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First Half Review: The Guards

Great stats, Brian. Wow, you spend alot of time with this, thank you!!

My vote is Louuuuuuuuuuuuuu has a great 2nd, we will be atleast the 5th seed. If Lou does not, .......

I expect Miller to be himself and Ivy continue to perform which both seem consistent. But we need Lou to take over the shooting.

If Lou can get his 3pt% back up to 35-36% he could have a monster second half. Keep your fingers crossed.

Oh, forgot, I would like to see Rush and Green be twins on the bench in suits with a new face on the bench.

I'd love to see Green on someone else's bench, ideally. :)

I still think the best long term move is to move Miller - but right now I'd have to say they won't unless the reintegration of Brand is a disaster of the scale of 'holy crap we signed him but now we have to trade him for 50 cents on the dollar'

At this point, it would take an absolutely horrible stretch between now and the trade deadline to get the Sixers to move Miller in a deal that didn't get them a legit replacement back. Probably something like 4-8 in the 12 games, maybe worse. They have 9 games at home and only 3 on the road over that stretch.

john reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 17:33

Combine that with the fact that I don't think Sam would net more than Diop did for the Mavs and I"m kind of sad...

Sam's a much better player than Diop. Even when you take the contracts into account, Sam's more valuable. And he's actually playing well enough now to raise his stock, so stop talking smack about him (just in case there's a GM from another team reading this). :)

I think Lou can and already has begun to improve from his poor start. He had a hell of a game against Dallas. Miller - I expect more of the same, which is solid but not quite excellent. Ivey needs to continue to earn more playing time. Any others are irrelevant.

They're only irrelevant if their minutes get cut. Willie's playing at least twice as many minutes as he should be on an NBA team, that needs to be rectified.

john reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 18:53

Well technically you can't double zero

Just heard Lou Williams on WIP (8:30pmish). He stated that both him and Iggy (in so many words) were trying to hard at first due to their contracts and wanting to earn them. He further stated that they are excited in the lockerroom and are all hoping for a year or so to just play together w/out any big trades. I have mixed feelings as I was hoping Sammy and Willie would be gone, otherwise I was upbeat after hearing him talk. Any thoughts....

JohnM reply to DeanH on Jan 20 at 21:22

Well - Lou Williams isn't going to call anyone out on the air - it just creates derision and discord in the locker room I would think. Plus - I've always found 'player input' on trades is usually a bad idea for most GMs

Actually, it's refreshing to hear a guy admit the contract was an issue. Usually, they'll deny that to the grave.

I wouldn't put any weight at all into the play together w/out any big trades talk. I doubt any players have any input into trades. I mean, Lou could be the one to go if they make a deal.

Fyi, I realize that the players don't determine the team. Was just trying to put in writing what I recall him saying. He seemed upbeat, team was excited and feel that they will continue to improve. I think his point was about no trades was that since he has been there it has been major changes and think, in his opinion, would help them continue to improve quicker. That was his opinion, not necessarily mine. As I stated, I think Sammy and Willie need to go......

Yep. Good to hear him being upbeat. I even heard an upbeat comment from Sammy last week, something along the lines of, "If I'm only going to be playing 20 minutes/game, I need to do the most possible in those 20 minutes." Which isn't something I ever expected to hear come out of his mouth.

Brian, thanks for taking the time to outline the stats. As a whole, I think the Sixers team played a shade below expectations but have not been the monumental bust some make them out to be. Have you seen the espn.com article on biggest disappointmnets this year? Many of the so-called experts picked the Sixers for that distinction. I wrote my take on it here: http://heardinthecheapseats.com/ but would be curious to hear your thoughts.

Last year the sixers were under estimated - a lot - and all the experts had them as one of the worst teams in the league - and of course they considered last seasons sub 500 playoff appearance a 'success' and 'over achievement' (except for one david berri)...this year they went to the other extreme - i figure if someone works for ESPN it automatically disqualifies them from being an expert

Not one mention of Toronto in that disappointment article. Surprising.

That's a good point Brian, that one completely slipped my mind. A team that finished at .500 last year, has a premier player in the frontcourt with Chris Bosh and added Jermaine O'Neal to the mix surely should be thought of as a disappointment with a 19-27 record.

That presumes you thought o'neal and bosh would work - many didn't -and o'neals injury history made it worrisome as well - i thought the raptors would be 2nd ahead of the sixers

But did anyone really think they'd be worse w/ JO instead of TJ Ford? I mean, it's not like Ford was exactly durable, so even if you assume J.O. played the same number of games as Ford last year, you still have to consider that an upgrade for the team, right?

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 21 at 21:16

I don't get why people think JO was great/is average. He is a very bad NBA player at this point in his career and has been for a long time.

Ford on the other hand is average or above average.

They miss Delfino and Rasho more than anyone thinks I would argue. They lack depth so much it is embarrassing.

By any standard, he was very good two seasons ago. When he's played this season, he's been above average. The problem w/ him is that he's never healthy.

T.J. Ford was above average the past two seasons, barely above average so far this season, but he's also injury prone. Given equal time on the court for each, O'Neal fills more of a void for the Raptors. Although, they probably wish they had Ford right about now, considering the injuries Calderon (which I think is the main reason for their terrible record, and my fantasy team's plummet as well).

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