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Andre Iguodala, An All Star?

Andres played well as of late. But I dont think you can make a case for him over the other players...if you have four forwards on the team can you honestly say he is having a better year than any of these players
Chris Bosh
Danny Grainger

The answer would be no,no,no,no and NO.
Hes playing well but hes not better than any of the above players. some of these are PF's but thats the way the all star ballot is...not PF or SF...just FORWARDS.

If the coach looks at it as say, 4 wings, you have to put Joe Johnson and Ray Allen in there ahead of him as well.

ANd if you're looking at naming him an alternate - you probably don't include the starters already in the game...he isn't an all star this season - but since the fan voting often indicates a disconnect between who deserves to go and who goes - does it matter so much?

Now - let's talk about amaré being on the block - more interesting :)

Miller and Evans works for Amare, against the cap. Would you be comfortable w/ a starting five of Ivey, Iggy, Thad, Brand and Amare?

Somehow I think the Suns would want more than that :)

How about this

I didn't check the cap numbers - but - would you trade brand for amaré straight up?

I just checked this and it would work against the cap.

Miller, Iggy, Thad, Amare, Speights. That might be the most-athletic lineup to ever take the floor in an NBA game.

I think you'd probably have to, right? I think Brand, in his prime, was a better all-around player, but Amare's younger, his offensive game is out of this world (1.51 points/shot) and he really, really fits the uptempo style the Sixers play, whereas we're hoping Brand will incorporate himself into it.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 13:49

That's kind of what I was thinking - whereas the Suns are 'slowing down' some and brand fits in more with their new style.

BTW - have you been doing any of the reading on the PGs in this draft - according to chad ford the only real depth in this draft is at PG

Yeah, I wrote something about that a week or so ago.

I'd love to see them get a good point for the future in the draft, the only problem is that outside of maybe 2 of them, you're talking about a two or three-year project. You need someone to start at the point in the interim. And they aren't going to be picking high enough to land Rubio or Curry, who are the two I think could step right in.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 14:57

Curry ain't a point - he's an undersized two guard - i have no interest in ANOTHER undersized two guard on the sixers

Bryon reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 16:10

I sure would like to see the Sixers be able to get their hands on Jonny Flynn. He is extremely fast on the break, can get up for his height, and has a fairly decent shot.

Another point that is not talked about but puts it up is Eric Maynor from Virginia Commomwealth. Very, very underrated.

Brand for Amare straight up ?
In a heartbeat...They both have had some injuries but Amare fits our style better.
You know its funny Ive read that Brand has NEVER been a go to player his whole career...in the 4th quarter look elsewhere. Yes hes a 20 and 10 guy but not when it really matters. Im not saying hes another Chris webber disaster...but he certainly hasnt gotten it done like expected. lets see what he does with Dileo calling the shots...

I don't think you can say he is or isn't a go-to player at this point. The one year he made the playoffs in L.A. he was an absolute monster.

Can't wait for this game to start.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 19:40

Cassell was that team's leader and it wasn't even close. It was like the Webber/Bibby situation in Sacto.

I call bullshit on this. Take a look at Brand's numbers from that postseason. He was a monster, and he was their number one option.

Cassell attempted 13 threes in one game, but he wasn't nearly the factor Brand was.

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