping out of my chair after we drafted him. Now there's not a single player I would've wanted instead.

That being said, I'd love to see Curry in a Sixers uniform.

I'm not really attached. I just like him the best of this list. Honestly, I'm hoping we wind up with a pick in the high 20s :)

Its never to early to get hyped for potential picks by the Sixers:) The organization has been great at identifying and picking the right guy for the past 5 years.

All I can say is that there was a huge fan push (at realGM) for Thad and Speights BEFORE the draft. People were really happy (many ecstatic) when they were drafted. I only knew of those guys because of all of the hype on the message board, but I was more than happy to hop on the bus (I has a Speights avatar up 2 weeks before the draft with the title Speights: "I would like to get with a team like the Sixers.".

Historically fanbases are often wrong when it comes to drafts (Ricky Williams anyone?), but the past few years the fans and management have been on the same page- to the teams benefit.

Speights I heard a ton about before the draft, not so much with Thad.

Does it worry you at all that DiLeo is on the bench and not out there evaluating talent? I always got the impression that he was the brains behind the drafts.

Ed also has a strong scouting background. If DiLeo stays coach beyond this year (doubtful), then it might hurt their scouting.

Carney aside, they've really been lights out in terms of picking winners. The days of Christian Whelp and Kenny Payne are a distant memory- let alone higher profile busts like Sharone Wright.

It makes me very resistant to ever trade away another #1.

He's not a point, but Wayne Ellington will make a great 76er.

My favorite player on this list is jeff teague easily. HE would be a perfect fit for our uptempo style and although his game isnt like miller's at all, hes the same type of what do you need when do you need it type of player. Unbelievable feel for the game.

Draftexpress has Teague as going #6. I do not see the Sixers trading up to get a PG, given it takes a few years for a a PG to adapt to the NBA, and the team wants to win right away (with Brand.)

The turnovers worry me, but you can't argue w/ the production. 55% from three and 1.72 points/shot.

Steve reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 12:16

Im heading into the game tonight I'm selfish and want to see EB play tonight but it would be much better for him to come in tommorow night and dominate Golden State East. Do you think he'll suit up tonight?

I hope they have the good sense to hold him out for a game against a JV squad tomorrow night. Haven't seen anything yet.

I think Brand should suit up tonight - but not start - see how the game goes and see if he's needed - and if he should play - just don't start him.

I've only ever 'loved' two players for the sixers to draft - i'm talking months before the draft (February both times, i pointed to guys and said 'the sixers should draft him') - Andre Iguodala and Mareese Speights (I scared my dog, the cats, and my girlfriend when the Raptors took Araujo cause it all went perfectly)...I don't watch tons of college ball - but I get gut feelings about guys - Iguodala it wasn't even his game it was a story about him in basketball digest.

The only other player I ever really wanted the sixers to take - and thought he'd just be a good NBA player is Ronny Turiaf - just a great kid.

So I like to think of myself as being '3 for 3' - but i don't have a guy every year. Thad Young draft, there was no one who jumped out at me - no one my gut - my 'blink' told me was the guy for the sixers to get.

I don't know what it is about curry - but from watching and listening - something about his game worries me in its transition to the NBA and being a point guard - don't ask me what it is - i can't tell you - but he just 'smells' to me of a great college player who won't be as good as his draft pick in the NBA

I remember Iguodala was projected as the possible #3 pick. The Sixers were rumored to be ready to pick Biedrins. I did not know who Arujo was, and remember being shocked to see Iguodala fall to the Sixers.

I remember being shocked by that draft. Man, did the Raptors ever blow that one.

john reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 15:57

I heard rumors about Iguodala at 3 (the bulls) if they passed on deng - but most people thought Deng was the more 'consensus' #3 - most projections had iguodala out of the top 5 didn't they? I just didn't think the raptors would be that utterly stupid

Deng went #7 to to Phoenix, then moved to Chicago in a trade. Ben Gordon went #3.

Interesting, if they could've done this draft knowing what they know now, probably Howard, Al Jefferson, Iguodala, Harris, Josh Smith are your top 5, right?

Yeah. Iguodala was pegged to probably go at 5, but there was talk of him being picked 3rd.

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