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Mike Miller Trade Rumor

I saw this this morning on my 'rumors page' reading...said he was a 'washout' in Minneapolis.

Young player and draft pick - including expiring contract? Does Jason Smith count?:)

I guess you could throw Smith in there, but you'd still be about $5.5M short, against the cap.

john reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 14:05

Well - see - i was willing to do andre miller for mike miller and randy foye - but sadly foye has been palying out of his head these days.

Not to freak people out or anything but this telfair kid has been playing pretty well in Minnesota since being reinserted into the starting line up - sure sure i know - but you know...

Again, let's keep in mind i like looking past this year when I think Millers gone and am willing to take that step back.

I don't know if the wolves would do that or not - depends on what they want to do - and how much money they want to clear

Here is a three team trade that could work if New Jersey got that pick they were looking for.


You wouldn't need a third team to make a deal work if you're including Andre Miller. His salary matches up w/ Mike Miller's.

I also think right now, Andre Miller is a more valuable piece than Mike Miller. Expiring contract, plus he's healthy and effective. The T-Wolves would probably have to kick more to the Sixers to make it fair.

It's an interesting trade - who knew calvin booth was still in the NBA - I didn't.

According to the report - Calvin Booth was obtained with a trade exception...as I understand it they can't be used in combination with other players in trades?

Oh yeah - how the hell did Sean Williams fall so far so fast?

The trade works without the trade exception too. Wasn't aware that I had hit that option!

Williams' attitude goes with how much playing time he is getting apparently. Since Brook Lopez is actually pretty good and Josh Boone has shown he can hold his own, Williams has been pushed to the back burner. I'd take him for an energy guy off the bench for sure.

I'm pro Josh Boone - always have been...if Williams has issues with playing time not sure he's the kind or type of player i'd want on the sixers cause he'd be behind brand and speights and possibly even evans...

Well, you wouldn't have to worry about Williams, because he would be in Minnesota!

Philly acquires Mike Miller and Maurice Ager in this trade scenario. Ager is an expiring contract or could be waived. He just helps in making the cash work.

I wouldn't touch Mike Miller honestly, he's playing HORRIBLY, seems declining

I wacthed enough T'Wolves games this season and have M. Miller in my fantasy teams (a dead weight...) and given his efficieny and his salary I would say "no thanks"

I would rather keep Green today, and this should tell something, LOL

Even Miller as bad as he's been this season is light years ahead of Willie.

You don't see a lot of shooting guards start to decline at 28 years-old. I think it's a combination of bad coaching and injuries that have caused the drop off. Get him healthy, and put him on a team who can use him and you'll get production similar to what he did over the past several seasons. The guy's a 40% three-point shooter on his career and he contributes in other areas as well.

you might be right Brian but his contract is really huge !! and the question mark about his health is just as big. That's my point.

Would it be worth paying 10 mill for a guy that "contributes"? It would pair Sam in terms of overpaid players, basically we would have 20 mill per year wasted for players that "contribute", in the best case, and for the next two years, until 2011.

I would wait more days to see if he goes back to full physical efficiency at least. Every time I watched him he looked EXTREMELY static, like he's lost a step (well, make it two...), sort of T-Mac. Really, not hating on him, I used to like Miller in his good days, but I see them gone, maybe forever

The problem with getting Mike Miller for Andre Miller is they would be too close to the tax to go after any more players this summer. That would leave them without a PG unless you expect a 1st round pick, Lou and Iguodala to run the point (which I don't want to see.)

They would have the MLE, but they likely would not use it because any signing over 2M would put them at the tax. They would need to make another move to free up some space for a PG.

BTW, here is a short article I wrote on trading Miller and the implications on the cap and luxury tax:


They need to clear 4M either with expiring deals or resigning him to less. Otherwise they will likely be too close to the tax to be able to use the full MLE this summer.

The tax doesn't preclude them from signing someone to a full MLE. Just means they'd go over the tax threshold, which is something they said they were willing to do last summer.

Just to clarify, I wouldn't trade Andre Miller for Mike Miller unless there was some kind of deal out there for a viable PG option for next season. I wouldn't trade Miller for anyone unless there's a viable PG option, to be honest with you.

No one knows for sure, but I believe the Sixers would pay the tax if and only if they thought it made them a contender. I doubt they go over the tax for a role player unless they can go a few rounds into the playoffs this summer.

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