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The Streak Ends, Or Does It?

Thank you for the positive, thoughtful words. Tough loss but your thoughts are on the mark. We will win some and lose some. But it is more fun to win!

That 12-0 run had me more pumped than any other point in this season so far (kind of like the Eagles taking the 25-24 lead yesterday, ugh). Still can't believe they came all the way back.

IF there's such a thing as 'good loss' i guess this - and the spurs loss were good ones (though i find the spurs one less of a good loss since someone should have gotten that rebound, but meh) - like i said in the thread discussing the game - after the pitiful third - just wanted to see a competitive fourth - a team not giving up and that's what i saw.

So now they have until saturday and then we begin to see if Tony DiLeo really can coach - cause brands back - and all hell could break loose

It's going to definitely get more interesting on Saturday. I think DiLeo has proved that he can coach this group of players, probably a bigger challenge with Brand coming back.

Although, if Brand is everything he's been made out to be, it could/should be easier to get production out of the team.

Had to work, but sounds like I missed an emotional roller coaster. For once, it was probably better to be at work from the comments in the game thread and the wrap post.
One thing I do every year is keep up with what I consider 'should have been wins'. This sure sounds like one especially with the 9 point swing on the missed dunks you spoke of in the comments.

So far I have the Atlanta game in Nov., Orlando (last second dagger 3), Indiana (probably was karma for our comeback in the 1st game), Denver, San Antonio and seems like today should be added as well. Take those 6

Bryon reply to Bryon on Jan 19 at 22:48

Hit the wrong button. Oops.

Take those 6 and we could be 26-15 with the big offseason addition out for nearly half of them. Pretty strong when you think about it, but if 'ifs and buts were candy and nuts...blah, blah, blah...' although I still like to keep up with that throughout the year.

I'm not sure you should count today as a should have been a win. I mean, they got out-played for about 46 minutes then just absolutely dominated for two. It would've been a huge win, had they pulled it off, but overall, I don't think they really deserved to win.

Bryon reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 23:47

Oh, I thought from your game comments that we pretty much handled them in the 1st half, sans the last 2 minutes when you said we let them go from 12 down to 4 down and the fast breaks that didn't materialize ending up with points on the other end. I always take note of situations similar to that (the empty fast breaks) throughout a game which seem like they are so crucial at the end. But hey, even if I don't count that one - 25-16 is still pretty good:)

Do you agree that the other games listed should qualify?

Well, if you look at it by quarters, the first was good, the 2nd, 3rd and first 10 minutes of the fourth were not.

As it played out, I wouldn't consider it a game they should've won. No argument with the others on your list, though.


Do you keep track of the ones we won at the buzzer? Would be an interesting stat at showtime? See if we are like McNabb, chokers.

Bryon reply to DeanH on Jan 19 at 23:50

Not really sure if we have had any true buzzer beaters this year, Dean. I know Brand hit a late shot against the Clips the 1st time we played them but it wasn't at the buzzer. Brian may have a recollection of this.

That Brand game is the only one we won at or near the Buzzer. We had that huge comeback against the Pacers, but it was decided earlier.

Last year, I remember Iggy beating Memphis at the buzzer and that's it.

Joe reply to DeanH on Jan 20 at 1:24


I think the best way to say whether a team "chokes" would be to look at how many wins efficiency differential says they should have and then look at how many wins they actually have. Going into tonight, the Sixers' record "should" have been 21-19 and they were 20-20, so I think it is reasonable to say they haven't finished as well as they should have.

Generally speaking, if you're within 1 or 2 games of expected I think you're doing fine. It's when you see a team 3 or 4 wins out of whack, like the Pistons (actual record = 22-17, Pythagorean W-L = 19-20), that you have to wonder about them. I think they're in serious jeopardy of not making the playoffs. Luck will only hold so long.

Alvin reply to Bryon on Jan 20 at 1:14

I'm curious how many games we won that we should have lost.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Jan 20 at 9:48

My blind optimism may get in the way or my memory itself, but I can only think of the 1st game @ Indiana when we were down 26 in the 1st quarter but I think we had comeback with the lead before the last few seconds of that game.

A heartening 2 minutes of play, but that third quarter was awfully disheartening. I don't know. To me, the win streak was built on unsustainable hot streaks from Iguodala, Miller, and Young. Now that you're starting to see those bubbles pop, I don't expect us to go 7-2 in our next 9. Probably more like 4-5 or 5-4. The team you saw today, without insanely hot shooting from a bunch of non-shooters, is a .500 team. Don't forget that on the road Dallas was just 10-10 going into this game and had lost its last four road games, including a 7-point loss to Sacramento and a 20-point loss to Memphis. A painfully close loss to them at home is what you expect from a mediocre team, nothing more.

Well, in the next 9 they have @ New Orleans and vs. Boston, you should count those two as losses.

Then you have NY, NJ, Wash and Indy. Count those as wins (or at least I will).

Which means the stretch will be defined by games @ Houston, vs. Miami and vs. Phoenix. They have plenty of off days mixed in (including the next 4).

I don't think 7-2 is out of the question, but I'll go with 6-3. Then they play Memphis at home before the A.S. break, I'll put them at 27-24 at the break.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 2:04

New Jersey's a 10-8 road team, oddly enough; to me that game's nearly a tossup. When you play 4 games that you "should" win, odds are you'll lose one of them. Unless you're a really great team and you steamroll everybody. But even evaluating our team in the most positive light, at best right now we're a team of a Dallas, Houston, Utah kind of caliber. And those teams are going to get upset occasionally at home. So I say there's a loss in those four, probably to New Jersey, and at least one loss between Houston and Phoenix. Back to my point though, I just want to emphasize how unsustainable our January play really is. In the month, here are some splits:

Iguodala: 23.6 ppg, 6.7 apg, 2.2 TOpg, 57.0 FG%, 48.6 3FG%.

Miller: 19.2 ppg, 5.3 rpg, 6.0 apg, 56.3 FG%, 53.9 3FG%.

Young: 14.4 ppg, 5.7 rpg, 51.9 FG%, 57.1 3FG%.

Speights: 11.3 ppg, 58.0 FG%, 6.0 rpg, 1.6 bpg.

Dalembert: 2.3 bpg in just 21 minutes per.

Ivey: 53.3% from three.

Almost none of this is sustainable with the exception of Speights's play, but unfortunately with Brand back he'll get less time.

Iguodala's assist and turnover numbers are sustainable. Miller's assist and rebound numbers are sustainable. Young's FG, PTS and REB numbers are sustainable. All of Speights' numbers and Sammy's numbers are sustainable.

The three-point shooting won't stay at this level, I think that's pretty obvious. All the defensive numbers, however, are absolutely sustainable. They won't score 104 points/game, but normalize the numbers and you're at what, 97-98, somewhere in there? They're giving up 94 per game. A differential of 3-4 points puts you behind only Boston, LA and Cleveland in the league. That's where they belong, in my opinion.

I agree with you, Brian. If we want to be honest, we should have a much better record considering how we were playing at the beginning of this year. I basically am looking at the sixers as 2 years in one, BT and AT (Before Tony and after Tony). There were atleast 2 games we lost because of bad coaching with Mo.

john reply to DeanH on Jan 20 at 11:54

Slow starts from Iguodala and the 'getting in shape' starts of Andre Miller didn't help either.

agree but does that not reflect on coaching also? Notice now when a player goes cold, Tony takes them out. He does not ride their cold streak. Whether it is their turn or not to rest. But, you are correct, the coach does not play on the court.

My comments were reference to coaching for example, the game where there was not a time out to move up the ball w/ 4 seconds left. Forced to take a horrible last shot by AM.

john reply to DeanH on Jan 20 at 13:02

I don't think Millers 'out of shape/slow' start reflects on Cheeks because this is a yearly occurance

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 13:32

But what if our defense has been a little hot too? On the season we give up 95.7.

If anything, our defense should be better when Brand gets back and the complete roster is playing w/ DiLeo's gameplan.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 15:14

Brand will help, but the fact is we've been playing during this streak with a passion and intensity that you don't often see sustained over the course of a regular season. I just feel that we've been playing unusually inspired ball and that we'll probably just go .550 the rest of the way.

Well, they sustained it for what, 30 or so games to end the season last year, plus 3 and a half playoff games.

I think the schedule is really going to play in their favor the rest of the way. Very few back-to-backs, very few tough road games. They're going to be able to run a lot of teams right out of the gym.

These last second losses hurt.

Just read updated ratings on sixers:

Marc Stein, ESPN-10

John Hollinger-6


What do ya'll think, obviously the experts think the sixers are up and coming on strong.

Too high - they were low before and now they're high - reflective of the sixers play the past week or so and the winning streak - it's too hard to judge this team until Brand is fully back and integrated

Agree that we don't really know what this team will be w/ Brand, but right now I won't argue w/ the rankings.

Hollinger's are objective, based purely on stats and his rating. Stein is a douche, in my opinion, and his rating are completely meaningless. Not sure who does them for ESPN.com.

If I was rating today, I'd probably put them somewhere around #10.

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