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The Ugly Ones Still Count

Yeah, I don't know what you can really take away from this game other than that the Dallas game wasn't necessarily the beginning of the Big Cool-Off that I'm expecting from Iguodala any minute now. Speaking of which, Brandon Roy tonight - 22, 5, 7, and 10 steals. And one turnover. And Sergio had a solid game. Hasn't really put up amazing statlines since he started starting for Blake (though he does have a 4.14 assist/turnover ratio in that span), but they don't seem to be any worse with him instead of Blake, at least.

Roy is also shooting 36% from the floor over his past four games, averaging .98 points/shot.

Thanks for tracking this Brian.

As I watched the game last night, I was keen to see where Brand was on the floor not only when he caught the ball, but when he was off the ball as well. Early in the year, he seemed out of place--often clogging lanes. In limited time last night, he was able to keep proper spacing. I think you also saw an added bonus of the team's willingness to shoot from long range in Brand's offensive rebounding ability.

As a side note, I found Brand's post-game remark a little off-putting. I am probably reading into too much, but he said something to the effect of: "when we play a more fundamental team I will be able to get into a better rhythm." He was likely referring to the matchups, but it could be construed as "once we can get into more half-court sets we should be fine." I don't mean to drum up any unneeded controversy but I do think it is something worth watching.

I don't really think he's saying they should be in the half court more than they are, just that he'd be more effective when they are in the half court against a team that knows what it's doing on the defensive end.

When he was in there, they didn't really feed him in the post that much. Most of the possessions he didn't even get a touch. When he did, they double and triple teamed him right away.

This obviously bears watching as he's worked back into his regular minutes, last night I didn't see any problem w/ his game, though.

I am with you, I had no problem his game last night either. AS you said, he barely touched the ball in the half-court set so it is difficult to accurately judge. What I did see was much better spacing than the early part of the season. I think that bodes well for moving forward.

I found his quote curious but definitely nothing to worry about at the moment. If that becomes a constant refrain, then maybe we have something to worry about.

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