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A Road Test

I can't wait for this game. Even without West and Chandler, this is a good test.

Yup. I want to see how they handle Paul. I think Willie might be guarding him at the start, that should be interesting.

I have a good feeling heading into tonights game. The big matchup is that neither Butler or Peja can handle iggy, so posey will probably guard him most of the night. If Peja is guarding Thad they need to go to at him repeatedly. Im kind of hoping Miller guards paul he doesnt have the quickness to stay with him but really who does?

this game really illustrates the paradox of the willie green situation. he is a huge drain on the offense, yet he's the only guy on our team quick enough to stay with really speedy guards and strong enough to give them problems. if we think that Iguodala is our long-term starting SG, we're going to need a point guard that can fill that role.

in keeping with my belief that we're going to have to draft a PG, i nominate Jrue Holiday or Darren Collison. (note: i'm not a UCLA fan, it's just a coincidence.) Both are super-quick and terrific defenders. Collison is more polished and a better outside-shooter, but Holiday is bigger and more athletic. what do you think about these guys, Brian?

Chris reply to noah on Jan 26 at 18:54

Holliday I'm on board with but Collison is a poor man's speedy Claxton. I think he'll be a horrible pro. They had a game on last year when he played Washington State (pretty sure that was it). The Washington State guy just destroyed him.

If we get a PG, I'd like us to look at Nick Calathes. He isn't that athletic but he's huge, is a Jason Kidd level passer, can shoot and rebound and he doesn't turn the ball over much.

Joe reply to noah on Jan 26 at 19:05

Since the topic came up of college prospects... Wages of Wins has a story up by Eric Doerr. He uses pace adj, pos adj, WS40 to look at prospects. At season's end, he will post a complete one that is really cool... looks at how they perform against good teams, bad teams, etc.

I like Collison a fair amount. I think the PG they draft should be able to play alongside Lou or you should trade Lou. That is how it seems to be panning out to me.

My main concern is that the pick isn't going to be great (20's hopefully) so getting a guy who can contribute anything in his first year or two is a long shot. When you're built to win now, which I suppose they are with Brand, or at least in the next 2-3 years, there has to be more short-term plan at the point. Miller for 2 years, $12-$15M would be ideal, but I don't know if he's going to sign an affordable two-year deal.

Miller is a good defender. The only guys he's going to have problems with are the guys everyone has problems with. Willie doesn't guard points because Miller can't, Miller guards twos because Willie can't.

Read this on a NO blog:

After starting the season 13-19, they've won 8 of 10 contests on the back by locking down defensively and using their athleticism to force turnovers and get easy buckets. They really need those easy buckets too, because outside of transition, their offense is anemic. The team is composed mostly of slashers, and none of them are better than average shooters from the three point arc. Even taking to account their dunks and layups, the Sixers are still the 8th worst shooting team in the league, but they do have one strength that almost makes up for it: Rebounding.

thoughts??????? I don't really agree. Maybe the beginning of the year it was true but not now in my opinion.

Joe reply to DeanH on Jan 26 at 19:16

hornets247.com is where it is from.

I don't think it is a great description, but his player descriptions seem pretty good, except the part where he thinks Peja can keep the Peja-Iguodala match up close.

Only if Peja hits about 6 threes.

Looks to me like they just looked at the season numbers and made an assumption. To be fair, he's a Hornets' fan, I try to do a little more digging when I do my pregame write ups, but I doubt he's seen the Sixers play.

The funny thing is that he's got it completely backwards over the past 15 games or so. They've shot well and rebounding hasn't been great.

Can anyone on this team guard Chris Paul?

F me. My league pass was turned off for some reason.

john reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 19:48

Your cable company probably sucks (don't they all? ) and in stead of turning off the free tiral they turned them all off? (I'm hoping it's just you - if i get home and it's not on and i have to code my web site without basketball i'll be fo shizzled

I hate these bastards.

Julian Wright gets the start. Can't say I like that.

Looks like I'm watching online. My cable company says there's some kind of a problem. I'm making them give me a credit right now. Just told some poor girl at a call center in India to go fuck herself.

Ugh, that got my blood boiling.

OK, I've got the Philly feed online, Zumoff seems freshly waxed and pumped up.

Miller just said he's going under screens, going to force Paul to hit jumpers.

Why go away from Thad? Two touches in the post, two easy conversions.

Glad to see Miller didn't seem to hurt his ankle too much on the fall - got up gimpy...was fixing the results page on the web site...just turned on 20-19

Iguodala can't settle for the jumpers when guarded by peja - you're faster than him man - take him off the dribble get him in foul trouble.

Miller and Paul trying to kill each other

Nice finish to the quarter. Running w/ Brand on the floor.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 20:42

That's unpossible- they can't run with Brand on the floor - and bad pass or no - there's no way i saw elton brand running the break by himself - that's unpossible

He's the slowest man in the league, no way he can run.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 20:45

That's what i'm saying - so someone stole his jersey and body and attempted to run the break - very confusing when they have body snatchers at the game.

Iggy on fire. Sp8s is a fouling machine.

Pass the ball Lou

He's definitely shot happy tonight. So is Willie.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 20:50

Willies always shot happy - I just noticed neither Miller or Iguoodala on the floor - bad DiLeo

You know, EB had a huge advantage there and they went to him in the post twice on 10 possessions in this quarter. It's almost like they're making a concerted effort NOT to rely on him.

It seems to me like the sixers have had 36 for a while

Man, they never blow the whistle on CP3 huh?

Um - that's a foul on Chris Paul - jesus christmas ref

Sammy could really help this team. Paul puts every pass right in the guy's bread basket and gets their bigs the ball right at the tin.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 21:01

Isn't their GM some fat roley poley guy? Get him on the phone - i'm sure you can convince him...he'll ignore sams catching issues :)

Chris Paul whining and sucking up to the refs - seriously dude - go to the locker room - they already obviously want to be your best friend

I hate it when guys get all the calls and still bitch.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 21:09

I hate it when the sixers are getting so obviously screwed by the refs.

I think Shaquille O'neal just mauled Andray Blatche

Solid first half. Need to get to the line more in the second half and keep up the good three-point D. Hornets were 4/14 from deep.

too many turnovers

JohnM reply to Mike on Jan 26 at 21:15

It doesn't help that Chris Paul never ever commits a foul

Agreed. Miller has 5 of them, one on a non-call foul by Paul, another on a B.S. charge that Posey "drew."

3 minutes for Sp8s in the first half. I like the fact that DiLeo uses minutes as a weapon, that's something Mo rarely did.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 21:21

Gotta take into account dudes still a 20 year old rookie - they make dumb mistakes - but they have to learn

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 21:22

Can we bench sam every time he dribbles as a punishment?

an evans for peterson deal would be awesome for this team.

What do you all think?

Peterson always struck me as being lazy. I'd probably do it, though. How long is his contract?

Great start to the third, consecutive threes for N.O.

10-run. Not Sammy's finest 3 minutes of action.


Let's see what DiLeo draws up here out of the timeout.

Miller is not having a good game.

How about we improve on the rebounding.

Another charity call for Paul.

Hmmm...all ball on a block - but since it's chris paul - willie green called for the foul and the sixers are now in the penalty with 7:30 to play...this quarter is god awful

New Orleans half time adjustment "Thug Life" type basketball

Wow. They called one on Paul. I bet he's whining about it. Yup.


You see that assist to Thad? Awesome. He's lucky no one was around when he took that meaningless dribble, though.

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 21:39

I just got here pretty much.

The rebounding in this quarter is atrocious

I'd like to see Thad one day not shy away from contact on the drive.

FT disparity in this game is ridiculous - the lakers don't get home cooking this good in LA

Horrible. 5 FTA for the Sixers.

Sammy's doing serious work now.

I think it's time for Tony DiLeo t get his first ejection



Collins should not be reffing this game or any N.O. game being he is a resident of N.O. He seems to chummy with CP3. Paul initiated contact on Thad on that flip shot and on the recent one with Sammy too.

Such bullshit. Good, I'm glad he's hurt.

I must admit - i don't always advocate it - but Tony DiLeo MUST ge at least one technical - this is where that standing up for your guys thing comes in - it's very important

with the weak front line of the Hornets - shouldnt we see some plays for Elton B - and maybe some extended minutes here tonight?

EB hasn't been in yet in the second half.

It's a familiar story and it's called One Bad Quarter.

8-point game after this foul shot. Can you mount a comeback when the refs are making these calls, though?

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 21:44

Nope - i mean i didn't think they' win tonight - but this is crap

there have been some bad calls yes but that's what happens when 1 team is consistently the aggressor. with the way we're coughing the ball up we don't deserve any calls.

JohnM reply to Mike on Jan 26 at 21:46

You been watching much? The sixers have been very aggressive - the entire game - it's hard to get any traction when they can hit you - and you get called for the foul

Alright, pull your shit together for 2 minutes, damnit.


JohnM reply to Joe on Jan 26 at 21:48

That entire offensive set was ugly

Joe reply to JohnM on Jan 26 at 21:49

That is when Thad is at his best.

The rebounding in this quarter IS AWFUL - it's unacceptable with this small ass injured hornets team -

i just don't like blaming the refs for poor play

JohnM reply to Mike on Jan 26 at 21:50

Yes they're playing badly - but it's an imbalanced game when the refs are tilting the calls - the turnovers aren't even the real issue if they could CLEAR THE DAMN GLASS

PS - if Thad plays best when it's 'ugly' they doesn't bode well for this team

Well, they had a nice run there, ended by no D-rebounding and the three by Posey. Brand looks good on D, though.

They're holding the Hornets to 42% from the floor. This has to be a win. Come on.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 21:52

7 for 21 from the 3 - sound familiar?


I really don't want to watch anymore. Jesus.

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 21:56

I'm tempted to shut it down...poor rebounding, poor perimeter defense - dear god how can this keep happening?

For the past 2 games, Lou has been killing this team.

Yup. They've had nothing going to the hoop this half. Can someone explain why? Is it the shot-blocking prowess of Sean Marks?

JohnM reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 21:57

Late night on bourbon street?

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 22:06

Thad has been the only one scoring near the hoop. In fact he kept us in it in the third quarter.

Joe reply to Alvin on Jan 26 at 22:00

Lou has killed this team on many more occasions than he has helped.

Anyone want to cover him? Get lou out, put thad in.

Christ. There is 6.

5 in a quarter

Our best offense has been Reggie at the line. Awesome.

Run coming?

Now would be the time.

Gee, Thad comes in and Peja suddenly has a hand in his face.

I'd like to see them go to Brand here.

Joe reply to Joe on Jan 26 at 22:07

Or Thad.

Alright, let's do it. Down to 9.

I wouldn't describe EB's offensive game as sharp right now.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 22:11

What offensive game?

I really wish I hadn't said this earlier.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 22:17

At least you didn't say TEN.


They really wanted to count that one.

Wouldn't Speights be kinda useful in this game, what with their total lack of bigs? As for Brand, he hasn't been sharp all year, but you do have to credit his pick-and-roll defense, at least. Not every overpaid 'franchise' big is willing to do that kind of yeoman's work.

He was disciplined for shitty play in the second. But I agree, he would've been useful.

Come on Lou. What the fuck is that pass.

That pass was the game. Convert there and it's a 5-point game.

They fouled Iguodala there? Wow.

Joe reply to Joe on Jan 26 at 22:22

Wow meaning... wow that was stupid.

4-point play to end the misery?


Along with the Dallas game, this is one bad loss.

I know young players make mistakes but Lou has been crap.

Lou was bad, indeed, but he didn't lose Peja 6 times. I'm not sure who that's on, but that's what cost the game.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 22:37

I thought his shot selection was awful. And on one occasion he gave Peja an open look.

Turnovers killed us, 20 is too many. This was a benchmark game. If you're gonna be a decent playoff team you have to beat a playoff team without its starting frontcourt.

decent game for Paul, but he wasn't the difference.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 22:33

I don't buy into the whole "this was the difference, that wasn't" concept - if it wasn't for Paul's 27, 10, 15 and 7 steals game, Peja wouldn't have been able to put them over the top. You could just as easily say the difference was our 21 turnovers, or our hitting 2 threes to their 14. If not for all of these factors, the outcome might have been different.

My comment was about 90% sarcasm, 10% bitterness.

Need a big rebound game in Houston on Wednesday. This one was disgusting.

What happened to Iggy? He disappeared in the 2nd half?

It is obvious that the Hornets had no real business winning tonight. The problem is that it is pretty universally accepted that Paul is a top 5 player and he won it for them pretty much. Sucks.

It hurts when you lose because of 2 guys on the opposing team... one of whom got wide open looks in the 2nd half.

I'm actually surprised I haven't seen any comments ripping Iggy for not being Chris Paul yet.

This was a painful game to watch. But, alot of teachable moments for the sixers from this. Hopefully this will be a blessing in disguise down the road on how not to act when the game does not go your way. I was refreshed seeing that everyone saw the issues w/ the calls and flow. The sixers now will be prepared in the future because I am sure Tony D. will use the game and will overcome this in the future. We saw literally 2 different games tonite.

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