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Give Rodney Another Chance?

Carney is a limited player but fits great with this team. I would sign him to a small deal if:

1. We can't find anyone better using the MLE

2. Ihe team is NOT looking to free up cap space in the next 2 years. The only way to get well under the cap is to let Miller expire and move Sam or Evans for expiring type deals- this is an unlikely combo.

You can split the MLE up, if need be. But I think Carney could probably be had for the bi-annual, which is worth much less. It all depends on how much he drives his value up over the final half of the season. I think McHale is probably going to use him a ton, especially if Mike Miller gets moved before the deadline.

I would take him only at Green's expense, at for half the price

he is really limited and didn't add a single thing to his game, I watched some T'Wolves games this season and he doesn't do much except stand around the 3 point line and run on fastbreak, same as here. when his shot is not falling or in half court sets, he's pretty much useless

Brian, if you want to have fun or some time for one of your comparison/studies, check his TOTAL OF ASSISTS and the total of minutes played, he makes dear old Yinka Dare look like John Stockton... unbelieveble

His assist numbers are alarming.

Rodney Carney is neither a center nor a point guard - so I'm not sure why the sixers would look at him at their already over loaded positions.

He could fill Rush's role and maybe actually find the floor once in a while.

As someone said earlier - unless he's taking Willie Greens role there's not a lot of minutes for him and if he keeps up the play he's had recently - he's going to make himself more than the biannual exceptions. He's a nice luxury on a team with no holes that just needs to strengthen their bench but with limited contract opportunities and roster needs like the sixers - he's a luxury i don't think you can afford right now...

I'd take him on the Pacers team next season. He'd be another wing to throw out there at a cheap price.

BRING BACK RODNEY!!!! Sure he doesn't go to the hole much, but he can spread the floor. He improved he 3-ball %, he adds another athletic body to run the floor, and most of all he can defend. Besides, we really can't expect these young guys to improve their game alot when they have no stability. I'd take Rodney back in a second.

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