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Hollinger Loves The Sixers!

I suppose I agree with him if he felt like he 'had' to choose an eastern conference team the sixers are the best of a mediocre bunch...and a real easy addition - brand off of injury - but then again I think they also are getting more positivity because of their hot streak of the last 9 games (I include the two losses cause they were close against better teams)...I don't feel the sixers can be title contenders this year - never did - thought it would be a good building year - if they could find a point guard of the future somewhere - speights exceeds expectations, but when a team gives sam dalembert and willie green major minutes i have no idea how you can even consider them a title contender.

You can have one sub-par starter and win a title. Two, though, is just absurd. Sammy actually isn't below average, though his play this season begs to differ. For me, they won't take that next step until Willie is completely out of the rotation and he's replaced by an above average player. Make that happen, and get everyone else playing up to their abilities and this team could be dangerous.

By "next step" and "dangerous" I don't mean title contention this year, but I do mean that with a moderate upgrade from the outside and the continued development of the young guys they could get there within a year or two.

What bothers me - is aside from his height - i think they have a guy who is better than him already - more complete game - but he still is 'behind' willie in the rotation - which i don't get...but ah well...lous time will come and some guy from realgm.com will be REAL happy when it happens :)

Another reason I don't think they can be title contenders THIS year is because of the youth. Yes Thad is going to be awesome - but not this year - he's still up and down - and Speights is key long term to title contention and he's not there yet

Of course this is all just my midly edumicated opinion

As john has discussed often this year, Tyson Chandler has been poor this year. I would argue he is their 2nd most important player because he scores at such a high efficiency and rebounds so well. If he can return to the Tyson Chandler of old, they are the 2nd best team in the West. Then I like Utah and Denver.

I would just end my list there.

I think we're a pretty good team right now... ready to grab the five or six slot in the eastern conference playoffs. We could be really, really good, however, if a few significant things happen for us...

1) Elton really gets integrated into our system and performs at the level we expected when we signed him.

2) Lou picks up his defense a little bit and becomes a starter on this team. The guy is small... no question... but he's a scoring machine and his outside shot has really come along over the past couple weeks. I think he's great as a sixth man, but this team needs a starting shooting guard that can light it up... and Lou's proving to me more and more that he fits that mold. Sure, he's great off the bench, but like everyone else, I'd like to see Willie replaced as a starter and think Lou's the best man for the job. This basically places Thad as the main sixth man on the team (when Elton takes back his position in the starting lineup).

3) Thad picks up his game to the point of keeping Reggie on the bench. I like Reggie and I appreciate his intensity... so the point isn't to keep him off the court. Rather, it's to narrow the rotation a bit and get Thad playing well enough that we have a tight three man rotation at the forward position by the time playoffs roll around.

4) Similarly, get Sammy and Marreese playing well enough to keep Theo on the bench. Same exact scenario.

5) Get better production from a guard other than Andre Miller or Lou Williams. Time has shown that the answer isn't Willie Green and it probably isn't Kareem Rush either. Royal Ivey is definitely coming on strong. However, it might be nice to trade for someone who can team up with Lou for a potent 1-2 combination at shooting guard. [For what it's worth, I prefer Royal as backup point guard.] Could the trade involve Jason Smith? Willie? Possibly Reggie?

Just my thoughts. I know some will disagree, particularly if they foresee a future with Iggy playing major minutes at shooting guard (something I really don't want).

The only thing that worries me about starting Lou at the 2 is the defensive mismatches. You'd have Miller guarding the opposing shooting guard, williams guarding the point. This happens anyway, but personally, I like the Miller, Iggy, Thad, Brand, Dalembert lineup, for now. Best defensive lineup we can put on the floor.

john reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 16:51

I don't exactly think Green is a defensive dynamo - the improvement on the offensive end to me off sets the defensive changes that occur

I wasn't talking about the choice between Green and Lou. I was talking about the difference between Iggy at the two and Lou at the two.

Green is useless on both sides of the floor, absolutely useless. I'd start myself over him, given the choice.

john reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 17:00

Ok - so maybe you can explain why he starts over lou?

I'm pro moving Iguodala back to the 2 as well

Scoring off the bench is the only thing I can come up with. Don't agree with the logic, but that has to be the thought process.

Joe reply to john on Jan 22 at 19:11

Height is why Willie starts. I think it is that simple.

john reply to Joe on Jan 22 at 19:26

From a franchise that went to the finals with an undersized 'guard' - you'd think they'd know better

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