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41 Down, 41 To Go

These past 4 days seems like a month! Cannot wait till tonite. I hope it is not a let down but expect a big game tonite. Your thoughts hit the nail on the head.

I expect them to run even more w/ Elton on the floor. I am anxious to see if I am right.

The Knicks have a 3 game winning streak and we need to end that tonite with a big statement that we can beat inferior teams big. Go Sixers!


I hope you won't be angry with me posting this here - I've created a rather simple (for now) internet game where you log in once a day and pick the winners for the NBA games of that day.

It's quite crude right now - you can only make picks on all games up to 20 minutes before the first game, but I'm looking for a few people to just make those picks so i can accumulate picks and work on things like results and standings. If anyone is interested, please just go to the web site http://www.basketballjourney.com/PickEm/login.php and send the email. It's done 'enough' that picking can start today.


Hey, I'll check the site out. And I have no problem with you posting it here, I'm just trying to figure out who Dave is :)

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 18:51

Thanks - and sorry about getting the name wrong

No Danillo for the Knicks tonight. Apparently he isn't available on back-to-back days. Who said Euros are soft?

So- Elton is def playing tonight- right? After the uncertainty of the past 2 weeks- I wanted to be sure

Should be interesting.

I'm watching the Knicks' pregame, unfortunately. They just did a 10-minute feature on Danillo's command of the English language, haven't seen anything about Brand.

Every report I read today, though, said EB was playing. We'll know soon enough.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 19:02

I really can't stand Walt Frazier - is it insecurity that causes his diarrhea of the mouth - mis-using, mis-pronouncing and just damn near making words up?

Brand is in. Just saw him on the floor in uniform, sweet headband as well.

It depresses me every time they show the starting lineup and Willie is in there. Every single time.

What do you think, first guy off the bench is Elton for Willie?

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 19:11

Depends on Sam and foul trouble - Jared Jeffries is hard to guard.

PS - if david lee wasn't on the knicks - would anyone care about him?

No one cares about him anyway.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 19:13

According to what i read he's the only real trade piece they have - to me - he's a bench guy putting up numbers on a terrible team

Iguodala off to a hot start

No way would I trade for Lee right now. He's a restricted FA and he's going to want much more money than he's worth.

Iggy on fire. 7 quick ones.

Iguodala on a 144 point pace - can he maintain - let's watch ;)

That goaltending actually looked clean to me.

Do you think the Knicks ever even mention the word defense in practice?

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 19:20

D'antoni claims he cares about defense - but i never see it

He didn't put it in but Young has a real good first step

I liked the righty finish in the post. They over-played him to the left, he recognized and had an easy off-hand finish when he spun to the middle.

NBA League Pass is in free preview mode for the week or so folks - to get your mid season 99 dollars - check it out while you can

Willie didn't like you saying bad things about him - 8 points so far

I should be a motivational speaker.

So - I know he's on the knicks - but duhon is on my roster and i'm losing thress 21-15 going into tonight


JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 19:29

I want the sixers to win - i just want duhon to have 50 points 25 assists and make like 10 3's - i can do both :)

Knicks have 6 3's in the first - please play defense

Brand and Williams in at the same time

O-rebound and put back for EB on his first offensive play.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 19:44

Just remember that anything Brand does against a team with literally no big men is virtually meaningless. His problem all year long was being shut down by bigger defenders. In a 6'8-and-under game, I don't doubt his ability to be an efficient second option on offense.

I'm not really looking at his offensive production right now. Looking at what the team does with him on the floor (Run, spread the floor, rebound)

Poor finish to the quarter. Too many open 3's and you know the Knicks aren't going to pass them up. You have absolutely no one to worry about on the inside. No one puts any pressure on the defense w/ their dribble drives either. There's no excuse for losing guys on the perimeter against this team.

Frazier is going to make my ears bleed

It started really well but it's gone pear shaped since. I don't care how many threes they shoot, we shouldn't let the knicks score on us like this.

They aren't going to Brand at all. Gave him the ball in the post one time, double came right away and he got rid of it quickly.

Ok - time for brand to sit - bring b ack in thad AND NOT REGGIE

So - I saw Lou Williams standing next to Nate Robinson - either Nate's taller than they say - or Lou ain't 6' tall

SHUT UP WALT - the sixers run when the knicks miss - whether or not brand is on the floor - you utter douche

Yup. They had 2 opportunities to run with him in there, ran both times.

Sp8s & Sammy. No sign of Reggie.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 19:47

I'd rather see Young come back against this team - but at least it's not reggie

Interesting lineup. Ivey, Williams, Thad, Speights, Sammy.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 19:50

Interesting is one word for it

Goaltend number 2 on Sammy. Ugh.

I can't ever remember seeing McNabb at a Sixers game before.

Donyell is dressed, DNPCD for Rush?

Err, I meant, is Rush inactive.

Christ Sam's offensive game is pathetic...Lee just made him his bitch

Iggy's gone cold. Possibly an understatement.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 19:57

The sixers have been pretty crappy since that fast start

Please stop doubling these stiffs. They're completely out of position and leaving people wide open. There's absolutely no reason for it against the Knicks. Not one guy on that entire roster warrants a double, ever.

The worst thing that would happen if they lose tonight is people pointing to BRands return

He's looked fine to me in his 7+ minutes of work. The team hasn't been deferring to him at all, it's been the opposite if anything. The problem is on the defensive end.

Terrible first half, overall. Down 63-66 at the half to this team. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Win or lose, this is a really bad game by this team.

Really bad half. They can easily turn it around.

Defending the three is really the only thing they're doing poorly at this point. Dominating the glass, taking care of the ball, shooting well. Just stop gambling and switching on d and this will be a win.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 20:14

I don't care about people making blaming Brand if we lose.

It all comes down to basics. The one thing the Knicks love to do is shoot 3's, and we've given them good look after good look. This is the NBA, even the worst players can make shots when they get good looks.

There are no excuses, the whole team played badly in the first half and everyone needs a slap on the head.

I guess Clyde's word of the day is auspicious.


Much better defense to start the third, putrid offense, though.

Good job Willie, fouling the three-point shooter.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 20:34

Is it worse to leave him open, or just foul him? Obviously Willie can't figure it out.

Stupid, stupid play by Sammy. He doubles Duhon off the screen, follows him all the way to the other side of the floor, leaves Thomas wide open for a three which he drains. Get your head out of your ass.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 20:42

He never ceases to frustrate. On one hand he is dominating the glass, on the other he makes bone headed play after bone headed play.

Sam is an absolute beast tonight on the glass and altering shots.

He did make up for that boneheaded double quickly. He has 14 boards in 27 minutes so far. (Just let the 15th go right off his hands out of bounds.

JohnM reply to Bryon on Jan 24 at 21:12

Oh yeah - let's ignore the mess of the rest of his game like always

Bryon reply to JohnM on Jan 24 at 21:26

Once again, let's remember this is coming from a guy who never excelled, much less played any organized basketball. So I'm sure you would know how to go on the court and play a perfect game. But rest assured, if you couldn't play it, you sure as hell could coach it I'm sure.

So how about you 'ignore' another win by the Sixers while being Negative Nancy or Pessimist Peter or whoever you are attempting to be tonight. I would truly love to see you get your hind parts out there and play better than Sam.

Is it just me or is Lou playing badly tonight?

It's not just you. He hit that one three and had a nice steal in the third. Otherwise, he's been a zero.

Excellent 3rd quarter, defensively. Held the Knicks to 15 points. 23-15 advantage and a 5-point lead heading into the fourth. Wondering if we'll see Brand's final run on the floor at the end of the game.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 20:52

Why keep him in there unless you're gonna give him the damn ball?

I can imagine that from now until the end of the season I am gonna gasp each time I see Elton having moderate contact with any other player.

He doesn't seem to by shying away from contact, which is a good thing. I do find myself cringing, though.

Why double? Why? Ivey leaves Robinson wide open for no reason, Robinson hits the three. Stupid.

Can we get Lou out of the game please? I like him usually but today he's even worse than Willie, which says a lot.

Lou's 2/10 from the floor.

1 rebound in 32 minutes for Thad. That's unacceptable.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 21:11

Damn right, he's just not a natural rebounder I guess. Iggy is a lot better in that respect.

This feels like the Denver game all over again. And I thought we made progress.

Iggy in for Lou.

Roy-Al I-Vey!

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 21:13

Come on Brian, a post on Ivey's contributions is way overdue.

It's amazing what we got for next to nothing. I thought he, Ratliff and Donyell were all great pickups and I trust the front office a lot these days.

Okay, just go Miller/Iggy/Young/Brand/Dalembert, stop doubling, make the free throws and play D for five minutes and get the W.

does diLeo fear that he will lose Green if he doesnt play him enough. Royal Ivey is way better for this team than Green.
For that matter- wouldnt Kareem Rush be just as good as the scorer off the bench role that Green should have?

Anyone is better than Green on most nights. Occasionally he gets really hot and he's serviceable. I think that fool's gold earns him more minutes sometimes.

You see that board Thad just ripped away from Lee? That's the effort we need out of him more often on the glass.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 21:13

I used to think it was all about Mo with Willie - Mo saw some of himself in Willie or something - but WTF is it - he's terrible

Dalembert's good plays to stupid plays ratio tonight is about 3 to 1. If he can keep that up, it'll be frustrating to watch, but he'll earn his minutes.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 21:15

Like Willie - Sam has a good game every once in a while and people fall for the fools gold - let's keep in mind that 'big men' aren't exactly busting out of the knicks line up...

I disagree. I think Sammy makes really ugly mistakes, so the average fans sees that and discounts all the good stuff he does, which isn't always dramatic or noticeable. Willie, on the other hand, hurts the team quietly, so those same fans don't realize how terrible he is.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 21:25

I realize how terrible willie is and how god awful lucky to be mediocre over an entire 82 game season Sam is...again, this is a d'antoni coached team - sam had 20 rebounds against the suns in phoenix while he was the coach...sam's best use is off the bench

It's just something personal with you :)

I don't care who it was against, Sammy had a good game on both ends of the floor. At least admit it when the guy is productive.

Iggy with two huge drives in the past minute. Great to see. I guess EB is done for the night.

I'm sorry - but where's all the great glass work - the knicks have too many offensive rebounds in addition to too many open looks at the 3 tonight...

They're at 74% on the defensive glass. That's acceptable. They own the offensive glass.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 21:22

They're one of the best on the offensive glass in the game - i don't dispute that - i don't care as much when they don't get 75-80% of the defensive rebounds night in and night out...and against a short team they should be stronger on the glass in my opinion. I'm more concerned with defensive rebounding night in and night out than the offensive glass

stillishot reply to JohnM on Jan 24 at 21:41

if you would have watched the game instead of a movie you would have seen the great glass work. numbers in a boxscore don't tell the whole story like watching the actual game does

Iggy to Sammy for the dagger on the break. Thad making up for the TO w/ a steal on the other end.

I just love the kid Young. Yes, he does have times like today when he doesn't grab rebounds like he should, but he's always quick to make up for mistakes. With all the attention that will be on Brand and Iggy I can only foresee that Young will continue to score efficiently.

10 points, 17 rebounds for Dalembert. It's against the Knicks, yes, but definitely he has done much more good than harm in this game.

I love seeing Willie on the bench.

And it's a wrap. It wasn't pretty and we kinda stole a win but hey good teams do that too.

JohnM reply to Alvin on Jan 24 at 21:26

Good teams that let bad teams stay around at home after 4 days off...but then again the sixers aren't a good team - they're an average team right now

Heh. I'd say right now they're a good team. On the season, they're an average team.

Alvin reply to JohnM on Jan 24 at 21:32

I should have been clearer. I meant that good teams (e.g. Spurs) also let teams hang around for most of the game before winning it in the fourth. I wasn't trying to suggest that we can consider the Sixers a good team yet.

If Brand stays healthy and we continue to improve then the sky's the limit.

Disappointing defensive effort. This should've been a blowout, but I'll take the win.

Huge win to knock off the rust of such a long layoff.

I'm not sure if Reggie was a scratch with the flu, or if DiLeo just cut him out of the rotation for Brand's minutes.

Bryon reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 22:24

Reg was inactive, Brian.

I was at the game. Good energy in the Center. I believe Sammy is playing much better. He still makes mistakes but he is getting rebounds, blocking shots and hustling. Maybe I have been to hard on him.... But Willie must go. While I believe Sammy is improving, Green is declining quickly......

Sammy's a frustrating player. Green is just a bad player.

Glad there was some energy in the Wach tonight. Hopefully, now that the Eagles season is over, and we've got a month until Spring Training gets going the Sixers will get some support. If they can go on a run, maybe we'll see a packed house come playoff time.

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