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Someone Call New Orleans

Not really that interested in Posey - over rated in my opinion - nor do i think they'd be ready to give him up - wouldn't mind conley.

Wait - how long is chandler out - he's on my fantasy squad?

Sprained ankle, could linger.

john reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 18:21

Oh I knew about that - thought it was more - he's really bit this year - i keep waiting for him to turn around and it's too late to get marc gasol again - i really don't want mcdyess but he's the best option in my league

Is Sammy available? :)

john reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 18:28

Nope - sadly i'd take him - speights is available but i'm unsure about him on the reboudning with brand coming back :)

My centers are aldridge, jason thompson out of sactown and now mcdyess...can't wait for chandler to get any better - especially with the ankle now.

I sure hope that trade has that much of a percentage chance of happening, Brian. If Conley is only at 3.0 assists a game, heck, we are getting that from Willie now per 36 according to your post on 1st half guard play. This team would be in serious trouble if Conley were the successor to Miller. I also wouldn't swap Lou for Posey either at this point in their careers considering the money each is getting paid. I know you were just trying to put in a trade to see what would work, but if we pretty much trade Sammy and Lou for Posey and Conley then I think it would be safe to say that Stefanski got robbed with his pants down.

I'm a big fan of Lou, but I think Posey would be ideal for this team. Big, tough SG who can defend and shoot the three. You could put him in the starting lineup, then get your offense off the bench from Thad. Overall, I think the team would be better.

I think Conley has definitely gotten a bad deal in Memphis. Let him learn behind Miller and he may turn into something special.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 20:47

Posey is a step up over Willie Green - no doubt - but he's not a guy I'm comfortable with starting on a team that would contend for a title. If the sixers obtained him to be a starter I'd be disappointed. Iguodala must figure out how to start as the ostensible shooting guard. It's a moral imperative (and there are no small pickles involved)

Conley has gotten jerked around in Memphis and rumor was they were thinking of trading him cause he wasn't 'angry enough' when he lost his starting spot...he probably came out a year too early and has gotten useless time in Memphis.

Obtaining him now would give the sixers the chance to put him in a stable spot as the back up this year and see what he can do.

You probably don't want to write him off after a season and a half

Posey is a player I've always liked. He's ideal sixth man material with his tough defense and provides lots of intangibles. I highly doubt they'd trade him though.

Conley I don't want to gamble on.

gotta say, this deal's no good. the hornets aren't going to give up 4 players (including their offseason prize, Posey), for a guy making 11.2 mil with 2 more years after this, especially considering he projects to be a bench player when chandler and west are healthy. depth and the salary cap are already issues for them, and this destroys any hope they have over the next two seasons to add a piece.

the griz would do this in a heartbeat. when they do eventually trade conley, they will get much, MUCH less than this. a role player and a second round pick would probably be enough.

and for us? we'd be getting a little cap flexibility in exchange for a couple of players who don't figure to make much of a contribution.

i think your premise is faulty. you say the hornets have great depth at SG and SF. when i look at their roster, though, i see Peja, who has gotten old and no longer contributes starter quality minutes, Posey, who is a career 6th-man, and 3 SGs who all stink, frankly. in fact, i'd say that chris paul is their only high-quality player under 6'9". sorry to pound on your idea, i just don't think this helps us (or is realistic).

Well, on the wings they have Peja, Rasual Butler and Morris Peterson, Julian Wright and Antonio Daniels. In their front court they have Chandler, West, Hilton Armstrong, Melvin Ely and Sean Marks. Which is an area of depth on the team?

As for helping us, I think Posey would make us better than Lou, just my feeling. Better defender, reliable three-point shooter, good size. Miller, Posey, Iggy, Brand, Speights would be an excellent starting lineup.

As for the probability, I said it has basically zero chance of happening. At this point, I'm following the news to see who has a need for a piece the Sixers could maybe afford to move. The Hornets need a big, the Sixers can probably move Sammy, so I tried to see what would make the deal work, under the cap.

As for Memphis, if they were willing to take crap and a 2nd rounder, Conley wouldn't be on their team anymore.

If the sixers can get salary relief and a pick for Sam - I'm ok with it - because I'm ready for Speights to start and Ratliff has played well this year.

With Brands return, I think the biggest hit will be Speights minutes and I find that unacceptable

Nice idea...I like the way you think.

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