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We Meet Again

The Spurs have a reputation for great defense (rightfully so.) But, you'd think the Sixers could get out and run against them. The Sixers run best when they go small, and against the Spurs the Sixers should be able to go small all night. Certainly Oberto, Bonner and Thomas are not the type of players that will force the Sixers to abandon small ball. I want to see a lot of Thad at PF.

On the other hand, the Spurs are well coached, and always maintain excellent floor balance, even when Parker drives. This makes it harder to leak out on the break. The Sixers need to continue to push even if the Spurs have 1 or 2 players back. Especially if the Spurs finally miss some 3's.

They might have to go 4 smalls with 1 big to combat the three tonight...but then they wouldn't be as strong on the offensive glass.

Do the Spurs have a lineup w/ 4 shooters on the floor? Does Bonner play the 4 sometimes w/ Duncan at the 5?

Bonner is their starter at "C." But obviously Duncan is really the center out their. On this current team, Duncan is the defacto center, and is a PF in name only. In fact he is the only legit center on their roster. It's a strange roster when Oberto, Kurt Thomas and Bonner are your other bigs. I real point of weakness.

Joe reply to tk76 on Jan 16 at 18:55

They actually start Duncan at PF for one reason... the all star game. With Yaho Ming at center, you can't win that vote. It is impossible. At PF, he actually has a chance to start. Thats what I read once at least. Also, he is often times called the best PF ever. He wouldn't be the best center ever though.

Oh yeah - if reggie evans could 'evans' Roger Mason tonight - I'd be ok with that

Are you calling for an Evans/Ivey double team of Mason. He might come out of that an octave of two higher...


Would love to meet you. Where do you sit, I'll stop by and say hi.


Unfortunately, I rarely get to games. Live out of the area, so I'll be watching on TV. I meant stop by here and take part in the discussion. :)

"Six in a row, with a win over the Spurs added onto the streak would have to convert most of the non-believers, right?"

Convert us to what? I mean, sure, I believe we have a 30% chance at 45 wins and just maybe could pull off a Golden State-like tossup if we pulled Boston, only to get tossed off in the second round, but beyond that what are we supposed to believe in?

The non-believers would be the ones who still think we're a lottery team, I suppose.

For you, personally, maybe convince you that this team is better than you've given them credit for?

According to reports, Brand won't even be available tonight.

Radio, TV, Link?

As anxious as I am for him to get back, I've been skeptical from the beginning that this was a one-month injury. Don't push it, if he's almost there, give him a day or three more to rest and rehab. My two cents.

Tray reply to john on Jan 16 at 18:22

I mean, the lottery isn't out of the question. Toronto's a threat to spring an O'Neal deal - the guy has a huge contract and it expires in 2010 - and bring considerable talent back. I feel like the Bulls have upside. Those two teams could bounce us; I'm reasonably confident that we'll outplay the Bucks the rest of the way.

"It is unclear whether he will play tomorrow night."

I'm wondering if the doctors didn't like his MRI. Get him healthy before you bring him back. No need to rush at this point.

john reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 18:13

And remember how you and I both thought a month seemed an awful short amount of time - i really wish dude would just get a scope

Speights is starting according to yahoo... over Sammy.

They also have Andre Miller at C though, so don't hold your breathe.

Joe reply to Joe on Jan 16 at 18:52

Bah... they changed it. Same ol' lineup.

Yep, same old, same old. Maybe Yahoo has a sp8s fan manning the controls tonight.

Looks like my league pass is screwed up. May have to watch online. Why do I pay for this service again?

Anyone watching the Philly feed, please give us the pregame Brand update.

Whoops, just came on and we have Zumoff and Salmi.

Try not to fall asleep before the game starts from listening to Salmi...

Joe reply to tk76 on Jan 16 at 19:12

I don't know why people hate Salmi so much. I don't like him, but he doesn't bother me like a Mike Turico or something.

He's fine. I actually like getting the Sixers guys on league pass, it happens so rarely.

Bryon reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 19:42

I second that.

Bonner time. 47% from three, how about we don't double off him.

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 19:13

Yeah, he shoots a good amount of them too. Somehow he is shooting 53% from the field anyway. Pretty good numbers. He can't board though.

Iggy's shot is looking good.

Willie is looking like Willie.

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 19:30

Random thought... do you think Willie has ever recorded more rebounds than field goal attempts or more assists than field goal attempts in a single game in his entire career?(min 10 mins)

I just checked and it hadn't happened this year. I think that stat might summarize a lot of my hate for Willie. No matter the match up or situation, he shoots a lot.

I'm kind of doubtful that he's ever had more assists + rebounds than field goal attempts.

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 19:36

occasionally he erupts with a 2 rebound and 5 assist performance in 20 minutes of play testing his 1 shot per 2 1/2 minutes.

Bad call on Sammy for his second. Theo is first big off the bench.

Nice, keep feeding Thad in the post as long as Finley's on him.

Forced to watch via gamecast, it has been frozen on 6:39 in the 1st for about 10 minutes. what is happening?

19-16 Sixers, under 2:00 to go in the first. They took Duncan out and we started abusing them on the inside.

Theo's not dead?


Huge end to the first, great quarter. 28-18 lead.

20-5 run to end the quarter.


That was a sick oop from Miller.

Bryon reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 19:57

Hey Brian, is your pass pausing or skipping? Wondered if it was my provider or the pass.

Yeah, and it's pissing me off. Missed Iggy's three at the buzzer, it skips every 20 seconds or so.

Bryon reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 20:04

Well looks like I jinxed myself, b/c it just froze for good with 2:10 left.

Mine went down, then came back up. not skipping now.

Bryon reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 20:13

My pass was down last night for a while also. It's completely gone now.

Man we can easily beat these guys if they would just contain the 3's from Bonner, Bowen, and Mason. Our movement on defense is intense.


Iggy with his second buzzer beater in two quarters. This one was from like 50 feet.

6/8 from three in the first half (including two prayers from Iggy).

Up 7 at the half and scoring efficiently on the Spurs D.

Sorry I'm so quiet, just enjoying completely dominating basketball by the Sixers. That Iggy drive and reverse dunk was just sick.

This time it was Looooooooouuuuuuu's turn. Buzzer three to send them into the fourth with a 15-point lead.

YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA! That's what I'm talking about. 12 more.

101 points against the Spurs with 5:30 left in the game. You couldn't have asked for a better statement game than this one.

We have a Rush sighting, and DONYELL!!!

Worst loss of the year for the Spurs, best win of the year for the Sixers.

109-87, just a monster win.

ANd because my boss decides to have a really important meeting at 5 PM i missed ALL OF IT

5pm on a Friday? That's unacceptable.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 22:10

It's kind of expected at my company. Small business type of thing - it was a productive and useful meeting - so it wasn't so bad ;)

And to think I didn't play thaddeus young tonight - SON OF A

Joe reply to JohnM on Jan 17 at 3:53

Fantasy-wise his night wasn't amazing or anything. I benched Speights who had a better fantasy line, oh well. What can ya do?

JohnM reply to Joe on Jan 17 at 13:46

I've got friggin tyson chandler and i keep expecting him to turn around but i think i have to waive the putz and add god damn marc gasol again?

I think it's too early to be talking any kind of positioning in the playoffs by the way - it ignores the 5 ton elephant in the room that arrives tonight

we have now finished business with the spurs. Now it's time to pound the knicks.

Is it too early to be talking about the home court in the first round of the playoffs?

Maybe a little too early. I will say this, though. Just like the second half of the season last year, this team is not afraid of anyone, and they are legitimately capable of beating anyone.

I mean, blowing out the Blazers and the Spurs. Giving each their worst loss of the season. That says something.

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