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First Half Review: The Swings

I'm OK with Thad's "downturn" because of his age and the fact he's shown a good work ethic. Particularly on defense. He'll be fine in the second half. The wings (and Andre Miller) have been the brightest spots on the team.

And Speights, when he decides he wants to defend and rebound.

I'd actually like them to add another 2/3. Carney is a FA this summer (The Wolves declined his option.) Maybe he will be back using the bi-annual exemption. 2M/year sounds about right for what he brings off the bench as an athlete who can defend and shoot a bit.

Joe reply to tk76 on Jan 21 at 18:04

I like Anthony Parker.

Is he a free agent? I know the Raps were dangling him for trade. He'd definitely fit.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 21 at 19:21

Anthony Parker would cost more than Carney, no? I thought Carney was doing quite okay in the second half of last season, it'd be worth giving him a shot at a good price.

good price, short deal and I'm cool with it. We just can't get locked into another Willie-type contract for a player who can't hack it. He's a bigger risk than Parker, in my opinion.

Agree AP would be great, but he'd also be more expensive. he'd probably cost a decent chunck of the MLE.

More of a sure thing than Carney, but also much older. Depends on the length, and it also depends on the PG situation. They may need that full MLE to get someone to play the point.

Joe reply to tk76 on Jan 21 at 20:44

Another "sleeper" could be Carlos Delfino. His FG% is not pretty, but he showed he could make the 3 last year. He also takes good care of the ball and rebounds very well. I think he would be significantly better than Carney... no offense Rodney.

He's playing in Russia, right? Was a restricted FA before he left?

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 14:47

Yeah Brian. He is still owned by Toronto. I have no idea what Coangelo's state of mind is, so that is why I find their players interesting. Delfino is restricted, but there are mumors he may be back this year because of money stuff in Russia. Toronto wouldn go over 3 million for Delfino because it would kill any wiggle room w/regards to the cap.

Bryon reply to Joe on Jan 21 at 21:01

I have always liked Jannero Pargo. Would like to have him over Carney, Delfino, and maybe Parker - but I do like Parker too. I thought Stefanski would sign him before he inked Rush.

I think they should do better than Rush since they'll have at least some money under the tax.

I think they want an athlete/defender who can shoot. Posey would be the template. That's why they send out Ivey over Rush.

AP is a good defender, I don't know about Delfino on way or the other.

you're crazy if you want carney back. i don't think he can play in this league.

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