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First Half Review: The Team

Interesting way to breakdown each game. This team is so streaky that they can beat almost anyone when hot and vice-versa. Also, last year didn't they win something like 11 out of 12 back ends of back to backs at some point?

One big advantage is the teams youth and the durability of a lot of the starters. This really helped them in their Spring runs the last 2 years- but Brand might change that equation.

I'd be happy with a 5 seed given the hole they have dug for themselves. More likely they end up a 6 seed, which leads to a tough match-up.

If you could choose from the top three teams, who do you think the Sixers would have the best chance against in a first-round match-up?

I'm saying Boston, to be honest.

Bryon reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 22:34

I would have to take Cleveland. Assuming Brand's addition doesn't disrupt this flow, we played Cleveland pretty strong last year with the current style and would give be a good matchup with them. It wouldn't be a cake walk for either team.

Don't want to see Orlando as they worry me with all those shooters and spacing.

Two things scare me about playing the Cavs.

1. LeBron is the best player on the planet, capable of scoring 60 if that's what they need to win. If you double him, he's capable of 20 assists.

2. As good as LeBron is in the regular season, he's even better in the playoffs when he gets EVERY SINGLE WHISTLE. He averaged 13.2 FTA/game in the playoffs last year.

Match up with Cleveland and we're going to have Iggy and Thad in foul trouble throughout the series.

Orlando scares the crap out of me for the same reasons you listed. Plus, people forget that Boston was taken to 7 games in the first two rounds last season. They're beatable, especially without Posey. Or at least I see them as more beatable than the other two.

I added you guys to the blog roll on the right, by the way. Keep up the good work.

Great job breaking this all down. This team has had a Jekyll and Hyde first half, but I really think they can make a push to get a 4 or 5 seed. I think this time around with Brand will be better due to DiLeo having a true idea of what he wants to run offensively. When I think about it, as much as I am not a big fan of Green as a starter, with Young coming off the bench and likely finishing out games as well, the second unit with Young, Speights, and LouWill is looking pretty explosive.

Tomorrow night the second unit will be Lou, Speights, Brand, Ivey and Reggie. Which is about 10x more talented than the Knicks' starters.

Added you to the blog roll as well.

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