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With all the Eagles stuff I have not been following the Sixers closely. And to be honest...I have better things to do with my time then watch a 30 win team play. Its one thing to be a 30 win team when your rebuilding but I cant tolerate crap play from a semi-veteran team that loooked like they made ALL the wrong moves. It is good to see them turn it around a bit. I would like to see them go on the road and beat some good teams as well...
So I guess Mo really WAS a bad coach ..because this team looks nothing like the team that stunk up November and part of December.
Loving Iguodolas game...80 mil looking pretty darn good right now.
Sammy always seems to play well against Duncan...I dont know why...I wish he had that intensity against other teams but he just doesnt. Sammy's a lot like sports Illustrated..he shows up once a week. And against the Spurs.

There's no way to explain why Sammy comes up big against Duncan. Maybe he just needs the challenge on a personal level.

As for a 30-win team, right now they're playing like a 55+ win team. They've been amazing and the past three wins have been blowouts over playoff teams, one on the road. Start watching, man.

another amazing thing for tonight's game: Sixers beat the buzzer for all of the first 3 quarters...it's ridiculous!

League Pass has been out for over 12 hours (My cable company tells me it's national, not just local) and I didn't get home until the end of the game anyway - so all i have is the boxscore - and it's a nice boxscore to look at.

AllPhillysports on Jan 17 at 22:05

Nice win

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