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Mo Goes Back To Work?

Yeah, I'm starting to think I and everyone else were wrong about Conley. Folks like you keep saying he's been jerked around, but the guy's starting pretty regularly these days and still no production.

He's started the past 2 games, came off the bench for the previous 21, so I'm not sure that constitutes starting pretty regularly. 10 assists/5 turnovers the past two isn't great. Shooting the ball he hasn't been too bad.

Your boy Sergio's started the past 4. Shooting 40.7% from the floor, 25% from three, with 21 assists and only 4 turnovers. The team is 2-2 over that stretch.

So the Sixers are finally going back to the old unis. About time.

Yeah, good to see.

Seems Mo might be only getting this job cause avery johnson wasn't interested in the job according to espn.com

Both guys are better suited to be assistants, in my opinion.

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