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Can't Live With Him...

Can I just say I'm tired of the Josh Smith stuff - yes it may have been a better idea to offer him a contract - but the Hawks were going to match his offer - they made it clear - it would have locked up money for a week or so and then Brand ends up somewhere else and the sixers get bubkis.

As for they can't run - that's nonsense - you don't need all 5 guys to run - you need the opposing team to miss - and then you run.

New coach, new system, new attitude from the players and Brand has played one game. I despise unnamed sources in general because I think some guys make up unnamed sources in order to write their opinion as more 'factual' - if they won't pony up their name - don't pony up their quotes.

Brand must be integrated into the system - the sixers must adjust to brand and Brand must adjust to the sixers. The coaching staff should figure the best way to integrate him and all 15 sixers (or 14?) need to work towards achieving that goal...and maybe when Brand is 100% healthy and back in game shape (i don't think he was ever in game shape before he separated his shoulder, completely, as he hadn't played that many games coming back from the other injury)...again this is what happens when a team has unrealistic expectations heaped upon it.

The only way they could've possibly gotten Josh Smith is if they ridiculously overpaid for him and ATL wasn't dumb enough to match.

The whole unnamed sources thing bugs me, but I realize that's the only way reporters can get quotes a lot of the time. I don't think she made these quotes up, I just don't like the fact there's no accountability.

Maybe Kate can go back to the same guys after 20 games and see how they feel about the team then. We'll never know who the scout is, but we'll know that he was dead wrong. By the way, I'd love to know what teams the scouts work for, because if it was a Knicks' scout, can't you just discount anything they say anyway?

I do not disagree with what you guys have said. But at the same time adding Brand might slow them down and force them to change their style. Or more accurately, make adjustments so they can still have good flow and get out running with Brand at either PF or C. It will be more of a challenge if the have Brand at PF in a conventional line-up.

Not because of any deficiency in Brands game, but simply because it is easier to run with a small ball line-up then a conventional one. Beyond any strategy, you can run when you have athletic mismatches on the floor.

Basically, if you have the same squad and put Willie Green for Brand, then you will run better but rebound worse. Its not an attack on Brand, it is common sense. Thad at PF is 1-2 steps faster down the floor than any PF that he goes against. Iguodala is more likey to have a speed/quickness advantage when covering SF as opposed to SG.

The challenge for DiLeo is to still run with a conventional line-up, or move Brand to center. I'm hopeful he can make this work.

I disagree. I don't think their fast break game is about being able to outrun guys down the floor, necessarily. It's about being able to create favorable situations with defense, and then having the ball handlers to get the ball into the open court and make smart decisions with the ball. Finally, it's about having guys on the break who can finish.

Take Green out of the lineup for Brand and you're going to get more opportunities to run with your best finishers and best playmakers still on the floor.

Again, we aren't talking about artificial, run down the floor as fast as you can, get a shot up as quickly as possible. We're talking about defense and rebounding creating fast break opportunities on the other end.

Now, this doesn't answer the question that I still haven't seen DiLeo answer. Will Willie or Thad be benched when EB returns to the starting lineup?

Chris reply to Brian on Jan 25 at 17:31

Hi Brian,

I'd rather them sit Sammy and play Brand at C (with Thad at PF) or even move Thad to SF and Iggy to SG (benching Green). In that scenario, Iggy would just have to deal with the switch and play the same way he is now. There is nothing that says if he is playing SG he has to stand around on the perimeter.

The best way for the Sixers to win is play Iggy and Thad. They are the only two plus players on the team. Check this out (check out where Iggy is on this list):

I think when Thad gets marginalized his game goes down the tubes. When Iggy was struggling badly about 1 month into the season Cheeks said he was going to emphasize AI2 more from then on. Thad then started struggling having some awful shooting games where it seemed he was trying to force the issue (he went from doing well at PER/WS and went to mediocre).

I think the team goes best when those two are both doing well.

Personally, I'd bench Willie. No matter what they do, I want Iggy and Thad on the floor together.

I remember checking that list early in the season and Iggy was very high. I'm amazed that he's at the top now, though. Wow.

Michael Redd - torn ACL - out for rest of season - cross him off your wish list if he was on it.

Tyson Chandler - out until at least after the all star break

Never liked Redd. Let's hope Sammy has a monster game tomorrow night. Showcase for New Orleans.

Joe reply to John on Jan 26 at 14:08

Yeah Redd would never be on my wish list.

I read Kate's columns. I did not see it as a comparison as much as a chance to let the negative Brand people have their best shot and show that they are wrong. Note she stated in article :(Ignore the story to the left...).

Yeah, I mean, I think the point of running both articles is that these supposed insiders don't really know what to make of EB on the Sixers. I didn't really think it was a hatchet job, I'd just like a little more info on who the scouts were.


I just listened to Howard Eskin on 10NBC. He thinks EB was a mistake. He thinks firing Cheeks was a mistake. I think Howard Eskin does not know basketball. I am very close to never listening to him again. But, my question is, in your opinion or others on the blog, does he know basketball?????

I never listen to him, and I think you can make the case that Brand was a mistake, if you're into small samle-sizes. I don't know how you can make the case that Cheeks shouldn't have been fired. From those statements, I'd say he probably hasn't watched a game all season and doesn't know jack about the game. Just a guess.

Eskin knows nothing - about anything

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